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Title: System Wants Me Dead | Tags: Antihero, Warfare, Goddesses, Reincarnation

Synopsis: [SYSTEM REBOOT] "Where am I?" [Where you are doesn't matter anymore!] "Who are you?" [I'm a System-type entity, you don't require further information human.] "What?" Zane, finding himself in a virtual empty dimension with a nagging game-like system flying near his hand who rudely asks him to complete near-impossible quests, is trying his best to NOT GET KILLED. [Let's get started, shall we? I really don't like humans in my world, could you please die already?]

4.00 – Dangerous Angels – First lifetime

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A long 5,2k words chapter to celebrate my success. Yay!



• Somewhere in Dimensional Abyss Headquarters •

Inside a dimly lit great hall with high black pillars adorned with intricate crimson patterns, a shushing sound between the employees started. Wearing simple red robes, they stole a few glimpses at a man who was being forcefully pushed into a cage by two wardens.

“I heard he refused to reincarnate.”

“Is he stupid? His soul is going to be obliterated!”

“It won’t be; he is one of the unique souls. Do you see those wardens? They are taking him into the judging room.”

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

In the main Judge room, they instructed the man inside the cage to bow before the four arbiters, which, he reluctantly did.

The main judge, an old man of considerable age, read this soul’s case, “Why refuse your soulmates for a soul who is incompatible with you?”

The man lifted his gaze. Dark circles adored his dreary eyes, “What do you mean? Bing Shi is not my soulmate?” his tone disturbed, “This can’t be. My Bing Shi… she belongs to me…only me.”

The judges never saw such a thing happen before. Despite remembering all his lifetimes, he still chose that girl, “She has her own soulmate. A man who is an asexual like her. You know him from one of your previous lives, Zhu Kai.”

Just a slight mention of that name and Xuan Mu had a strong urge to annihilate that soul, to destroy the string of fate between his Bing Shi and that bug, “So this is it? You choose our soulmates depending on how compatible we are in bed? Then let me tell you this. After getting to know all my lifetimes, the sex life with Bing Shi is the best I’ve ever had. And even if it wasn’t, I don’t care. She gives me much more than I could’ve ever asked for,” kneeling directly on the ground, his head touching the floor, “You’ve seen my accomplishment. I beg you, please, let me accompany my Bing Shi during her missions.”

“Impossible! Do you know how much energy it costs to transmigrate a unique soul?!” They can’t afford to spend any more energy on this soul. Let’s consider him fixed. The judge closed the case.

Different from the System HQ, the Abyss HQ source of income is different. They accumulate energy by letting the soul reincarnate, and gain experience as the soul grows from being an infant, especially from unique souls like this one.

When the judge was about to order the wardens to force this man into a reincarnation cycle, he got a message from the System HQ, asking him for a favor. The judge opened his eyes in surprise, “She did?! Fine. Considering you helped us a few times, we’ll allow it until the time she finishes all missions.” The judge looked at Xuan Mu, “You’ll be transferred to the same world as her. But without a system to protect you, we can’t tell which lifetime memories you’ll retain.”

Feeling useless, Xuan Mu clenched his hands. Here, he has no power. But it seems like his beloved gained some connections. Ah, he loves her so much. He lifted his gaze, his expression resolute, “Shall we make a deal? I’m certain you’ll like the idea.”

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

• Somewhere in System Headquarters •

“Chief! Bing Shi… She…She upgraded an A world into an S world!” Full of excitement, the manager of the system headquarters put the report in front of a man who looked exactly like the old chief from Abyss HQ.

“What?! How is that possible?!” The chief went through the report while muttering under his nose, “What’s wrong with this girl? Doing one impossible thing after another,” his expression suddenly became serious, “Be careful. Never let your guard down around her.”

“Why? She seems like a naturally nice person.” The manager asked.

“She is an extremely manipulative individual.” The chief answered, “But not dangerous, yet.”

Both of them glad that Bing Shi fixed the broken soul, which is also a unique soul. Every host they sent would always fall for this broken soul’s trap and die. The System HQ’s main source of income is from the relationship between the souls, mainly soulmates. That’s why, more than often, their hosts would obtain a system and missions, that helps them to get close to their soulmates.

Then, there are cases like Zhang Wei, whose soulmate is in the process of selection. Their mission is to fulfill the wishes of the souls who refuse to reincarnate.

The manager still can’t believe that Bing Shi is a shrewd person, “Chief, you are worrying too much. Her accomplishment was all thanks to Kuro. We should be worried about her boyfriend instead.” Somehow everyone accepted the fact that Xuan Mu’s soul is Bing Shi’s boyfriend.

“If she returned in time, and got the same missions, she would finish them without Kuro.” The chief switched to Bing Shi’s first two lifetimes and showed it to the manager, “It’s hard to notice, but if you browse through her first lifetime, she killed without lying, threatening or lifting a finger. Do not underestimate her. Both of them are domineering in their own ways. He, that wants power over everything while she, that needs to have control over everything…”

In the middle of their conversation, the manager got a message from his subordinate, closing the call, he spoke out, “Chief, Bing Shi asked us to exchange her upgrade rights for her boyfriend to be transmigrated near her. Should we agree?”

“She is preparing for everything possible while leaving nothing to chance, isn’t she?” The chief rubbed his chin in contemplation. After calling the chief of the Abyss HQ, he responded to the manager, “Transmigrate him to the same world as Bing Shi. Give his soulmate a mission to make him fall in love with her.”

“Yes…” The manager left the office to recruit their ex-host, Guan Fei.

To receive the same amount of energy as soulmates, Xuan Mu and Bing Shi have to create a bond. While when it comes to soulmates, they gain energy from their interaction alone. Without the need for the couple to fall in love with each other.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

• Her first lifetime •

Seated behind the desk, a middle-aged man looked at the young girl before him. Around twenty-three years old, wearing a blue tunic secured by a belt, it showed her status as a slave. Her long, weak hair were tied up in a low ponytail, showing off her dull complexion, which was oddly familiar to Bing Shi’s.

Putting a pouch filled with gold ingots on the table, he ordered, “Protect my daughter at all cost and help her gain his attention. Don’t you dare covet his majesty for yourself. If you dare speak about this to someone,” he took out a slave contract and wrote down his order with her fresh blood, “Forget about seeing the light of the sun ever again.”

Standing straight, the slave girl tilted down her head. Ting Zi hid the pouch inside her chest pocket, “Yes, master.”

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Since the new emperor took control of the reign, he continued to lead his army to war against other kingdoms personally. Starting out as a slave, he grew to be one of the most powerful warlords in the nation. The council almost went crazy when they got to know that their young emperor armed himself as a common soldier and threw himself into the thick of the fray. At least leave behind an heir before jumping into death!

Instead of marching into an unwinnable war, kingdoms started to offer their princesses as a tribute.

Among them was Bai Meili, an astonishingly beautiful princess of many talents.

Only when problems occurred, would this man return and fulfill his duties and obligations as an emperor.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Stars filled the sky like shining pearls, accompanying the heart-wrenching sound of the Erhu. The music caught the attention of nearby people, one of which was the current emperor, who just returned from his expedition.

As if pulling at his heartstrings, the sound lured him into Bai Meili’s courtyard. Sitting on a large stone near the fish pond, Bai Meili’s tune was like choreography for the fireflies to dance in this more than ordinary night.

Sensing someone’s presence, Bai Meili turned around. Seeing the dragon’s robe, she quickly stood up and bowed in courtesy, “Your Majesty.”

The man walked towards the young maiden in steady steps, “Do you miss your homeland?” He studied the girl before him. Around seventeen years old, Bai Meili’s features could be defined as enticing.

Bai Meili hid her shock behind a nostalgic smile, “Though I miss it dearly, this lowly consort is more than happy to be here and be a company to your majesty.”

He raised an eyebrow at how quickly she recollected herself, “What’s your name?”

“This lowly consort’s name is Bai Meili,” Bai Meili lifted her gaze to get a closer look at the attractive man in his mid-twenties. The slight curve of his lips completed his impenetrable sharp eyes with dark circles under them, enhancing his grim look.

“Bai Meili, continue playing for us.”

Their short interaction was interrupted by a sudden commotion.


“Consort’s Wei courtyard is on fire!”

A few months ago…

Ting Zi, carrying a tray with sweet potatoes, stepped out of the kitchen when she caught a sight of Consort Wei’s maid rushing into the kitchen. The few bruises on TuTu’s neck, her red eyes, and a red imprint on her face didn’t go unnoticed by Ting Zi. Looking down at the food, Ting Zi sighed and took a step to the right, resulting in both of them crashing into each other. The plate of steamy potatoes dropped on the dirty ground.

TuTu opened her eyes wide in panic, “I…I…Ting Zi…”

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“TuTu, calm down. It wasn’t your fault,” Ting Zi picked up the sweet potatoes from the ground, trying to dust the dirt off. She placed them back on the plate, and blamed the third party, “If your miss didn’t stress you so much, you’d be more careful in your steps.” Standing up, Ting Zi walked with TuTu back to the kitchen.

“R-Right…” TuTu calmed down. Both of them went to do their own errands.

The cook, a plump woman, looked at Ting Zi’s dirty clothes, “What happened?”

“TuTu was bullied by her miss again,” Ting Zi rinsed the sweet potatoes with water while accessing TuTu’s expression, “I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she put her miss’s courtyard on fire,” Ting Zi teased the young maid, “Right TuTu?”

“R-Right…” TuTu clutched her hands, “Ah..No, I would never do that,” she laughed awkwardly and scooped a bowl of soup for her miss, her red eyes showed resentment.

Using the right words at the right time, Ting Zi planted an idea into the vulnerable TuTu and kept doing it until it became fruition.

Just a little bit more.

Inside of Bai Meili’s courtyard, Ting Zi, munching on a sweet potato, watched how Bai Meili practiced her swordsmanship with a bland expression, “Miss, his Majesty doesn’t need a twin but a wife.”

Growing up together, Bai Meili rolled her eyes, “How about you be his wife then?”

“Miss, be careful with your words. Someone might behead you for refusing his majesty,” said Ting Zi monotonously, “Ah, but knowing my Miss’s strength, Miss would probably chop that someone’s head first.”

“…” Bai Meili looked at the sword in her hand. Is Ting Zi taking her for a macho?!

Current time…

Consort Wei was found dead in her bedchambers. Her personal maid, which was believed to be the culprit, killed herself by hanging herself, using a silk curtain. There were rumors that Consort Wei tortured her servants for no apparent reason.

Ting Zi made TuTu realize how much her life sucked to the point of committing a crime.

Nobody wanted to be killed in their sleep by their maids. From that day onwards, the treatment of slaves and servants inside of the palace improved.

Bai Meili’s reputation and rank rose, she was considered to be someone who was benevolent towards her subjects. Her maid Ting Zi was a clear proof.

Is this enough to catch his majesty’s attention? He was a slave too, wasn’t he?

Consort Wei was only the begging.

Concubines committing suicides after realizing that they are only a tool for their countries. They’d leave behind a letter, blaming their countries, taking out all their grievances.

A lonely concubine was executed after finding out that she was cheating his majesty with a guard.

Nobody found the new suicides and murders suspicious. Yes, Ting Zi was well aware of what she is doing. She didn’t do it for money, personal gain, or enjoyment.

He must have met lots of beautiful and talented women. What does miss have that others don’t?

Others don’t have me.

Patting her chest, Ting Zi gave herself a bit of self-worth. Her life wasn’t a fairy tale. As a slave, there were no kind people to help her during her worst days. Everything she has today was earned by herself.

To live, she had no choice but to put lots of effort into understanding a human’s heart.

I don’t want to be human. It sucks.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

To be fair, the emperor would give each of his concubines a chance to prove themself. After getting to know all of them, he decided to spend ever night in Bai Meili’s courtyard. As Ting Zi prevented one disaster after another, everything went fine. Their feelings kept on growing.

“Miss, Ting Zi thinks miss should ask for his Majesty’s permission first,” Ting Zi looked at the male version of Bai Meili, “His majesty might be testing your loyalty. It’s dangerous outside. What if somebody kidnaps you?”

“Do you think I didn’t try? Ting Zi, don’t try to persuade me,” Bai Meili checked herself before a mirror, “No matter how much I begged, he still went to war, leaving me behind.”

“Miss, his majesty likes you very much. I’m sure his majesty ordered his shadow guards to protect you. At the moment, they are probably laughing at miss’s childish temper,” Ting Zi made an assumption on the spot.

“I didn’t sense anyone nearby. Ting Zi, this is an order,” Bai Meili turned around, her expression urgent, “I’ll sell you out if you don’t help me.”

Ting Zi avoided her miss’s gaze, looking at the window, she answered calmly, “Sell me.”

Bai Meili’s expression turned dark. Ting Zi dared to refuse her orders again! She spoiled her maid too much! If she doesn’t teach her a lesson, she is not Bai Meili! “You’re just a punny slave. Don’t get too full of yourself,” Bai Meili called out another of her maids, “Ting Zi refused to listen to my orders. As punishment, she receives no food for three days.”

“Miss, the security in this place is tighter than miss’s old home,” giving the last warning, Ting Zi bowed down and walked out of the room to receive her punishment.

“What did you do?” The other maid asked curiously.

“Miss gave me two choices. To obey, or to be sold,” Ting Zi replied truthfully, “I choose to be sold.”

The maid opened her eyes wide, “Ting Zi! You are playing with fire! “

Ting Zi looked ahead at the greenery, her expression bland as always, “Our miss is a very benevolent person, isn’t she? I misbehaved, and she still forgave me.”

“Y-Yes, she is…” The maid looked around and whispered to Ting Zi, “I’ll share my food with you.”

Nodding, Ting Zi’s lips curled up.

After Ting Zi got rid of the main competitors, Bai Meili’s standing in the harem became far above other concubines. Ting Zi made sure that every woman in the harem felt inferiority complex. Nobody dared to go against a woman who had his majesty’s favor. One word and they’ll die!

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Everything changed when his majesty returned with a woman of lowly status. She was not as beautiful or skilled as Bai Meili, and still, he gave her more attention than any other woman.

How? Why?

When Ting Zi asked around, she discovered that the new woman was his majesty’s childhood sweetheart, a slave like Ting Zi. Bai Meili received everyone’s pity while that woman received all the hate. What’s worse, his majesty ordered Ting Zi to be that woman’s maid! So if something ever happened to that woman, Bai Meili would be the one at fault.

Today, Ting Zi has been ordered by her new miss Lu Wan to stay back for dinner with his majesty, “…” Listening to the order obediently, Ting Zi picked up a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of rice; her eyes were glued to the table filled with food. While chewing on rice, her ears tried to ignore the sucking and kissing sound of the two people before her, “…”

She never saw his majesty behaving like that towards miss Bai Meili. Ting Zi was confused. What’s so special about miss Lu Wan?

It’s probably because of the childhood bond between them. Who knows what they went through in the past.

Ting Zi lifted her gaze to have a look, and here he was, staring right back at her. The longer they looked at each other, the deeper he kissed Lu Wan, “…”

It seems like his majesty has a thing for slave girls. He didn’t punish me when I looked him in the eyes. Does he like it?

Ting Zi took a bite of her banana fritters and studied the way he kissed the woman on his lap.

Is kissing better than food?

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Why is he not eating?

The man suddenly stopped at his action, “You must be hungry,” he spoke calmly to the blushing woman on his lap, grabbing his chopsticks, he picked a piece of banana fritters. Placing it before Lu Wan’s lips, he ordered, “Try this.” When Lu Wan finished her food, he resumed with the kissing while his eyes were on Ting Zi.

“…” The food inside of Ting Zi’s mouth started to taste strange. Not touching any more food, she indicated that she is full. Continuing watching them, she waited, and waited, until the woman on his lap fainted, “………….”

Placing the woman on the bed as if nothing happened, he walked back to the table, rinsing his mouth with the tea, he smiled at the confused maid, “Come here.”

The bond is not as strong as I thought. There is still a chance for miss Bai Meili.

Ting Zi quickly processed the situation, standing up, she walked before him, “Your Majesty…”

He abruptly yanked down her hand, grabbing her neck, he stared at her eyes, “Do you like us?” When Ting Zi nodded, he locked their lips together, the bitter tea blended with the mild taste of the sweet banana, “Is this your first time?” he asked, noticing how she tried to copy him.

Ting Zi nodded her head, “Is it bad?”

“Very bad,” he bit her bottom lip hard, resulting in Ting Zi hissing in pain, “See? that’s how much you are hurting us.” But when she barely touched his lips, as if afraid of hurting him, he ordered her to switch back.

It didn’t take long for Lu Wan to wake up. She opened her eyes in shock when she saw the ambitious scene playing out before her eyes. Sitting on his lap, her supposed to be maid was currently being stripped by none other than his majesty.

While Ting Zi’s exposed collarbone was being kissed and sucked, she turned towards her miss. Smiling, Ting Zi licked her swollen lips in the provocation, only for them to be caught in a passionate kiss again.

Come and stop him.

Rage and jealousy filled Lu Wan’s heart, closing her eyes, she tried to gain back his attention, “Ru Quan, I suddenly feel weak,” her tone was unstable and sickly. At the same time, she tried to get rid of that eyesore, “Ting Zi, go ask the doctor for a prescription for headache.”

When Ting Zi left the room, Ru Quan drank his tea while gazing at the woman who saved his life a long time ago. In exchange, he gave Lu Wan status and his body. “She saved my life too,” he lied. There’s nothing between him and Ting Zi. If Lu Wan thinks that she can control him only because she saved his life, then she is mistaken.

Hm, should I kill miss Lu Wan or not?

Ting Zi didn’t understand the concept of morals. She saw nothing wrong with killing people. Not even innocent ones. There was no guilt, no pity. For Ting Zi, survival is all that matters.

Food is indeed better than kissing.

After knowing that Lu Wan doesn’t hold any special place in his majesty’s heart, Ting Zi started to exploit Lu Wan’s inner demons. No matter how much Lu Wan threatened her, Ting Zi would always respond with a silent smile.

Not used to the scheming in the palace, Consort Lu Wan was like a little lamb thrown into a tiger’s den, no, Ting Zi’s den.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Stuffing her stomach with water and food, Ting Zi looked down at her protruded belly. Satisfied, she walked towards Lu Wan’s courtyard to help her with the morning routine. While Ting Zi brushed her miss’s hair, the paranoid Lu Wan noticed every action of Ting Zi. How she sometimes stroked her stomach, or how she covered her mouth and ran out to the lavatory. What was Ting Zi’s excuse? She drank too much water! Who would believe that? One time she followed her, and she heard Ting Zi throwing up! That maid is clearly protecting that little thing in her stomach! No wonder she was always smiling so happily!

While waiting for Ting Zi’s return, Lu Wan glanced at the sharp hairpin on the vanity table. Like a lullaby, it tempted Lu Wan to get rid of that eyesore.

“Miss, I’m back,” Ting Zi continued to braid Lu Wan’s hair. Seeing the place where she put the hairpin empty, Ting Zi prepared herself for any sudden attacks.

That day, consort Lu Wan was locked up in prison; she was deemed as mentally unstable. Lu Wan brutally attacked her maid, for she was suspicious that Ting Zi’s carrying Ru Quan’s child. After a health check, they found out that Ting Zi is still a virgin. All the concubines grabbed this chance to add oil to the fire, crying and fearing for their safety. The council immediately took notice. No matter the background, it’s a dragon’s child they’re speaking about! They can’t let something like this happen again! What if Lu Wan runs around and attacks whoever she deems suspicious? Unacceptable!

A jealous woman is indeed the easiest to control.

Ting Zi looked blankly at her bandaged hands and arms, limping, she staggered to the cottage for maids. Falling on the hard bed, she closed her eyes. The pain she felt didn’t reflect itself on her face.

Everything hurts so much.

I should have let someone else do it.

But I still have to take care of miss Bai Meili. I can’t let miss be the one to fall in love first. My injuries should raise her anger towards his majesty.

Thinking about his majesty, I hope others would stop offering their daughters to him.

If they knew what hidden monster lives here, would they still send their daughters away?

They probably would.

Everyone thinks they are special and unique. But they are not.

Humans are all the same. Everything is an act. We act differently so that we could distinguish ourselves from the other.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

When Ru Quan arrived at Bai Meili’s courtyard, he saw one girl practicing swordsmanship; her movements were graceful and elegant. Then, there were two girls sitting on a bench, one feeding the other with sweet potatoes. It wouldn’t be strange; if the one being fed wasn’t a little slave, “…” Noticing Ting Zi’s bandaged hands and arms, he thought about their kiss, feeling a bit guilty that he used her for his benefits.

He had no idea that Ting Zi was the one who used him to get rid of another obstacle.

“Ting Zi, I’m glad that you’re back,” Bai Meili spoke to her maid, “It was so boring without you. Does it hurt?”

“Mm… Having Xiao Jin feeding me, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” Ting Zi smiled at Xiao Jin, making the young maid blush. Ting Zi didn’t lie. No moving hands = no pain.

Bai Meili was infuriated, “What is his majesty thinking?! Stealing you away in a perfect condition, and returning you like this?”

She didn’t notice the man, whose aura grew dark the moment he heard Bai Meili’s words, “Who is stealing from whom? What belongs to you is mine too.”

Bai Meili and her two maids bowed in respect, Bai Meili’s tone became upset, “This consort cannot disagree with your Majesty.”

“What about you, Ting Zi?” Ru Quan grabbed a sword while looking at the little servant, “Do you agree with me?”

“His Majesty is always right,” Ting Zi looked him in the eyes, trying to convey her message.

But in my case, I belong to miss’s father. He holds my slave contract, which will kill me the moment I disobey master’s orders.

Though his majesty tried to destroy all of them, there are still many left.

Just this once, someone help me

“…” Seeing her empty eyes, Ru Quan frowned. He can’t read her at all.

While the Bai Meili and Ru Quan were sparing with each other, Xiao Jin continued to feed Ting Zi.

No, someone like me doesn’t deserve anyone’s help.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Bai Meili’s good relationship with his majesty traveled far enough to reach Ting Zi’s master ears. Satisfied, he planned to kill that slave off before she could gain any more power. He’ll grab a chance during his majesty’s birthday celebration, which will be held outside the palace.

But he wasn’t the only one who attempted to do something.

In the depth of the night, Ting Zi sneaked out of her cottage, careful not to notice anyone’s attention; she walked towards the main gates. Passing through a narrow alleyway, Ting Zi turned around to face the guard who has been following her all this time. Getting closer, Ting Zi spoke in a peaceful tone, “Kill me.” Catching him of the guard, wrapping his neck with her hair ribbon, she used her weight to take him down. While his hands were trying to rip off the ribbon, and his legs tried to kick her away. Ting Zi took a knife from under her sleeve and pierced both of his eyes and his throat. Her movements could be only described as deadly.

Ah, it took me a while to find out which one was him.

After fulfilling her orders, Ting Zi disappeared. What remained was a dead body, whose job was to monitor Ting Zi’s movements. To prevent any chaos from occurring, Ting Zi left a letter on top of his chest, putting all the blame on herself.

╔═══════ “°❈° ” ═══════╗

He stood in my way to freedom.

Ting Zi

╚═══════ “°❈° ” ═══════╝

The initiative shock was great, but because Ting Zi was close with Bai Meili, they didn’t put on a search warrant and let her go free.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

What Ting Zi never thought about was how his majesty’s love would change Bai Meili. Without Ting Zi to control her, Bai Meili became unrestrained. During the banquet, she caught many powerful men’s attentions with her intelligence and her skills in archery, horse riding, and swordsmanship. In their eyes, Bai Meili was like a fresh air compared to all the other women they knew; she was different.

Not used being around men, Bai Meili enjoyed competing with them very much. She felt empowered whenever she won against those famous men. When his majesty went out with them, Bai Meili would tag along, just to make fun of those men.

So when the jealous Ru Quan ordered Bai Meili to stay in the palace. The stubborn Bai Meili sneaked out of the palace just to be kidnapped by an obsessed man. If his majesty didn’t arrive in time, she would be raped! Outraged, Ru Quan took her into his chambers. After each of his lessons, Bai Meili’s whole body would ache from all his lovemaking. She couldn’t move for three whole days and nights.

Bai Meili couldn’t take his torture anymore and decided to run away again, seeking shelter from one of her male friends. That’s when his majesty snapped. His woman is cheating on him again! After taking her away from another man, Ru Quan seated Bai Meili on his horse and galloped back to the palace. Passing by the cliff, the woman in his arms struggled continuously, kicking and pushing him to let her go! She is giving him one problem after another! She should as well die! Not able to control himself, he gripped Bai Meili’s neck above a cliff, asking for the last time, if she’ll cheat on him again. And the fearless Bai Meili continued to fight him, screaming, “Take off your hands of me! Let go of me!”

In that spam of a second, he let go of her body.

When Ru Quan saw her dead body, his rationality returned. Crying and holding her corpse, he regretted his actions. Filled with guilt, he begged for her to return to him.

When Bai Meili’s father got to know about his daughter’s death, he marched into war without any hesitation. It was long and tedious, as Ru Quan was still hesitating to kill his late lover’s father.

Clothed in all black, he would continue fighting while being faithful to one woman.

But seeing his men dropping down one after another, he clenched his teeth and ended the war with Bai Meili’s father in one swift move.

After the win, Ru Quan got a hold of hundreds of slave contracts, among them was Ting Zi’s. Reading her order, his heart shook. When Ru Quan investigated the past, everything clicked together. Ting Zi took care of all the problems in the harem, while shoving the perfect Bai Meili to him in a golden plate, which he stupidly accepted with open arms. Only to doubt later, if what he felt towards Bai Meili was real or not.

One little slave had everyone under her grasp, even him.

While conquering the world, he tried to find Ting Zi. But what is a chance that he’ll find her? That little one sure has everything planned out.

Taking out her contract from out of his drawer, his heart shook again.

Without it, he would have never known the truth.

How come nobody noticed her brilliance? It’s fine, as long as he is the only one who knows about this little monster. It’s okay…as long as he is the only one…

Unwilling, he bit his lower lips. There are millions of questions waiting to be answered.

He bit his lips harder when he remembered the pain she inflicted on him during her first kiss.

What now?

He suddenly craves banana fritters.

< Damnit.>

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Also, did you notice how Ting Zi didn’t puke from touching? ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ There’s a reason for everything. So stay tuned. (~‾▿‾)~

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