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Title: Omnipotent Overlord | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, there was an altar. On it, laid a bloody eye as big as the sun itself. It burst with light and bathed the entire star system in red.
"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

3.15 – Downfall Of Humanity – Sweet potatoes

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4,5k words chapter. Enjoy! \(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬


Kuro, exploration time~

Kuro, exploration time~

Kuro picked up the mouse toy with its mouth, looking around, it slithered around the narrow halfway. This ship is not a combat ship. In the past, it was used for transportation and deployment of special forces as well as equipment and supplies.

Kuro stopped before a large steeled double door, going inside, Bing Shi watched in amazement at the scenery inside.

The moon outside shined brightly through the rooftop windows at the dimly lit, humongous indoor greenhouse. Row after row of fresh leaf and delicate petal sprouted through the fertile soil.

The variety and amount of vegetables were more than enough to cook a hearty winter soup. There were plenty of turnips, swede, fat carrots, cabbage, potatoes, bunches of cilantro, and other herbs.

Grow pipes – small diameter heating tubes that ran through the impressive tall crop canopies helped plants like cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, and zucchinis, to grow properly.

Dwarf fruit trees like apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, plums, peaches, blueberries, and lemons lined the perfect lawn in their large ceramic pots. You could drink in the beautiful lush colors and aroma like a panacea.

Slithering to the center, there was a pond as large as a small lake with flowering lily pads and a wooden bridge that crossed the middle so you could look down at the fish, swimming lively in all directions.

Where did he find living animals?!

Because this world was contaminated by the virus, during the trial, most animals went into extinction. Wind pollinated crops like wheat, rice, corn, rye, barley, and oats, was agriculture, which was unable to thrive without worms. Humans were forced to take the bee’s and worm’s job — pollinating the corps and oxidizing the soil.

The only ecosystem, which didn’t require any care and thrived beautifully during this disastrous Apocalypse were trees and weeds in the forests and woods. With no animals, there were no pests, which resulted in an abundance of unedible greenery.

Plants are slowly killing the abandoned cities. It’s as if mother nature was taking her revenge on us, ungrateful humans…

 It's as if mother nature was taking her revenge on us, ungrateful humans

Bing Shi stared at the yummy looking fish. Where did Ren Han find them? No, more like how did he keep them alive? Bing Shi deployed a few people to abandoned places like underground caves and islands to look for living animals, not contaminated by the virus. When they found some, the moment the animals went to a contact with them, they died due to the trial. Even if they quarantined them, they had nothing to feed the animals.

The only place which could keep animals alive was Fu Lian’s space.

“Kuro, is this water special like Fu Lian’s?”

[ It shouldn’t be.]

Kuro answered with confusion.

Did he use a healer to heal the water? Bing Shi contemplated.

“Let’s ask him later.”

Kuro nodded and went out to look around this modified ship. Later, when Bing Shi asked Ren Han how he did it, he replied with a sly smile, “What do I get in exchange?”

“I’m poor,” Bing Shi answered in an aggrieved tone and left, “Bye-bye.”

She’s not that desperate to start an unprofitable business. Growing up in a business-oriented family and living with a businessman, Bing Shi learned a few tips and tricks how to bargain. Never let the seller take advantage of you. She doesn’t want to end up like Xuan Mu’s preys.

The information that something like that is possible is enough. Should she tell Yi Zen? Yup, not wasting time, she went to tell him right away.

“…” Ren Han though she would say, that she already gave him her pictures, or nuclei, or whatever. If that stinky woman is poor, then he is a flying vegetable!

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

As soon as Ren Han appeared, the rivalry between the two bases began. Soldiers, as if injected by rooster blood, started to fight for dominance. If they took one city in three days, Ren Han’s base would take it in two and a half-day. Not wanting to lose, Yi Zen took down two cities in four days, having no idea that the real winner is Bing Shi, who laughed hilariously at these two men’s antics.

With this tempo, the quest which she thought was impossible to complete will be finished in a few years. She planned on giving up this quest. If she could finish an F rank world in one and a half years, why would she wait ten years for 5000p? Imagine billions of zombies hiding all over the world, how can it be possible to find and kill them all? Yes, they went into contact with a few bases along the way, but their goal was to survive, not to massacre the whole zombie population. 🧟 🧟‍♂️

[ Host, if you planned on giving up this quest, why are you still fighting the zombies? Wouldn’t it be faster to save a few cities and destroy the rest?]

Sometimes I wonder if it’s Kuro asking those questions, or someone else.

Yi Zen hates Fu Lian’s prison. But does he realize that my base is a prison too? The chance of Yi Zen killing Fu Lian is minimal. But he is not the only threat, Fu Lian, this girl is a magnet for disasters.

I can’t stop fighting the zombies. I need to have Fu Lian and Yi Zen under my constant watch. That’s why I entrapped both of them in this place.

Bing Shi didn’t tell Kuro this dark truth. Instead, she told it another one.

“Throwing a nuclear bomb at the city would go against my nature and morals, which I don’t plan to change any time soon.”

Something big was bestowed to Bing Shi’s hands, a tremendous power, which can mess with a person’s mind.

She is afraid of change, what if she becomes an entirely different person by the time she meets Xuan Mu again? Rather than changing for worse, she wants to change for the better. But her loneliness doesn’t make it any easier. It’s worsening everything.

Afraid of getting close to anyone, her only escape is to find some entertainment by herself…for herself.

“Kuro, did you forget my dream? I always wanted to build a skyscraper. As a civil engineer, I don’t destroy, I create.”

Her plans are constantly changing on the go. With her ability, she is not afraid to be more daring. It brought out her hidden potential.

Creating a whole new world…

How amazing does it sound?

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Packing up, they sent the whole base into Fu Lian space, which tripled in size since the time they started this journey. To save energy, most of the soldiers ported inside her base.

Leaving behind six people: Bing Shi, Fu Lian, Yi Zen, Qua Tao, Wan Ke… ehm…and the sixth person, Ren Han. Tagging with them for the time being, he is going to leave them in a month again.

Can someone tell them how great this man’s stamina is?!? Without using any physical energy, he manipulated his ship high in the sky with his mental strength alone! Ren Han didn’t use much stamina. He let the ship fly on autopilot, by imagining it gliding towards a specific destination.

Driving in an inconspicuous family car, they were on their way to the next town, when they met an unexpected group of people. Thinking they were refugees, they passed by them as nothing happened.

When suddenly, Bing Shi’s team was stopped by a sudden rush of wind. Before it could touch the vehicle, Qua Tao, the driver, activated a tornado. Surrounding the car, it protected the people inside, and let the wind bend the front of their car.

Fu Lian swiftly moved inside her space to notify the men inside to hold a long rope, showing them the situation outside through the surface of the lake, she appeared at her seat right after.

Bing Shi ordered Kuro to shrink in size enough to hide inside her sleeve, and looked out of the window, at the three hummers outside. “Seems like someone’s out of luck today,” she said with a calm smile.

Traveling with Bing Shi is so fun!

One of her tactics how to catch an enemy?

Act as easy prey…

Shuddering, soldiers, lit a candle for the people inside those hummers.

Haha, just kidding! More like shuddering in excitement!

Two hundred or so people inside the space, and above the ground, cracked their necks and fingers excitedly.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Bing Shi, Qua Tao, and Wan Ke, each holding a rifle, stepped down from the car, in a thug-like manner

Bing Shi, Qua Tao, and Wan Ke, each holding a rifle, stepped down from the car, in a thug-like manner.

Bing Shi walked towards those hummers in a fury, “Do you know who I’m?! If not, let me remind you! I’m Bing Shi, the leader of central cities!!! You dare attack my car?!? Give me twenty-five kilos of rice, and I’ll let it go, if not, I’ll call Yi Zen’s army, and let him teach you a lesson!” Raising her voice, she pointed her finger at the hummer at the front.

What surprised everyone was, when from the opposite hummer, another Bing Shi appeared. She walked calmly towards the real Bing Shi. On each of her sides, a soldier followed. “Go ahead. Call him,” she said fearlessly.

From the rumors, it was said that Bing Shi was a cool woman of few words, while the soldiers were a bunch of bloodthirsty men. From the videos, it could be seen that she was a reasonable person, an exact opposite of this spoiled babbling piece of joke.

Bing Shi, Qua Tao, and Wen Kai, took a step back, staggering, “Y-you, you are looking for death…pfft…!” The moment Bing Shi saw her twin, she couldn’t hold in her laughter.

‘Bing Shi!!!!’ Everyone facepalmed at her bad acting skills.

The fake Bing Shi raised her hand. Twenty burly men stepped down from the vehicles, wearing a military uniform, they sent out an oppressive aura. Surrounding the trio in a circle, the fake Bing Shi spoke out again, “We are on our way to a warehouse. We gave out most of our resources, and currently, we are short of food. Can you share some with us? I’ll make sure to compensate you later. Seeing you, destroying your car, how about I let my men repair it in exchange?” Today is their lucky day, for them to meet amateurish rogues.

As if she could hear their thoughts, Bing Shi spoke out in denial, “Y-you! It was you who destroyed my car! Don’t get too close,” she looked at her twin again, and the men, who got closer to her, “I’m warning you! My brother is Yi Zen, the great general…Pfft…!”

Qua Tao and Wan Ke covered their mouths, “…Ehm…” they coughed out, trying to hide their chuckles.

‘That’s not convincing at all!’ each soldier suddenly became an acting class teacher. Putting on imaginary glasses, they started to criticize Bing Shi in their minds, ‘How is that fake Bing Shi going to be scared of you?! Put more feelings into your acting!’

“What a coincidence,” said the fake Bing Shi as she looked at her trimmed nails, which were oddly familiar to Bing Shi’s, “Mine too. Don’t worry, as soon as you give my soldiers some food. I won’t tell my brother that you tried to impersonate me.”

‘See?’ The men pointed at the fake Bing Shi. ‘That’s how you should be acting!’ Why did their Bing Shi decide to act like a stupid cannon fodder?! And how did the fake Bing Shi buy her bad acting?!

Compared to the theory she learned at school, Bing Shi gained much more experience in the real workplace, where she had to solve problems, which were much more complicated than those she did in school. Bing Shi took this belief into acting.

Rather than performing according to a script with a prescribed person, it’s much faster to train unprepared with random people. There is an audience behind her; she has to satisfy them. Her safety is assured. The only thing at stake is her image! She doesn’t want to be criticized again!

“You shameless witch,” Bing Shi cursed under her breath, “First attacking my car, and now acting like me, huh? Are you bored to death? Should I give you a job? How about becoming my personal doppelganger, hm?”

‘Yes, that’s our Bing Shi! Go! Teach her a lesson!’ The soldiers whistled. ‘Who wants a cold Bing Shi? Or a cannon fodder? The villainous Bing Shi is the way to go!’ Then, they frowned in disappointment. ‘Ptui!’ They want the beginner Bing Shi back. This ended too soon!

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“…” The fake Bing Shi started to doubt this small group of people, “…” she motioned with her head for the men to attack.

Her motion didn’t go unnoticed. Wan Ke flashed behind the fake Bing Shi with a knife pointing at her neck, “If you don’t want her to die, nobody makes a move!”

Everybody panicked and looked at the real Bing Shi, who was nowhere to be seen, “Where is she?!?”

When they turned back towards Wan Ke, he disappeared with their fake Bing Shi too, “Fūck!!” No wonder that Bing Shi was so confident!

They are a group of scammers. Under a facade of strong wind, they would stop passing people, and under Bing Shi’s name, they’d demand resources. Because of Bing Shi’s notice, many survivors moved towards the south. Meeting a few kind volunteers, they believed those fake Bing Shies. Wanting to get on her good side, they shared their resources.

Noticing Qua Tao, they decided to catch him. Balls of different sizes and elements suddenly attacked Qua Tao. Creating an air shield, he flew to the air and disappeared. Not long after, their hummers disappeared too, while the fake Bing Shi appeared, her mask was removed, showing a woman in her mid-thirties.

Feeling an eerie shadow above them, the scammers looked up in terror, “Aaaaaahhh!!!!” they immediately scattered towards all directions, with a wet patch in between their legs.

And thus, a hunt began…

A new rumor arose. Never try to go against Bing Shi. No matter how much you hide, she’ll bait you out and make you pay for it.

But those rumors… Could they be called rumors, if each and every one of them was backed up with proof in the form of a video?

Bing Shi is showing people a path to follow in the future. A way how to survive this world, where everyone thinks that only the strongest survive. She is giving people hope that not everything is as bad as it seems.

She is slowly becoming a legend.

This world’s first hero…

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Another half a year passed by, after cleaning another tide of zombies, Bing Shi sat at the top of the platform. While dangling her legs in the air, she watched the busy soldiers below.

Each passing day, the soldiers dealt with zombies faster and faster. Their strength grew incredibly high. Each soldier could deal with the past Yi Zen efficiently. How could they not? Living on Fu Lian’s food, eating nuclei like candies, and being in actual combat most of the day, each was a threat on his own.

On the other hand, Yi Zen was a walking atomic bomb. He was strong enough to destroy a whole island with his lightning storm, let alone a city.

What could a zombie queen or emperor do against a strategical assassination and weeks of planning? Nothing much. Before an emperor could attack the citizens with a tidal wave, Yi Zen sent special forces to scout the nearby cities, while Bing Shi ordered citizens to move to the central city, and showed them what to do in case of a sudden attack.

What about Ren Han? Because Bing Shi couldn’t clone herself, the situation outside the borders was much more complicated. Whenever he went outside the country, Bing Shi would lend him Kuro, to become a bridge between the two cultures. Yes, it would ease his job by the hundreds, but would he allow her to gain more recognition? No! He is not as stupid as before. Using her for his benefits? That’s exactly what she wants! As if! Throwing Kuro back at her, he established a name for himself.

But would Kuro leave Ren Han alone? Haha…

Kuro, the messenger, traveled around the countries and showed Bing Shi’s accomplishments, everyone could see the life inside the self-sufficient central cities. While Ren Han had to put twice the effort, Kuro, with just its presence alone, was enough to gain followers all around the world.

Bing Shi’s growth rate was scarily tremendous. The international powerhouses felt oppressed by Bing Shi, this individual, who was currently believed to be the most powerful human in the world.

For the first time in his life, Ren Han felt that he couldn’t keep up. To whom? He stared at the girl, who playfully dangled her legs in the air, “…”

Yes. Exactly. This. Silly. Girl.

He doesn’t want to miss her. He wants to forget her. And here he is, coming from afar, standing next to her… yet again.

As days come by, she is becoming more and more unreachable. So what if she hides behind an army of men? She still achieved things unheard of before. While her disguise pointed at the gender neutrality, she never hid that she was a woman. Without a need of her womanly assets, she showed that women are more than capable of standing hand in hand with men, without acting like men themselves.

“Taking a break?” Ren Han sat next to her. Whenever he arrived, she would sit at the top of the platform, listening to music or staring at the men below.

“No,” Bing Shi answered, “I’m training.”

“…Why?…,” he asked, almost forgetting about her ability. With it, she doesn’t need to hide, but still does, why?

Bing Shi got closer to him and whispered, “You never know. What if one day, I need to protect my army or my people? I can never be too confident because I know that there will always be someone better to prove me wrong. Kid, you are among that someone.”

Ren Han gritted his teeth. That’s his weak spot! “I’m eighteen!” as soon as she finished her words, what went through Ren Han’s head was to rip off her mask, plunge his tongue into her mouth and kiss her hard until she becomes breathless, to show her how much of a kid he is! Did she lock out her fragrance? She smells like nothing. Ah, why does she makes everything about her so exclusive? “Why are you not a man?” he muttered to himself. Then, he wouldn’t have to deal with such feelings.

“You can think of me as a man,” Bing Shi chuckled, “How do you keep the fish alive?” She started to negotiate. Yi Zen couldn’t get out this information out of him, no matter how much he offered.

“…Too late…” Ren Han turned around, “They are mutated fish. I fed them with a LVL 5 nucleus.” He did the unexpected and revealed the information.

You see, Bing Shi always answered his questions, without asking anything in exchange. So why not?

“Oh, how I never thought about it before?” asked Bing Shi herself as she created a barrier around half a thousand people at once. If anyone saw it, they would be startled by how freely the soldiers flew around without noticing that something is covering their bodies, “Maybe because I think about sweet potatoes all day?”

These two!! Because nobody would feed a fish with such high leveled nuclei!!!

Ren Han chuckled. Seeing her standing up abruptly, he looked up, to see blood dripping down her neck. “What happened?!” he asked in fright, and stood up to follow after her. Reaching his hand to catch her, he was stopped by an invisible wall, clutching his hand hard, he resumed his cool.

Bing Shi ran towards her tent. “Five hundred people were too much on me. My nose started to bleed, hehe. Why do you always see me in the worst state?” asking, she shut the door before his eyes, “Aish, this is no fun! I want to be a cool grandma!”

Everyone thinks Bing Shi needs their protection, but in truth, she is the one protecting everyone.

Ren Han bit his trembling lips. She is not going to disappear without notice, is she? Unable to move, he touched her barrier, leaning his forehead against it, he imagined his life without her, something he does a lot, to prepare himself.

Bing Shi told him beforehand her time limit.

When she disappears, he’ll finally be free.

He’ll move on like always.

Yes, that’s what he is going to do.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

“General, another base wants to create an alliance with ours,” Qua Tao knocked on the door of Yi Zen’s office, and informed him of the arrival of new guests.

When Yi Zen arrived at the meeting place, he saw a few familiar faces – Fu Lian and a delicate woman with exquisite features, similar to Fu Lian’s. Clothed in a white dress, she sat obediently next to a man in his late forties: the ex-state council Fu Dong and his daughter Fu Qin, Fu Lian’s father and stepsister. While a few merchants and bodyguards waited outside, only this father-daughter duo was allowed to go inside.

Fu Qin eyed her beautiful stepsister in contempt, “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you became this base’s bed warmer?” She hid a sneer behind her palm. Fu Lian’s father frowned in displeasure, as expected of a slut’s daughter, like mother like daughter.

Before Fu Lian could retort, a cold voice behind her spoke out, “En. Mine.” Yi Zen stepped inside the room, “She only warms my bed.”

“…” if it were other times, Fu Lian would lash at him for degrading her, but this time, her heart warmed up. After they broke up, Yi Zen’s demeanor changed. Gone was the gentle man. A cold general replaced him, a man who didn’t like to show his feelings on the outside. His words became blunt and on point. During their arguments, he stopped sweet-talking and begging for forgiveness. Instead, he would leave her on her own and go outside to take a smoke.

She felt cheated; this whole time, he was acting as someone else! But… To save her face, he continued to pretend to be her lover. Feeling conflicted, the amount of time she was humiliated by the sibling duo, was uncountable. But it was never outside of their circle. The men inside the base continued to treat her with respect. Of course, except that disgusting pig!

When Fu Qin saw Yi Zen for the first time, this handsome and masculine man, she fell in love at first sight. She doesn’t believe that general Yi Zen would choose a bastard like her stepsister. He had to be blinded by her beauty!

Feeling her father nudging her shoulder, she came back to life, standing up, the father-daughter duo greeted this famous general in respect.

Yi Zen sat down at the end of the conference table, looking at his empty right seat, he asked, “What do you have to offer?” The man before him demanded 0,3% of nuclei profit.

Fu Qun looked up at her father with begging eyes, “…Papa, I…”

“Fu Qin, dear, don’t worry. I’m not selling you out,” father Fu Dong comforted his little princess. Looking up at Yi Zen, he put on his state council’s smile, “My daughter is a plant user. Weren’t you looking for one? If you accept my offer, I’ll let her work for you.”

When Fu Lian and Yi Zen got to know her ability, both of them showed different expressions. At the same time, one person in black appeared before their eyes.

Where is Bing Shi?!


“Hurry, hurry~,” a petite person in a black hoodie spoke to a tall man in a black cloak, as they flew towards the meeting tent. “Hurry, hurry~” she rushed him as if it was the end of the world.

“…” Ren Han followed after her with amusement, “What’s the rush?” What was he worried about? She is as energetic as always.

“I always wanted to taste sweet potatoes grown by a plant user.”

Ren Han tried sweet potatoes before, and they didn’t suit his taste at all, “How can you not get sick of them?” His brows scrunched.

“I never get sick of things I love,” the first thing, Bing Shi will let you know, is her love for sweet potatoes. Everyone in the base knew about her obsession.

Is this a reason why she has been looking so desperately for a plant user these past two months? Ren Han, who knew her secret as a quick transmigrator, doubts it.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

When Bing Shi and Ren Han appeared next to each other, it was as if two grim reapers showed up on the scene.

The father-duo hurriedly greeted Ren Han and Bing Shi. The way they showed her respect was eye-catching; they were flaunting Bing Shi to the skies. After all, this woman holds much more influence than Yi Zen.

Shrouded in mystery, before Bing Shi could sit on Yi Zen’s right, Ren Han grabbed the chair and sat on it like he owned the place. Noticing Fu Qin’s hungry gaze on Yi Zen, he said, “What a casanova, obtaining another woman’s attention. Share one with me, you know which I want.” Catching an icicle with his hand, he smashed it into pieces.

Fu Qin’s gaze finally shifted towards the mysterious man in black. Who is he to behave like that towards Yi Zen? Unable to see his facial features, he has to be the foreign leader of that huge ship. Are they fighting over Fu Lian’s affection? Who does she think she is to catch every powerful man’s attention?! Only if that eyesore never existed! Fu Qin clutched her hands under the table in hatred.

Instead of sitting down at the occupied seat next to Yi Zen’s right, Bing Shi walked around, stopping behind Fu Qin, she sat next to her. Plopping her head on her chin, she turned towards Fu Qin and spoke out enthusiastically, “My, my~. What a beautiful plant ability user. Do you know how to plant sweet potatoes?”

Fu Qin nodded bashfully, “Yes, one seed is enough for me to grow a few hundreds of them. Besides that, I know a few offensive and defensive moves.” That’s what she was doing these past two months. She was planting the most delicious sweet potatoes to get Bing Shi on her side.

Bing Shi jumped out of her chair and ran towards the general excitedly, “Yi Zen, I want her as my sister in law~. She knows how to plant sweet potatoes!”

‘Say what?!’ Fu Dong choked out on his saliva. Nobody is taking his little princess away!

Ren Han tried to figure out what is Bing Shi’s mission. < This woman is doing random things all over the place!>

“Stop saying nonsense,” Yi Zen turned his head towards Bing Shi, “Why so suddenly?”

“Miss Fu Lian, never gave me any sweet potatoes, despite knowing that I like them very much,” said Bing Shi as a matter of fact.

Yi Zen pinched his eyebrows.

Fu Lian was too stunned to utter out a word.

Fu Qin lifted her gaze in shock, hurriedly looking down, a dangerous light flashed in her eyes, a vicious smile appeared on her face. This was easier than she thought. Without Fu Lian, Yi Zen’ll be hers.

╔════ Author’s note ═════╗

This ARC is nearing its end soon. I’d say 4-5 chapters left.

♬ A few of you noticed that I get inspiration from songs a lot. ♬

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For upcoming chapters, the beautiful song below is a great spoiler regarding Ren Han.

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Vault 51 – Wildfire (Acoustic Version)


Don’t wanna miss you. Don’t wanna miss you, from far away.

And I can’t forget you. I can’t forget you if you’re wondering.

I’m not dreaming.

Frame another empty page, and burn it into memory.

Though my eyes are closed, I’m learning to let go.

There’s no way out of here.

No one to calm the fear.

The flames are growing higher.

Wildfire. Wildfire.

I’m gonna hate you. I’m gonna hate you like I always, I always do.

So I’m gonna break you down, I’m gonna break you till you’re wondering.

When will my nightmare end.

Frame, another empty page, and burn it into memory.

Though my eyes are closed, I’m learning to let go.There’s no way out of here.

No one to calm the fear.

The flames are growing higher.

Wildfire. Wildfire.

I’m gonna break you down. I’m learning how to let go. I’m gonna break you down, I’m learning how to let go. Just let.

Frame, another empty page, and burn it into memory.

Though my eyes are closed, I’m learning to let go.

There’s no way out of here.

No one to calm the fear.

The flames are growing higher.

Wildfire. Wildfire.

There’s no way out of here.

No one to calm the fear.

The flames are growing higher.

Wildfire. Wildfire.


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