3.16 – Downfall of Humanity – Jelly girl

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4,2k words chapter. Enjoy!


*Warning* Strong language below

*Warning* Strong language below.

Bing Shi lifted her gaze at Fu Lian’s father, “0,3% of our loot for a few sweet potatoes? Are they made of diamonds?”

Fu Dong coughed out, “0,3% is a fair price. My daughter is a rare plant user. Her worth is immeasurable.”

“You are right. She is precious,” Bing Shi nodded her head and glanced at the embarrassed Fu Qin, “Well, I’m not in a rush. I’m going to wait for a sister in law, who’ll give me sweet potatoes for free. You see, we’re living in hard times. I can’t waste nuclei on luxurious food. It would be unfair to my people. I’m sorry, we can’t accept your offer.”

Ren Han clutched his stomach. Fu Lian looked down while Yi Zen pursed his lips, trying to maintain their poker face. Bing Shi’s stinky side is acting up. You want to take away her riches? Then, prepare to be stripped down. Nobody takes money from Bing Shi, the cheapest woman in their base. She just used Yi Zen as a bait to get a free plant user!

*A few moments later.*

“💢!” The fuming Fu Dong looked up at the high walls in anger. He just took the biggest loss in his life. He received no money. What’s worse, his daughter abandoned him for that woman in black!

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Bing Shi showed Fu Qin around the base, meeting a few men along the way, Fu Qin greeted them with a timid smile. They didn’t wear any shirts! Stealing a few glimpses at their well-toned and muscular chests, Fu Qin’s face flushed pink.

Noticing an innocent girl in a white dress, a few soldiers whistled out, “Is that Fu Lian’s little sister?” Such a feast to the eyes! As soon as a beautiful woman appeared, everyone puffed out their chest, wanting to gain her attention.

“Yes, her name is Fu Qin,” Bing Shi called out, “A new addition in our team. She is going to live with us from today onwards. I decided for her to be my sister in law, be nice to her.”

“…” The soldiers became speechless. Is this person playing house again? Great! “Welcome, Miss Fu Qin!”

Fu Qin thanked them with a smile, showing off her cute dimples, “Thank you. It’s nice to meet you all.”

What an excellent first impression. A complete opposite of Fu Lian! The men nodded in agreement, completely falling for Fu Qin’s white lotus act.

Following Bing Shi, Fu Qin went inside her tent. Bing Shi seated Fu Qin behind a table. Grabbing her tablet, Bing Shi sat opposite of Fu Qin. After chatting for a while, Bing Shi asked, “Did you come up with an idea of how to gain Yi Zen’s affection?”

Fu Qin lifted her chin in confidence, “Sending Fu Lian away is enough.” Since childhood, Fu Qin always got what she wanted. Not until Fu Lian appeared. She believed that if she gets rid of Fu Lian, she’ll get what she wants, as always.

“Can you replace Fu Lian as our cook?” Bing Shi asked. It’s a rare opportunity for Bing Shi to meet a Jelly girl. She always wondered if such brainless girls existed. Girls who would somehow become stupid the moment they fall in love with a man. Wondering how they survived until now. On closer look, Fu Qin is a little smart fox. But upon contact with the male and female lead, her mind becomes clouded.

“Isn’t it only food? What is so special about it?” Fu Qin scoffed in the inside, but on the outside, she showed a confused expression.

“Girl, listen,” Bing Shi supported her chin with her palm, “I asked if you can replace Fu Lian as our cook.”

“…” Fu Qin never cooked before. It’s other’s job to cook for her, not the opposite, “I’ll only cook for Yi Zen.”

“Wrong answer. You lost all soldiers. You get rid of their cook, and they’ll get rid of you,” Bing Shi tapped her pen on the tablet, “As of now, you can’t compare to Fu Lian in any skills. If you don’t want to end up as a laughing stock, never challenge Fu Lian. Ignore her. Though you are the exact girl Yi Zen hates, I’ll find a way for you to get closer to him,” noticing Fu Qian’s displeased expression, Bing Shi asked, “Isn’t this what you want? Without you making any moves on Fu Lian, I’m giving you this great opportunity to seduce Yi Zen.”

“…” Fu Qin went silent. She can’t believe she can’t win against Fu Lian. The problem is, Fu Qin never came up with a plan on how to seduce Yi Zen. As her head was full of how to get rid of Fu Lian, she would probably use some cheap schemes to get a man. Thinking about it, Yi Zen would despise such a woman, “What type of women does Yi Zen like?”

Bing Shi smiled in delight, “Afraid? Well, you are right to be afraid. Getting rid of your daddy was your biggest mistake. Now, you are alone in this Lion’s den, with only me, as your support. Yi Zen’s type is…”

If it were before, Fu Qin would use her father’s connection to get Fu Lian kidnapped, then raped. Luckily, Fu Lian would always escape by a close margin. In a worst-case, to gain what she wants, Fu Qin would even slūt her way to success. But in this base, even if she slept with the soldiers, nobody would listen to her orders.

This is the first time Fu Qin felt so powerless. Like a mouse trapped in a cage, Fu Qin has nowhere to escape. If she wants Yi Zen, she can only succumb to Bing Shi’s rules.

After a short chat, Fu Qin used her power to build up a house next to Bing Shi’s. Green thick veins sprouted from under the ground, creating a small cottage.

[ Host, wouldn’t it be better to never meet up with Fu Qin? Or better to get rid of her? What if something happens to Fu Lian?]

Asked Kuro, who saw the situation through Bing Shi’s eyes. Floating in the air, a batch of people followed it in steady steps.

“And miss an opportunity to meet a Jelly girl? Kuro, have some trust in our female lead. Fu Qin, this little bunny, should be the one fearing for her life. Oh, but I won’t let anything happen to her, don’t worry.”

Not before I finish my experiments.

These villain girls are like cockroaches. With their villain halo, it’s impossible to get rid of them. You kill them, and they’ll return as a vengeful ghost! No kidding! To get their revenge, they’d even reincarnate!

[ Can I go home?]

“Aw, do you miss me?”

[ No. I have to scan the base food of any poison. Fu Qin is a plant user. She can utilize her power to poison Fu Lian’s food. Host, I still can’t understand why you would let such a dangerous person in.]

“Aw, so you were worried about me.”

[ Yes.]

“You’ll understand soon. You can go home.”

Without understanding, Kuro nodded its head obviously. It can only trust its host.

“Kuro, we’re going to watch a show together. Which flavor of popcorn do you want?”

[ Chocolate.]


· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

The next day, in the central kitchen, Fu Lian was preparing breakfast for the soldiers, when a sound of laughter caught the attention of nearby helpers. Looking up, they saw a few soldiers holding baskets filled with fruits while flirting with a girl in a white dress.

Fu Qin grabbed an apple from the basket. Entirely forgetting about Bing Shi’s warning, she walked towards Fu Lian and offered her the apple with a bright smile, “An apple for my dearest sister. I grew them last night. They have revitalizing properties. Our father likes them the most.”

When Fu Lian reached for the apple, Fu Qin dropped it on the floor. Quickly crouching down, she picked it up with teary eyes, “I’m sorry…I know you hate me. I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. You can take all your grievances on me,” looking down, Fu Qin said in a pitiful tone. Her delicate silhouette was enough to earn every man’s protection.

Fu Lian raised her eyebrow, walking around the counter, she stood before Fu Qin. Out of a sudden, Fu Lian threw a straight punch at her abdomen. The force sent the other girl flying. Ignoring the girl on the floor, Fu Lian looked up at the shocked soldiers, “What? She said I could take it out on her. That’s what she gets for trying to get me raped. Don’t blame me if you drop dead by her poisonous food one day.” After finishing her speech, Fu Lian continued to cook as if nothing happened.

The soldiers opened their eyes wide, peeking at the girl who coughed out blood, they didn’t dare go near her. Fu Lian has a reputation for being ruthless. But she could be trusted, which couldn’t be said about this new plant user, which appeared out of nowhere. What is Bing Shi thinking?! Does she wants them dead?!

Bing Shi, who was feeding Kuro chocolate popcorn on her lap, stopped. Placing Kuro on the bed, she left the tent.

You continue eating. I’m going to check the situation.”

Fu Qin clutched her stomach in pain. Feeling the iron taste in her mouth, she threw out a mouthful of blood. She is going to kill that slūt! Opening her blurry eyes, a pair of black boots obscured her view.

Girl, what did you think? I trained Fu Lian for two years.

Bing Shi crouched before Fu Qin, “You are carrying around my name. Do not make me clean after your mess.” Taking the apple from Fu Qin, she cleaned it up and gave it to a fatigued soldier, “You. Eat it.”

The soldier took a bite without any hesitation. The sweet taste of the apple engulfed his mouth, feeling rejuvenated, he finished the whole apple and stood up in confusion, “What the…” It felt like his power increased?!

“Though Fu Qin hates Miss Fu Lian,” Bing Shi turned towards Fu Lian, “She doesn’t hate us.” Leaving the kitchen, Bing Shi ordered a few soldiers to carry the girl with broken ribs to the infirmary, “What do you think about Fu Qin’s acting? Should I learn from her?”

A soldier shook his head, “It was superb until she met Miss Fu Lian. Then, it turned into a disaster.”

While Ban was healing Fu Qin, Bing Shi asked again, “Should a girl… who schemed to get her sister raped… be forgiven?” Bing Shi always ask for other’s opinion to know their view on the situation.

“No,” A few soldiers who remained answered, “How can such an innocent-looking girl be so vicious? Miss Bing Shi, you should be careful around someone like her.”

“You believe Miss Fu Lian? What if what she said was a lie? Also, we don’t know Fu Qin’s side of the truth,” Bing Shi watched Fu Qin’s teary expression, “You can leave us alone.”

“Miss Bing Shi, are you sure?” Full of doubts, the soldiers didn’t want to leave Bing Shi alone.

“Aw, everyone is worried about me. I have Kuro to protect me,” Bing Shi chuckled.

Leaving the two women alone, the soldiers went for breakfast.

Bing Shi took a chair and sat next to the bed, “Girl, it’s only the first day, and everyone got to know your bad side. What did I say about not challenging Fu Lian?”

Fu Qin sat up and started to trash everything around her, “It’s all that slūt’s fault!” Grabbing her hair, she screamed out in resentment, “It’s all her fault! If she didn’t exist, nothing of this would happen!” She continued to scream until her voice became hoarse, “It’s all her fault… Whatever I want, she steals it away…It’s all her fault…It’s all her fault…”

“Bītch, It’s all your fault,” said a deep muscular voice, which appeared inside the infirmary, “Fūck, I was curious who it might be. And it turned out to be the new gardener,” Ren Han grabbed a chair and sat opposite Bing Shi, “A cook, a gardener, who is next?”

“A musician,” Bing Shi giggled.

Dammit, just hearing her little giggle, and his heart is about to burst from feeling too much, “Your gardener has a few screws loose.”

Fu Qin stopped, and threw a death glare at the invader, “Who has…” But noticing it was that mysterious man in a cloak, she quickly looked down in fear. But there was another man there. Yi Zen? What is he doing here?! What is this? A secret meeting between the top leaders?!? Fu Qin suddenly felt so out of place, “Is everyone afraid that I’ll do something to Miss Bing Shi?”

Yi Zen lips twitched, more like Bing Shi doing something to this little bunny. Ignoring Fu Qin, he spoke to Bing Shi, “This is supposed to be my future wife?”

Bing Shi nodded, “Perfect for a duck boy like you.”

Ren Han laughed out loud, “What about me?”

Bing Shi pursed her lips, “My grandson deserves the best.”

Ren Han chuckled and stood up, “You are right, I want this base’s Ice Queen,” leaving the tent his smile disappeared.

< But I don’t want the best. I want my Bing Shi.>

Everyone would think that Ren Han meant Fu Lian. But in his eyes, it’s someone else. Bing Shi likes her new chuni title very much, more than Fu Lian’s, but if she heard his thoughts, she would be surprised. Only Xuan Mu saw her as Ice Queen.

Returning from his travels, Ren Han would always see his Queen looking from above, at the situation below her, making sure that people are united. How could a world in the brim of extinction become so peaceful? Is this her mission? She accomplished it thanks to a system. And this is what he finds funny. She gives all the credits to Kuro and others, saying something about being nothing without them.

This untouchable iceberg seems small and harmless above the water due to her kind nature of the Queen. But everyone knows that most of the iceberg is hidden below the water. And the danger extends far beyond what can be seen above.

< Stop it. Stop showing me how heartbreakingly beautiful she is. >

To get rid of the amassed steam, Ren Han flew towards the nearest city filled with zombies. Wherever Ren Han passed, nothing could escape his fire. Mirroring the inferno within his veins, he executed every undead on his way. Dust, was all that remained of the rotten bodies. Black smoke billowed into the heated air, sending its distinctive aroma over the area. The wind whistled through the ashes, the odor of smoke filled his mouth, nostrils, and lungs – as if his own suffering wasn’t punishing enough.

How to unlove a person? Find new love? But what if he doesn’t want to love anymore?

< Fūck it. If I can’t love her, I’m gonna hate her.>

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

“Ehm…” Bing Shi stood up, “How about you two get to know each other?” She ran towards the entrance, but a high ice pillar stopped her from escaping, “Nooo~, open the door,” she jumped on the spot, “I need to use the toilet!”

“Enough playing around,” A general’s chilly voice spoke out, “I don’t want her in this base.”


Yi Zen took a deep breath, “You have five minutes.” He made the ice pillar disappear.

“Did I hear fifteen?” Bing Shi ran away, “I think I did.”

“Kuro, is there some popcorn left?”

[ *Crunch* Yes. *Crunch* ]

Answered Kuro with a mouth stained in chocolate. Watching the show the whole time, it didn’t forget to leave some popcorn for its Host.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Yi Zen turned towards Fu Qin, the slight smile on his face disappeared, “Pack your things and leave.”

Fu Qin panicked. With a tear-stained face, she started to beg the ice-cold man, “No, please, let me stay. Give me a chance,” she crawled towards Yi Zen and hugged his leg in desperation, “I’ll change for you, I’ll do whatever you want. I love you. I love you more than anything.”

Yi Zen stared at the hopeless woman in disgust. Kicking Fu Qin at the abdomen, she was sent flying again, “You know nothing about me. How can you spit out those words so easily?”

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Fu Qin coughed out a mouthful of blood. Not at all caring that her dream man just kicked her, she crawled back towards Yi Zen, “I love everything about you, so please, give me a chance.”

Bing Shi, who was eavesdropping next to the tent, clutched her hands, stopping herself from saving Fu Qin, who somehow, is unable to learn from her mistakes. The worst teammate you can ask for.

Girl, this is not how you seduce a man! 

Unable to listen to how Fu Qin is being repeatedly kicked away, Bing Shi ran to the kitchen to call Ban. When Ban saw the person which he saved a moment ago in a worse state than he left her, Ban looked strangely at his savage general. After healing and cleaning up Fu Qin, he left in a hurry.

Bing Shi looked at the unfamiliar Yi Zen in horror. Fu Qin is the type of person who loves unconditionally. As we could see a moment ago, Fu Qin would accept Yi Zen no matter what type of man he was. Bing Shi thought that if she gave Fu Qin a chance to get closer to Yi Zen, she would finish her chain quest. And her plan ended in a disaster. Someone didn’t want to cooperate with her at all!

“I want her gone by today,” Yi Zen ordered Bing Shi and left the infirmary.

Without answering, Bing Shi walked towards Fu Qin in the bed, “Girl, this whole world seems to be against you.”

Are they destined to have the worst fate?

Bing Shi was reluctant. But her reluctance disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Fu Qin opened her eyes, a sinister smile appeared at the corner of her lips, “If I can’t have Yi Zen, nobody will.” Her obsession with Yi Zen was beyond this world’s understanding. She wants to kill the person Yi Zen likes the most.

Bing Shi felt goosebumps rising on her arms, “Let’s say, I’m the person Yi Zen treasures the most. Would you kill me?”

Fu Qin turned towards Bing Shi, a hint of jealousy appeared in her eyes, “He does treasure you, doesn’t he?” Ten thick veins pierced through the ground, curling around Bing Shi’s body, preventing her from escaping, “I have nothing more to lose.”

As Bing Shi was under the protection of the barrier, she felt no pain. Taking this opportunity, she is gaining as much information as possible. What is a chance that she’ll obtain an ability like this again? “Girl, did you forget about your father? I can send Kuro to get him killed.”

The thorns around Bing Shi disappeared.


It seems like her family is her weakness.

But it’s too late.

Bing Shi dusted of her perfectly clean clothes, “An assassination attempt is a serious crime. You’re going to receive the punishment as other criminals. How can you be so…Ugh. You are a shame to all women on earth. Seriously.”

“Don’t hurt my father,” Remembering the punishment, the other criminals went through, Fu Qin’s face turned white. She looked at Bing Shi with begging eyes, “Give me a last chance please,” growing a few sweet potatoes she offered them to Bing Shi.

“No,” Bing Shi accepted the sweet potatoes, “From the first meeting, I thought you would be smarter. But you are too dumb, ungrateful, and untrustworthy. Do you want me to predict the future? You’ll learn nothing. You’ll continue to think that you are a genius. You’ll come back to take your childish revenge, just to be slapped in the face again.”

[ Host, can I slap her?]

When Fu Qin saw Kuro flying towards her, and feeling her face being slapped by it, she broke up in tears.

Bing Shi hugged the snake with a face stained in chocolate, “Kuro, did you see yourself in the mirror?” She giggled and left the tent, creating a barrier around it, she called Pony to send Fu Qin into his space, together with other criminals.

When soldiers saw the crime scene and the ripped floor, their brows scrunched. Fu Qin’s image in their head dropped below zero.

When Fu Lian passed by Bing Shi tent, she saw Bing Shi leisurely grilling a sweet potato over a campfire, “You lost.” It took Fu Lian a few words and a punch to get rid of Bing Shi’s new sister in law. And when Yi Zen agreed to go against Bing Shi, she was happy senseless.

“Did I?” Bing Shi turned over her sweet potato, “If you think so.” Bing Shi didn’t want to use force on Fu Qin. Like her sister in law, the base would have a huge amount of food for a low price. If her plan worked out, she would gain 1000p. But who is Bing Shi, without a backup plan? As a dangerous criminal, Fu Qin’ll be forced to work until exhaustion, for free. As Bing Shi knows her weakness, Fu Qin wouldn’t dare to retaliate against anyone.

“💢,” Fu Lian walked towards Yi Zen’s tent, closing the door to his office, she turned around…

“Get out, and knock first,” said Yi Zen in disapproval.

Fu Lian got out of the office, ignoring Qua Tao’s curious gaze, she knocked on the door with narrow eyes.

Reappearing in Yi Zen’s office, she walked towards the sitting man in steady steps, “Thank you.”

Yi Zen let go of his documents, and lifted his gaze at Fu Lian, tapping on the table, he motioned for her to sit on it. Stripping down her pants, he unzipped his, and pushed the hard rock thing into her already wet hole, in one deep thrust. Covering her mouth with his palm, he continued to pump her up with his thickness, “Satisfied with the outcome?”

Fu Lian moaned into his palm, “…Yes…”

“I have a meeting with Bing Shi in five minutes,” Yi Zen grunted when she squeezed him tight.

Fu Lian traced her hand under his shirt, “How long has it been? Don’t you miss it?”

Yi Zen increased his tempo, ripping down her shirt, he latched his mouth on her neck, “This is the only thing I missed.”

“Skip the meeting….aahnn…”




Bing Shi rubbed her aching belly. As she knocked on the door, she looked up at Ren Han, “Stay away from me. I feel like a ticking bomb.”

Missing the eye contact, Ren Han looked down at her protruded belly, “…” Don’t tell him she overstuffed herself with sweet potatoes? “…Pfft…”


“Can I hug you?”

“Grandson, I’ll teach you a life-saving lesson. Never hug a ticking bomb.”

Someone tell him! How does he hate this creature?!

What is taking that man so long?! Irritated, that he has to wait, Ren Han barged into the room to get a glimpse of an ambitious scene – half naked Yi Zen choking the naked Fu Lian. Not for long, as he felt his hoodie being pushed down to obscure his view, “…”

“Don’t watch,” Bing Shi turned Ren Han around and took him out. She let go of his hoodie, went back inside the room, and closed the door. The satiated Fu Lian looked at Bing Shi provocatively, as she clothed herself up, she spoke out, “Second lose.”

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How come when it comes to bed matters, Fu Lian succumbs to everything?

“Whatever you say. Now, if you please leave. We have a meeting,” Bing Shi switched her gaze from the hand mark on Fu Lian’s neck to Yi Zen. Pinching his brows, he didn’t look back at Bing Shi. Seeing the veins on his hands about to pop out, as if holding back, Bing Shi spoke out, “Don’t forget what you promised me.”

Yi Zen remembers. He promised to take responsibility for Fu Lian, “I had it under control.”

[ Hidden Quest success: Find out what went wrong with Yi Zen +1000p. After finding the reason, prevent it from happening again +250p. Make his lover accept his real personality +250.]

“I know.” More than being happy, Bing Shi sighed in relief, “But you sure scared the dear life out of me.”

Fu Lian left the room with an uncomfortable feeling. Those two have a bond, which she can’t seem to comprehend.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

“That’s some kinky s***,” Ren Han in a good mood, commented as he stepped inside the room.

“This is not a place where you can enter as you please,” Yi Zen cleaned up the table.

Ren Han sat down at the chair, “It’s not my fault that the all-mighty general can’t buy a lock.”

“A lock won’t stop a person from barging in,” Bing Shi chimed in while opening the window for ventilation, “Yi Zen should’ve created an ice door.”

Turning on the world map on the projector, the trio discussed a place where to build a future prison for people with superpowers. Its location won’t be revealed to the public eyes. Taking the climate and quality of the soil into consideration, Bing Shi and a team of engineers will make two blueprints. The first prison will be built under the ground, while the second will be deep in the sea. 

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Bing Shi is becoming protective over Xuan Mu’s soul! Banzai! (ノ゚0゚)ノ


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