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Title: System Wants Me Dead | Tags: Antihero, Warfare, Goddesses, Reincarnation

Synopsis: [SYSTEM REBOOT] "Where am I?" [Where you are doesn't matter anymore!] "Who are you?" [I'm a System-type entity, you don't require further information human.] "What?" Zane, finding himself in a virtual empty dimension with a nagging game-like system flying near his hand who rudely asks him to complete near-impossible quests, is trying his best to NOT GET KILLED. [Let's get started, shall we? I really don't like humans in my world, could you please die already?]

3.20 – Downfall of Humanity – Last battle part 1

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*WARNING* STRONG LANGUAGE BELOW + MATURE CONTENT (I know that some of you read this novel in public places so whenever you see this: ᗒ ᗕ, it means some naughty things are going on.)

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Ren Han hid his head in between his knees, apologizing desperately, waiting for the moment when HQ will take him away, “…I’m sorry…”

“No, It’s my fault too,” Bing Shi covered her mouth, the scathing tang from her guts were pushing up her throat, leaving behind an acidic taste in her mouth, “I shouldn’t…Ugh…” She felt her skin crawl. Rushing to the bathroom, she rinsed her mouth and her hands. Someone besides Xuan Mu kissed her, and it felt horrendous.

What’s my problem?

There was a barrier between us!

It’s been three months after Bing Shi finished her main mission. No matter how good an actor is, he can’t pretend forever. Ren Han was constantly under her watch. Bing Shi explained to him to never make such sudden action, as it seems to trigger this reaction. Bing Shi was getting used to Ren Han’s presence — she didn’t have a need to put up her guard high around him. Ren Han was like one of Xuan Mu’s inner sides. Stubborn and rebellious.

How can she make him succumb to Xuan Mu without taking any action herself? After gaining his approval, she finally decided to try to touch him.

Bing Shi understands. This is not a long-distance relationship. It’s hard to control himself when she is constantly near his presence. Especially after all the lewd things he’s been doing before her eyes, giving him the impression that they are quite close.

I’m an adult! Get a hold of myself!

Slapping her cheeks, Bing Shi walked outside the bathroom to see a shaking Ren Han sitting on the floor. Crouching before him, Ren Han immediately made a distance and put back his boxers and pants, zipping them up, he apologized “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“I believe you,” Bing Shi asked, “If you had a choice, would you erase me from your memories?”

A black hoodie flew towards Ren Han, putting it over his tank top, he answered instantly, “Never.”

After he calmed down, Bing Shi stood up and grabbed her red heart-shaped backpack, “Seeing you so afraid. How are you going to move on from me then?”

Ren Han took his bag and opened the door for her, “I stopped trying to move on.”

Bing Shi waited for him to close the door, so she could check it herself, “Yeah, I know the feeling.”

Ren Han raised his wrist to see the time on his watch, “You’ve been checking that door for a minute already.”

“Ehm…” Bing Shi let go of the door handle, “I always count for at least one minute before letting go.”

“…” Why can’t she accept that she has OCD?

Both of them walked down the stairs out of the hotel. Strolling around the bustling city, they took in the surreal sigh. Hundreds of people were flying high above the ground like birds on invisible strings. The number of survivors in Central city could be counted in millions. There was no shortage of nice homes to move into as long as you removed the undead. Cell towers, plumping, water, and electricity functioned like previously. All of this was possible due to everyone’s effort. A group of knowledgable people is implementing a modern civilization system while considering everyone superpowers.

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"Smells good~," Bing Shi stood before a female street vendor selling baked bread, "One garlic, please

“Smells good~,” Bing Shi stood before a female street vendor selling baked bread, “One garlic, please.” Holding a pouch, she took out a small coin with Kuro on it and exchanged it for the food, “Thank you~.”

Bartending didn’t work as in the beginning. The cost of everything differed. As there’s a limited quantity of nuclei, the price would keep on increasing. The previous money system had to be implemented. Now, there are coins and banknotes with Bing Shi, Kuro, Ren Han, and Yi Zen on them. Plus, other characters with a high contribution.

Breaking the bread in half, Bing Shi offered one half to Ren Han, “Here.”

“Can I have an indirect kiss?” Ren Han asked shamelessly.

“Really?” Bing Shi took a bite of the bread and gave it to him, “Is this enough?”

Ren Han accepted with a grin, “I wouldn’t mind a garlic bread kiss.”

“I wouldn’t mind either,” Bing Shi ripped a piece of the bread and put it inside her mouth, “But not with you.”

“…” After finishing their snacks, they explored the city until night. Walking the street, they passed by a few street artists.

Bing Shi halted before a young male violinist and dazedly listened to his performance. His clean high octaves sent chills through her whole body. Immersed in the music, Bing Shi entirely forgot about the sulking Ren Han next to her.


When the performance ended, Bing Shi clapped her hands enthusiastically. She took out a low leveled nucleus and placed it inside the violin case. The violinist bowed down and thanked the cute, gothic girl with a sunny smile.

“Wasn’t he amazing?” Bing Shi continued to explore the streets.

“If he was so amazing, why don’t you ask him to be your fūcking boyfriend?” The irritated Ren Han spewed out in jealousy. She never showed such an expression to him. To make it worse, an image of her pecking his lips appeared. She wasn’t kissing him, but his past life.

< Fūck you. She doesn’t belong to you anymore.>

Staggering, Ren Han held his face. His mind went dizzy. ᗒ Inside his office, he felt her wet tongue inside of his mouth, fiddling with his tongue, teasing and playing with his lips.ᗕ

< Go fūck yourself you shītass!>

“You are such a Jelly…hm?” Feeling something is wrong, Bing Shi created a barrier around his waist and took Ren Han to an abandoned alleyway. Along the way, she watched how he held his mouth, his face flushed, his breathing deep and irregulate, his eyes were moist. Bing Shi asked confusedly, “What’s wrong?”

“You are making out with me…him,” Ren Han groaned out when he felt Bing Shi grinding against his crotch. Wearing no panties, she stained his pants with her love fluids. “Fūck!” He bit his arm, staring at Bing Shi, his chest harshly heaved up and down. ᗒ Inside his pants, precum oozed out of his rock hard thing. ᗕ

Bing Shi’s brows knitted, “Is he finally sharing me with you?”

Ren Han shook his head, “ showing his ownership.”

Bing Shi poked Ren Han’s chest in outrage, “Who is owning whom, huh? We are outside! Stop torturing this poor boy!”

Ren Han looked down at her dress, biting and licking his lips in yearning, “Bing Shi, we need to go back.” At the back of his mind, he held her in his arms. ᗒ She was wearing a see-through fishnet crop top, with no bra underneath. His hands crept their way under her mini skirt, which barely hid her plump butt cheeks, towards that sacred inned place. Without any warnings, he sank his long finger inside of her hot wet cave. “Fūck. Your p**** is so wet.” ᗕ

Bing Shi’s breathing hitched, embarrassed, she agreed to return. Ren Han gave her a pair of leggings, and together, they flew towards the hotel at top speed. Bing Shi plopped herself on the couch in exhaustion, “Is it still going on?”

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Ren Han sat next to her. ᗒ Closing his eyes, panting, he answered, “I’m fūcking you with my fingers. Bing Shi, your moans are driving me crazy…” Describing her every detail, he unzipped his pants, letting the twitching thing free, he started to stroke himself in a fervor, “…nggh…” Sucking her essence off his middle finger, he let her unbutton his shirt. Sliding it down the arms, she moaned loudly into his mouth, her legs wobbling. The finger which was inside his mouth a second ago was thrust back in between her legs, adding another, he kept on hitting her sweet spot, hard and fast. Grabbing the back of his neck for support, without any shame, in search of a release, she moved her hips, moaning and gasping for air. “Fūck,” orgasming together, Ren Han, unloaded the hot semen into the towel next to him. Full of joy, he seated her on his desk, parting her legs, he latched his mouth in between her sensitive walls, licking down all her c**… ᗕ Turning around, Ren Han saw a girl hiding her face behind her arms, “What are you doing?”

Bing Shi hid her teary face, “It was during the time when we bought a bunch of lewd clothing for fun. And knowing that you’re experiencing the same thing as him is strange.” She started to get emotional, “It’s like you’re stealing his memories away. Stop it.”

Ren Han banged his head against the couch, “I don’t know how.” Then, he felt his chest being hit by a tiny fist.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” Bing Shi hit his chest, crying. She was perplexed, “You are not him, so stop it!”

“What? N…” Ren Han wanted to refuse. He has been suffering enough, let him at least enjoy these realistic illusions. Then his body tensed. The HQ! “Bing Shi, calm down! Please!” He raised his voice, “Bing Shi! Please!”

“Stop it! Stop it…Huh?” Hearing his continuous pleadings, Bing Shi regained her senses. “I…I’m sorry,” she apologized to his chest, disappointed with herself, “I’m sorry. It’s just…when it comes to…”

“I know,” Ren Han sighed. His emotions are jumping crazily, from the highest point to the bottomless pit. His face twitched when he felt her hands tugging at his hoodie, “W…hat?”

“I’m sorry, let me see it,” Bing Shi wanted to check the place she just hit. She never meant to hurt his soul. She just added more problems to this poor guy, who had no control over his memories.

Ren Han took a deep breath. The naughty times with the past life, Bing Shi, disappeared.


Does this Bing Shi know any sense of danger?!? Does she trust him that much? She just asked him to strip!

< Fūck everything!>

Ren Han took off his hoodie. Sliding his tank top over his head, he showed her his scratch marks above his perfectly toned abs. “Do I take off my pants too?” his voice filled with sarcasm.

“They are halfway down. You can as well take them off,” Bing Shi commented while she poked his hard chest, “I was worried for nothing. Not even a tank would be able to bend this.”

“…” Ren Han rolled his eyes at her ‘compliment’. His body shivered when he felt her nails scratching him from his chest down his stomach, stopping above his groin.

“I’m sorry,” Bing Shi hugged his left arm, “…Ugh…” she closed her eyes and gulped down her saliva. Her body trembling, “Xuan Mu, when are you going to accept yourself?”

“Let go of me!” Ren Han ordered coldly. This is hurting him more than Bing Shi, not touching him, “I’m not your fūcking Xuan Mu!”

Bing Shi didn’t let go, “How are you going to explain that you only have memories of our lifetime, but not others? Xuan Mu, for how long are you going to fight yourself?”

Ren Han gnashed his teeth, “Then hug me. Kiss me. Love me. Love me, like you love him. Only then will I believe you.” Shutting his eyes tight, his tone full of ridicule, “Don’t make me laugh. If I’m him, why are you reacting like you’re holding a piece of s***?”

Bing Shi started to bawl, sitting on his tights, she hugged him close, “No! You are not! Ugh…”

Ren Han gripped the fabric of the couch; each of her repulsed reaction was like a knife stabbing at his heart repeatedly. But he couldn’t ignore the warmth of her body, her tears sliding down his bare torso, her soft whimpers, and the great pounding within his chest, “Can I hug you?” Feeling her nod, holding back his strength, he held her in his arms. After almost three years, he could finally hug the love of his life.

“…” After a while, when Bing Shi sobbing quelled, Ren Han looked down at the woman, whose face could be described as a splash of muddy water thrown over an expensive piece of modern art. His chest was smeared with her tears and snot. Not forgetting about a few smudges of her mascara and foundation here and there. Unable to utter a word, he hugged her again, “…”

“I’m such a crybaby,” Bing Shi rubbed her puffy eyes, smearing her mascara more. It wouldn’t be her if she didn’t kill the mood with her words, “I need to rinse my mouth. It smells like puke.”

“…” Ren Han took a deep, deep breath, and let go of the ugly panda. The desire to kiss her a moment ago disappeared, “…Pfft…”

Bing Shi’s regular routine. After crying her heart out, she would instantly switch back to the happy go lucky girl. Grinning, Bing Shi slid down his body, grabbing her bag, she went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving behind the flabbergasted Ren Han.

Ren Han looked at the ceiling dazedly, hearing a ringtone, he reached towards the coffee table to pick up his phone.

Only allowed on

One of his male subordinates abroad called out in panic, “BOSS! There are some irregularities among the zombies. They suddenly started to attack nearby cities! Aaaaargh!” The flying man attempted to run away from a tide of flying zombies, but before he could finish, the call disconnected.

A high ranked zombie teleported towards him and scratched his neck with its sharp nails. That zombie was none other than the public’s enemy number two, Ma Jie, who should be dead inside of the prison with the highest security.

Ren Han gripped his phone. Phone calls after a phone call all around the world described a similar situation. He ordered, “Evacuate to the Central city.” Calling Yi Zen, Ren Han moved his gaze towards the bathroom, “There should be a high ranked zombie with an ability to control all the zombies in the world. We need to locate it, or else this world is fūcked.”

“Does she know?” Yi Zen asked while going out of his tent to summon his men.

“Not yet,” Ren Han answered.

When Bing Shi got to know the news, a new bawling session began. While crying, she put on her gas mask and immediately flew out of the hotel room to warn the citizens.

Is this the reason why I was tasked to protect Fu Lian for exactly four years?

No wonder I got a bonus quest to kill all the zombies!

This is impossible!

“Kuro, change into your biggest form.”

[ Yes.]

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