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Title: Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul | Tags: Fighting, Xuanhuan, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm and determined protagonist
Synopsis: A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble beginnings as an outsider in the Ling Clan, his name, Ling Xiao, would ring throughout the world.

4.02 – Dangerous Angels – Lost

╔════ Author’s note ═════╗

As I’m not a history expert, this ARC is not based on ancient China or any particular part of history. •́ ‿ ,•̀

2,8k words chapter. Enjoy~


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Putting on surgical gloves, Bing Shi lightly pressed her lips against Xuan Mu’s forehead, “Morning my sleeping beauty.” Wearing an exquisite blue dress, she chirped out merrily to the unresponsive man on the bed. If it weren’t for the oxygen prongs in his nostrils and his ghastly appearance, one would really think he was deep asleep.

It didn’t matter how much she tried to make a homy environment. The bleeps from the cardiac monitor, the IV pumps, and the bleach smell wafting off the sheets couldn’t change the fact that both of them were currently in a hospital room.

Sliding the door open, the senior nurse flashed a genuine smile at the woman who was as beautiful as the shimmering sea, “Miss Bing Shi, you look stunning today.”

The nurse didn’t know how it began, but due to rumors, everyone had Bing Shi for a gold digger. They felt envious, for she was able to gain his everything. That’s until the time they found out how much Bing Shi loved Xuan Mu. So much, that they wished for the man to miraculously wake up and marry her.

“Thank you,” Bing Shi’s lips lifted up. Carefully turning Xuan Mu on his side, she sighed, “This man… There are two beautiful women in this room, and he keeps on sleeping.”

Giggling, the nurse rolled out a new disposable bed pad, “Miss, why don’t you leave such work to us?” The nurse asked when she noticed his newly changed absorbent underwear.

Since the moment Xuan Mu ended in the hospital, Bing Shi took the job of taking care of his body – including his s*** and pee. Compared to the small Bing Shi, the grown-up Bing Shi never thought of it as something disgusting. The untold truth about people in a coma. In the beginning, she would gag, and her nose would scrunch, but with time, she got used to it.

Under the nurse’s watch and instruction, Bing Shi began physical therapy, to prevent Xuan Mu’s muscles from atrophying and his joints from freezing up. “It’s fine.” A voice more soothing than a thousand kisses came out of her longing smile, “I don’t want to miss a moment with him.”

*End of flashback*

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Currently, in the capital of Rania, a soft breeze passed through the ill-fitting windows and doors

Currently, in the capital of Rania, a soft breeze passed through the ill-fitting windows and doors. The lantern hanged off a rusty hook, shedding just enough light on the wooden bed. Behind the curtain, a young girl was squirming below the sheets. Barely reaching fourteen, her river of aqua green curls spilled across her fragile shoulders. Her skin, the color of creamed tea, was as chill as a mermaid’s. Drugged and weakened, any attempts of escape were futile. Like any victims of the old freak, what awaited her was only a painful demise.

Hasan, a forty years old bald man of short stature had a face blotched like fatty salami

(Artist: (Yuumei) Wenqing Yan, Source: ArtStation.)

Hasan, a forty years old bald man of short stature had a face blotched like fatty salami. Staring lustfully at the fresh meat below him, his hands crept down the sheets. Before he could nip at the tender skin, he felt his neck being squeezed by a thick rope. Out of sudden, sharp snake fangs appeared before his eyes. Frightened, he let out a noise of panic, “Aaaaah!!!”

“Get off the bed,” The girl below him ordered with a feeble tone, “…Immediately…”

Under immense fear, Hasan listened to every order given to him. He staggered out of bed, “W-who are y-you?!”


“You can call me Tian Shi.” Wrapping herself in a bedsheet, Bing Shi’s smoky grey eyes roamed around the room, searching for any change of clothes, “Be careful. That snake can be deadly.” She quietly stopped the man from calling out for help, “If something ever happens to my body, you’ll end up in hell.”


‘Tian Shi as in angel?’ Hasan’s hands shook so badly, gritting his teeth, he focused on not to provoke the snake around his neck, “W-what do you w-want?”

[ Host, what if he thinks a demon has possessed you? If it comes out, you’ll be stoned and burned alive.]

“We’ll have no choice but to get rid of him. Also, if I’m a demon, what is he?”

Bing Shi went straight to the point, “A clean room, a basin of water and a change of clothes. From today onwards, Kuro’ll be your new companion. It’ll judge your every action. And by any means, do not try to kill it off. It can understand human’s speech, right Kuro?”

Kuro nodded its small head and hid underneath Hasan’s clothes.

“…Y-Yes, right away…” Notorious for his cruel practices on young girls, sweat poured down the wrinkled face. As a human trafficker, selling Tian Shi to one of the brothels was his initial plan. Besides her hymen, there were still other holes where he could vent out his urges. Sometimes the girls would survive with severe injuries. Most of the time, they’d become a lifeless doll. Now, there was a stigma squeezing at his brain, repeatedly warning him that he’ll end up in hell for all the sins he has done so far – his retribution came in the form of a girl as quiet as a painting on the wall.

In this world, while slavery was a common thing, women were forced to marry for political gain rather than love and treated as a tool rather than their own person.

Thought Hasan wasn’t the most influential man; he would pay no heed to a girl of lowly origin. However, there were signs of Tian Shi being a higher being, which changes the whole situation. Overthinking, Bing Shi’s first target succumbed in a matter of minutes.

*A few moments later*

“I want to open a brothel in the capital. The one where women sell their skills but not their bodies.” Explaining her plans, Bing Shi put a creamy cloak over her revealing black outfit. Underneath, she wore a sleeveless crop top, harem pants, and black curled shoes. Thinking that she likes snakes, Hasan gifted her several golden accessories, such as a snake armlet for her right arm, gold snake earrings, and a golden necklace with an emerald stone at the bottom. “Let’s look for a suitable building. But before that, I want to see all the girls at your disposition.”

To accomplish something, I need to gain power and connection, from scratch.

Thinking about his disappearing wealth, Hasan was unwilling. Such brothels needed loads of resources, time, and mainly, proper management. As if reading his thoughts, Kuro twisted its thin body around his neck and started to choke him like a rat, “Y-Yes! I’ll do as you wish!”

“Thank you.” Bing Shi had four years to prevent Zhao Rong from marrying Mao An. The twenty years old Zhao Rong already killed his two wives. According to the story, Zhao Rong should be expanding his troops right now.

[ Hidden quest: Ask Zhao Rong why he killed his wives. +250p]

I see nothing~

I hear nothing~

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

• Rania slave market •

Sand-colored mudbrick buildings stood tall at each side of the wide road. Carved animal totems and important religious symbols adorned the thick house walls. A dappled sun filtered through the small windows.

Men walking with sacks slung over their shoulders, being whipped by nearby wardens. A new batch of malnourished slaves being transported inside wooden wagons. Slaves being kept in pens with cattle and other livestock. As for women and children, in order to make some more desirable, slave traders dressed them in silk and flashy clothes… or better, nothing at all.

As their footsteps shuffled along the dusty ground, Bing Shi took a deep breath to prevent her tears from gushing out. She hated seeing people suffer and watching how mostly everyone went through a painful life was sad. She looked into things too deeply, and how she sometimes wished to be without empathy, so she didn’t have to put herself in their shoes, to feel their suffering when they go through hard times.

That’s why she preferred to be alone. Being near people was exhausting. Always making everyone around her happy was… exhausting.

My sleeping beauty, where are you?

Hasan’s eyes periodically shifted towards Bing Shi’s pained expression. He hoped that this angel wouldn’t be stupid enough to order him to buy everything. He was not that rich, ah. It would change nothing. She would only fill all the slave trader’s pockets with money. He showed her the path towards an underground passage under his slave shop, “Is this miss’ first time visiting a slave market?”

Bing Shi nodded her head robotically, “Aren’t you afraid that they’d rebel for being maltreated?”

Hasan, who saw it as something normal, described the current situation in Rania. The majority of the slaves were debt slaves and war prisoners. Prince Zhao Rong possessed most slaves, making him the wealthiest person in Rania. His slaves worked in his tobacco, cotton, and sugarcane plantations. Thanks to the cheap labor, the economy of Rania skyrocketed. Slaves couldn’t fight against the growing number of Rania citizens and prince Zhao Rong’s army.

“Those working on the field aren’t treated that badly. As long as their stomach are filled, they won’t rebel. The poorest would even become slaves so they could work for prince Zhao Rong,” Hasan explained.

Do they have no other aspirations? Maybe if they weren’t focused purely on survival, they would have time to think about how to improve their lives.

Zhao Rong is like a pillar of Rania; taking him down will be impossible.

Bing Shi pointed at the next door, “I want to go there.”

Cold sweat poured down Hasan’s crooked nose, “Then, let me call somebody to wash them first.”

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“No need,” Bing Shi urged him to open the door. Stepping inside, a gush of smell hit her nostrils – body odor, urine, and feces seeped out of the bodies behind the metal bars. Sleeping on the hard ground, there were young girls and boys in sweat-stained clothing that hasn’t been washed in a long time.

These bodies belonged to sons and daughters of bankrupted merchants and former officials from all countries.

Ignoring the smell, Bing Shi shut her eyes tight, sniffing in a tear, she didn’t know if what she was going to do was the right thing. Yes, she wouldn’t maltreat those children. But it didn’t change the fact that…

I am taking advantage of the slave system. Doesn’t it make me the same as everyone? I’m such a hypocrite…

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

In another part of the city, where only wealthy resided, inside of luxurious living quarters, a girl cursed at the chubby baby boy in traditional Chinese red costume, “”Dumb system! Is this how you fulfill my wish?! By putting me into the body of another cannon fodder?! Why did my soulmate have a fricking girlfriend?!””

{Wuwu….You can only blame yourself. It’s not my fault that you couldn’t seduce your own soulmate.}

The girl wore a light purple ancient dress. As beautiful and dangerous as a shower of broken glass, silky long black hair cascaded down her pale and soft skin, alas snow. Blessed with rosy cheeks and cherry lips, her eyelashes fluttered like great fangs upon her purple irises. Having facial expressions under perfect control, her inner turmoils didn’t show up on her flawless face.

“”Scram! It’s because her heroine halo was too great! If I tried to separate them, he would burn me alive! Bing Shi is like my step sister from my life before I became a transmigrator. The kind and elegant white lotus, who schemed my death, stole my fiance, my parents, my carrier as an actress… everything.””

{ Are you saying that if you were first, you could accomplish the same thing as Bing Shi?}

The girl smirked, “”Is that a challenge? You just watch.”” Holding her head to receive the world story, she sneered at the absurdity of this world. She truly hates all heroines, “”Such a temptress, spreading her legs to all those powerful men. So who am I? Cheng Young’s fiance? Zhao Rong’s female shadow guard or Wang Guo’s concubine?””

{No. This time, you’re a mob character. A merchant’s daughter, Fei Lan.}

While sending memories of the body’s owner to the girl, the chubby boy gave her the world mission.

{Main mission: Gain Ru Quan’s love.}

{Side mission: Don’t make Cheng Young fall for you. +2000p}

{Side mission: Don’t make Zhao Rong fall for you. +2000p}

“”Who is Ru Quan? A hidden target?”

There was no such man in the story.

{This mansion’s front gate guard. Good luck.}

“”Good luck, my ass! Come here! I swear I won’t cripple you! Why do I have to seduce a mere front gate guard?! You have five seconds to explain!””

Fei Lan squeezed that boy’s ears. Her targets were always those like Zhao Rong. Something was suspicious.

{Wuwuwu…Host, Ru Quan is your soulmate.}

Fei Lan stopped.

“”Xuan Mu’s soul? Did Bing Shi reincarnate too?””

{Yes, but her identity is unknown. Host, you should quickly snatch Ru Quan away before she does.}

‘He better be tall and good looking,’ Fei Lan walked towards her vanity, studying her features, she reminisced about her past. ‘Love makes you stupid.’ She promised to never fall in love again. Fei Lan wished to be with her soulmate, just to be informed that those male leads weren’t the same soul in every world.

Doesn’t matter, they are all the same. She’ll obtain Ru Quan’s heart. He’ll pamper her to the heavens, and she’ll enjoy the pampering until she dies, then, repeat.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Slouched against the majestic gate, as if he was a knight, his muscular body was covered in light armor. His flecks of blonde hair waved in the evening breeze. Fiery red eyes looked around the surrounding.

Did he reincarnate again? Receiving unfamiliar memories, his eyebrows furrowed like an eagle’s.

He ruled the world, stood above all, achieved his dreams, yet, he was dissatisfied. He no longer had anything left in life to accomplish. Living one lifetime after another, he was too worn out to fight.

What’s the purpose of reincarnation when sooner or later he’ll remember his past life? Thus, he began to define reality through self-inflicted suffering and misery.

Grabbing a knife from his sheath, he pointed it at his heart. The heart which should be dead and broken.

When an image of a girl appeared in his mind, he dropped the knife on the ground, his hands shaking.

That girl, he met her in his first lifetime. Later, he met her in his eighth lifetime. He received his past memories when he was around ten years old. Living alone in a small house, he would go to the kitchen to grab a knife to play with. When a doorbell woke him from his stupor, he decided to ignore it. Even when it changed into desperate knocking, he continued to ignore it. Until he heard some shrieks for help, did he go to check the situation.

Nothing. The entrance was empty. Was it an illusion? It had to be.

It was a month later that police and ambulance sirens surrounded the neighbor’s house. Curious, he walked out of the house to see the commotion. And here she was, being carried on a stretcher out of doors. She was fighting every man that got near her. Falling off the stretcher, she puked her guts out while crawling away from them. Yes, crawling, her legs seemed to be broken.

Due to all the injuries, he couldn’t recognize her at first. As if fate was playing a joke with him, only when it was too late, did he get to know her identity.

There was some feministic propaganda, and they used her picture and story as an advertisement.

Nobody noticed her disappearance. She was a university student living far away from her parents with no friends — a perfect victim.

She said that she attempted to run away on her second day, but that assailant caught hew when she tried to ask the empty house for help. No, it wasn’t empty, a boy was living there. If he helped her that day, she wouldn’t have to suffer in that cold room for a month.

But it was too late. Looking at the pamphlet with her picture, he tried to grab it, only for his hand to pass through it.

< Little Monster…?>

It was her second time asking for help, and he ignored it again. He promised to look for her in the next lifetime. Sadly, his soul was too broken. From then on, he didn’t receive his past memories anymore. As if on the repeat, the moment he reached a certain age, he would commit suicide.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Leaping out of the mansion, he dashed through the streets, in search of one person. His crimson eyes scanned every passerby’s features.

Tension and anxiety started to build up in him as he stared blankly at all those colorful eyes and hair.

Now that he was lost…

Will he…

Will he get a chance to be found again?

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