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Title: Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul | Tags: Fighting, Xuanhuan, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm and determined protagonist
Synopsis: A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble beginnings as an outsider in the Ling Clan, his name, Ling Xiao, would ring throughout the world.

3.17 – Downfall of Humanity – Honeybee 🐝

*Warning* Strong language below.

A few moments ago…

Warning smut – Start

“Skip the meeting…aaahn…” Fu Lian moaned out, porting them into her space, she wrapped her legs around Yi Zen’s hips, not allowing him to pull out.

Yi Zen exploded. Here she goes again, with her naive tests of loyalty! In a spit of rage, he grabbed her neck, “You know I hate this place! What more do you want?!” The initial sparks he felt towards this heaven shattering beauty, are gone. After Yi Zen obtained her heart, he lost interest. Now, he wants to be set free from this thorny prison he planted for himself.

“You!” Fu Lian looked up at him in loss, refusing to give up, “I’m giving you the last chance! Me or Bing Shi? Choose!” Fu Lian is sure, Yi Zen doesn’t love her anymore. He changed so much! Who would want a cold and violent woman like her? When he has a cheerful girl by his side? At first, Fu Lian though that Bing Shi is like Fu Qin. And how wrong she was. Bing Shi is much worse. A nightmare.

The veins on Yi Zen’s hands popped up, his teeth gnashing, “Bing Shi?” His manhood stood up straight as he pushed deep inside of Fu Lian. He stared at Fu Lian’s beautiful eyes. Eyes which were usually filled with confidence, are now full of insecurities, “I never imagined doing such dirty things to her.”

Fu Lian lifted her gaze in hope, “…ahhh…Then who was the man who courted me?”

When Fu Lian ported both of them out, his thickness pumped her insides fiercely, his grip on her neck thickened, “My instincts as a man, when he finds his mate.”

It brought Fu Lian to such highs, that she climaxed, “…ahnn…Hold me… Don’t…don’t pull out…please…” While he choked her, she felt her insides being filled up with his seeds; her lips curled up in elation, “…ahhhnn…”

Warning smut – End

All Fu Lian ever wanted to do in the apocalypse, was to live a leisure life in her space, farm, and maybe find a man to give birth to her future children. But not any man would do. She wanted a man with the best genes. Yi Zen was perfect in all aspects. She was delighted when he catered to all her needs. Despite Yi Zen’s change, Fu Lian can’t deny the attraction she has towards this man. If she can’t change him back, so be it. She gives up. She can’t imagine herself with anyone else. Yes, he is cold. He doesn’t show his love as before. But isn’t she the same, if not worse?

Fu Lian, due to the bad experience with men, despised all of them. At the beginning, she only wanted Yi Zen to be her sperm donor. But he sure took his time with the courting! Never would she thought that she would fall in love with his fake facade! However, being surrounded by men on a daily basis, her contempt and her one-sided view that all men are scums, changed. Men are not as bad. Of course, except that disgusting pig.

Β· Β· ─── Β· ⊱❈⊰· ─── Β· Β·

*Current time*

After the meeting, Bing Shi and Ren Han looked strangely at the absent-minded man.

Ren Han snickered at his misfortune, “You look like someone who just knocked up his girlfriend without protection.” Noticing that he hit the bull’s eye, his smile grew wider, avoiding an ice sword, Ren Han laughed out, “No wonder you wanted to kill her.”

Yi Zen’s expression grew dark, “Get out.”

Bing Shi stood up obediently and walked towards the exit. She opened her eyes in horror when ten ice daggers enveloped her on all sides.

“You stay back,” Yi Zen ordered Bing Shi and turned his eyes towards Ren Han, “The meeting ended.”

Bing Shi stood rooted in the place. She got goosebumps when the daggers got near her neck, turning around, she sat back before Yi Zen in silence.

Ren Han disliked the sight of the oppressed Bing Shi.

< Why doesn’t she fight back? Do something! Ask me for help! Say something!>

Feeling that Yi Zen is freezing his insides, Ren Han stood up and left the room. Waiting until Bing Shi finishes, he pulled out his phone and started to play games. Feeling lots of pairs of eyes on him, his mood worsened, “What?”

“Nothing,” Qua Tao and the rest looked down as they ignored thousands of flying bullets around the gloomy man. Levitating systematically, the bullets created an infinite symbol. ∞

Β· Β· ─── Β· ⊱❈⊰· ─── Β· Β·

Yi Zen stared cold daggers at the culprit. How many times does Bing Shi want him to restore Fu Lian’s shattered confidence?

“Am I going to be an aunt?” Bing Shi smiled to herself, hiding her shaking hands in her pockets. She tried to ignore the daggers around her. They were too scary! “First, helping her take revenge on Fu Qin and me. Now, this. Yi Zen, you are falling in love.”

The daggers around her disappeared. Yi Zen leaned against the chair, his tone desolate, “Is this love? Having an urge to choke her to death?”

Bing Shi sighed, “Didn’t you want to choke her because, after all this time, she still doubts your feelings towards her? It’s not her fault, but mine. As a good aunt, from today onwards, I’m not going to taunt Fu Lian anymore. It would be bad for the child inside of her.”

Yi Zen looked at his little sister with an unreadable expression, “How are you so sure that she is pregnant?”

“With your golden seeds, she is,” Bing Shi stood up with a smile, “Or should I continue being the villain?”

“What could you do with me as Fu Lian’s backing instead of yours?” Yi Zen raised his eyebrow. Where does her confidence come from?

Bing Shi reached the door, “Who said my target would be Fu Lian? You hypocrite. Kicking Fu Qin, despite being exactly like her. Did you forget how you behaved like a love-sick fool towards Fu Lian in the beginning? Or should I remind you?”

< Oh.>

Yi Zen’s mouth twitched, he just felt an invisible fist punching his stomach, “I pity your boyfriend,” he teased.

“I pity my boyfriend too,” Bing Shi chuckled, “Having such a sick woman as his girlfriend. He sure had it hard,” saying, she left the office room.

“…” Yi Zen was left speechless.

Closing the door, Bing Shi walked towards her tent.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Ren Han showed a toothy grin, “I’m sick too.”

“Aw,” Bing Shi giggled, “Grandson, you are asking for a hug.”

Ren Han blinked his eyes, “Hm?” Feeling a vibration, he took out his phone, “…”

Staring at the gif, Ren Han followed Bing Shi, "This doesn't count

Staring at the gif, Ren Han followed Bing Shi, “This doesn’t count. I don’t believe in ghosts. I want a hug from you… not Kuro.”

“Why a hug, why not something else?”

Ren Han continued to stare at the gif, “I have to start small before going big.”

“What’s your big?” Bing Shi chuckled.

“I’ll tell you for a hug,” Ren Han gripped his phone.

Bing Shi swears to God. This big boy is a reincarnation of Xuan Mu! The funny thing is…he is! “That would be considered cheating.”

“Cheating?” Ren Han lifted his gaze, his eyes misty, “Before dying, he broke up with you. You don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Wh…No.” Bing Shi’s lips trembled. Having a hard time breathing, she still shouted out at the sleeping man inside of Ren Han, “I hate you! Do you hear me?! I hate you so much! Why are you doing this to me?!” Closing the door to her tent, her knees went weak. Falling down, tears started to roll her cheeks uncontrollably.

Ren Han put his forehead against the barrier, clutching his chest to prevent his heart from breaking apart, tears trickled down his eyes when an image of the broken girl appeared before his eyes. Shrieking at his death bed, fighting whoever got near the dead body, “…Bing Shi…argghh…” This is Ren Han’s first time seeing her in his past life. The tormenting feeling is too much for him to bear.

“GO AWAY!!!!” Bing Shi plugged up her ears, while hundreds of problems resurfaced in her mind.

Kuro watched Bing Shi in confusion.

[ Host what happened?]

The shaking Bing Shi continued gripping her head, refusing to answer.

A few soldiers frowned when they saw Bing Shi running inside her tent, and Ren Han falling on his knees before her doors. His cloak obscured their view, but he was clutching his chest as if in great pain.

Rushing towards him, they asked, “What happened?” Feeling the danger, they flew up to see the ground and air around Ren Han bending. When they attempted to get near, they were repulsed by an invisible power. Without any orders, they were helpless, “Call general Yi Zen, Miss Bing Shi is in danger!”

By the time Yi Zen arrived, everything had gone back to normal, “What did you do to her?”

Sitting on the ground, leaning his back against Bing Shi’s door, Ren Han was in no mood to talk to anybody, except, “Bing Shi, what are you doing to me, hm?” he mumbled gently to himself. If not separated by a thin obstacle, his back would be in contact with hers.

Yi Zen’s attitude changed. Why would Bing Shi react so strongly towards this man? Don’t tell him… As a warning, Yi Zen sent a bolt of lighting before Ren Han, “Leave.”

Ren Han lifted his hand and pointed a middle finger at Yi Zen, “…Argh…” Ren Han groaned in pain as he felt a bolt of lightning passing through his body.

~ Go out and clear the things up.

Bing Shi pumped her head with her palms in refusal.

That’s what they want me to do.

I don’t want to clean after their mess.

~ You are creating unnecessary problems.

I’m not. Why is everything my fault?

Yi Zen chained Ren Han with a string made of lighting, the heat scorched Ren Han’s clothes and skin. Flying down, Yi Zen sent a powerful kick towards Ren Han’s shoulder, hearing a crack, the impact sent the man in black flying. Without fighting back, Ren Han crashed against the wall, ignoring the pain, his eyes never left Bing Shi’s tent.

~ Stop being an attention seeker.

I’m not, he is. I don’t want to be here anymore.

~ You can’t leave. You didn’t finish your mission.

I can wait it out far away from others.

~ No. You have too many responsibilities.

But I don’t want to meet him.

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~ Ungrateful. He is helping you with your mission.

I didn’t force him. He doesn’t know my missions.

~ You should take responsibility. You played with his feelings.

I didn’t.

~ He is in pain because of you.

He has nothing to do with me.

~ He does. There’s a part of Xuan Mu in him.

Bing Shi refused to move on from Xuan Mu. Walking towards her bed, she covered herself with a blanket.
Putting on headphones, she turned the volume on max and closed her eyes. She just finished a mission. Let her take a rest.

Yi Zen eyed the battered Ren Han in animosity, “Whoever heals him, will be punished.”

*Death silence*

Can someone tell these clueless soldiers what the heck is happening?!?!? Ignoring Ren Han’s sorry state, they continued with their duties.

Ren Han wiped down the blood from the corner of his mouth with his left hand, staggering towards Bing Shi’s tent, he sat back at his previous spot. Is he not worthy for her to come out to him? Why can’t these injuries overshadow his feelings? Taking out his phone, he got a message from Kuro, who is immediately to call HQ, whenever there is a problem regarding Bing Shi.

Kuro: You’ve got a warning from the HQ. If you cause any more emotional imbalance in Bing Shi, you’ll be forcefully withdrawn from this world. Bing Shi’s mind should always be focused on her missions. Henceforth you are forbidden to tell her this secret.

Ren Han almost crushed the phone in his hands. A few cracks appeared on the screen. Is this what it feels like to have no power?

Ren Han: What is she doing? Did she tell you something? Is she ok?

Kuro: Currently sleeping? I don’t know. She keeps pumping her head while crying. Host doesn’t want to speak to me.

Ren Han bit his lips in distress. Leaving a light kiss on the barrier, he flew toward his base, while gaining as much information from Kuro as possible.


Never be too confident. Overconfidence gives you little to no space for improvements.

~ Bing Shi

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A short 2,1k words chapter.

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Do you prefer short chapters like these? Or the 4k+ ones? I’m afraid that the longer ones are too lengthy, and you’ll get bored halfway through the chapter. This is something that happens to me when I read novels with long paragraphs. I tend to lose my focus or get bored. (-_-) zzZ

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Honeybee – A beautiful male x female duet

Honeybee | The Head and the Heart | Lyrics


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