1.0 – Beginning

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[ bold] – system

italic – Bing Shi’s thoughts

“italic” – Bing Shi’s conversation with System

. . . . .

 •White void room•

So I am dead, my system told me.

[ I am your world patching system 001. You can name me if you want. These past years many reincarnators wanted to change their fate and, instead, destroyed the world. The same goes for transmigrators, who, rather than save those worlds, destroyed them. So here comes you, who is going to change it.]

“Let’s call you System for now. Why me? I am not considered someone with much life experiences or… um…high IQ, hehe.”

[ We choose you based on your personality and your knowledge in transmigration/reincarnation.]

“I see… You are not afraid that I’ll end up like them? When you look at it, I’m going to be a transmigrator too.”

[ If something like that happens, it’s considered fail, and you die. This is a trial.]

“Oh, that’s too harsh. System, those transmigrators and reincarnators are usually too OP, how do I go against them? Is it even possible?”

Gimme OP cheats, please~

[ I don’t know…But for those with systems, you will be untrackable. And as an updated system, you can demand many things from me. Consider it your biggest cheat.]


”Won’t it be easier to kill them? System, I think this is too much for me.”

[ Even heavenly Dao couldn’t kill them. Do you think you can?]

“You are right. I don’t even know how to kill a chicken, haha! System?”

[ Yes?]

“How is he? “

[ Sorry, I am not authorized to answer that question.]

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. . . . .

Mini theater:

Reporter: “What does Mr. Jelly’s name stand for?”

Bing Shi: “It’s from a word, jealous. He tends to get jealous a lot, one of the reasons I don’t have friends. But I don’t mind it.”

Reporter: “How would you describe Mr. Jelly’s features?”

Bing Shi, while looking at Mr. Jelly, “His skin is very pale from the lack of sunshine, so you can notice his dark under-eye circles below his black double eyelid eyes. His thick black hair is adorned with gray strands, but it still doesn’t make him look any older all thanks to his baby face…”

Mr. Jelly: “Bing Shi, just say I am ugly, no need to beautify me.”

Bing Shi: “For me, you are the most handsome man alive~.”

Mr. Jelly: “With your face blindness, of course I’d be.”

Reporter: “How old are you?”

Bing shi: “I’m twenty-six.”

Mr. Jelly: “Twenty-four.”

Reporter: “How long have you been dating, and when was your first kiss?”

Bing Shi: “We’ve been together for seven years. Our first kiss was when I was…” Mr. jelly grabbed her hand and took her away. “Why did you take me away?”

Mr. Jelly: “Bing Shi, they would think I am pathetic to get a kiss after five years of dating…”

Bing Shi leaned over to plant a kiss at his cheek, giggling, “Why would they? More likely, they would respect you.”

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