4.05 – Dangerous Angels – Stay strong

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*WARNING* Strong language below

*WARNING* Strong language below.

Fei Lan, watching the situation inside, wanted to slam the foolish Ru Quan’s head against a wall. Did he see a human trafficker’s house as the safest place? Why Bing Shi out of all people? She rolled her eyes in disdain. They just met this morning, barely knowing each other. ‘Trusting too much kills you. They are too ignorant.’

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Standing at the entrance to the mansion, Bing Shi peeked her head from behind the door, her calculative gaze followed a black silhouette.

Ah, everyone is taking advantage of me today~.

Ru Quan faded in the darkness like an exhilarating blur; his legs had enough power to cross the garden in seconds. Passing over a high brick wall, his movements were soft, practiced so often, until perfection. Initially, there was no safe place. What about Little monster? She was far from safe. Ru Quan had to create a secure place for Fei Lan by threatening Hasan’s life, Bing Shi’s so-called meatshield. Knocking off fifteen guards and ten servants, he put pressure on her. Not knowing her true strength, he took advantage of the person she was looking for and hazarded with his life. Now, thanks to Fei Lan, he had an excuse to visit little monster more often. Also…

Fei Lan put on a grateful expression, she slightly bowed down as soon as Bing Shi took them to a large bedroom with lavish furnishing, “Fei Lan would like to thank my benefactors for helping me out…”

“It wasn’t for free. Take out your valuables,” Ru Quan stopped her speech. Fei Lan remained calm. When she opened her cloth bag and flipped the content on the double bed, he scanned through the priceless jewelry and silk. Assessing their value, he selected a few golden rings and bracelets for himself while the rest went to Bing Shi, “For your assistance.”

“…Thank you,” Bing Shi received the treasure. Sighing; she switched her attention to Fei Lan, “Little girl, how about I teach you how to take over your family? It’s such a waste to leave all the wealth behind.” 

Fei Lan, whose heigh reached Bing Shi’s eyes, had a graceful and noble aura compared to Bing Shi, who glowed with maturity and down to earth attitude.

“Impossible…” Fei Lan had two elder brothers to take over the family. If it weren’t for Ru Quan disappearing, she could continue living in luxury. She watched her disappearing money in grievance. Fortunately, she saved the most expensive items inside her robes.

“Hm…” Bing Shi didn’t pursue the topic further. “Master Hasan will be living in the office room attached to this bedroom. Except him, don’t let anybody know about your existence. You two take your time. I’m going to take a rest,” covering her mouth with her right palm, she yawned and left the room, “Good Night.”

Before Bing Shi could close the door, Ru Quan slipped through the opening, leaving the alarmed Fei Lan behind. “Good night,” he wished to the exhausted girl softly, stifling at how flirtatious he sounded…again.

Bing Shi looked at him strangely, “Were you by any chance my father in our past life? The difference of treatment between me and,” she pointed at Fei Lan’s room, “…is odd.”

“W-wha…No…” Overreacting, Ru Quan opened his eyes wide in denial, “Impossible!”

Bing Shi raised her eyebrow in amusement, “Hm? Really? I could feel this protective vibe from you.” No matter if he was an upgraded version of Victor, she changed a lot from the time she started this new QT career.

“…You…” Ru Quan covered his face with his palm, “Don’t overthink, please.” Hearing her giggles, he had an urge to spank her for taking him for a joke, “…”

< Damnit. Stop dancing to her tempo.>

“Though your actions don’t correspond with your words,” Bing Shi chuckled, “But sure, I’ll do as you wish. Shall I walk you out?”

“Aren’t you tired?” he asked. Did his body have a mind of its own? Why, when those sweet giggles grew in the distance, he took a step forward to follow after them? Giving up, he submitted to his body, “Don’t blame me when you faint in the middle of the path.”

“Ah, don’t worry. It’s Hasan’s fault for having such poor security,” Bing Shi yawned for the tenth time.

“…” Without noticing, she contaminated him with her unconcerned aura; a sincere smile appeared on his face. “What was the relationship between you and that soul?” he finally asked.

Bing Shi glanced at him teasingly, “The last time I found him, he was my grandson.”

“No way…” Ru Quan’s smile disappeared. He took out a little monster candy and threw it into his mouth. Sucking on the sour taste, he tried to recall the sensation, “Has he ever forced a candy down your throat with…his tongue?”

Bing Shi’s mouth twitched. Why would he ask such a specific question? “Yeah, he did.”

My goodness, that sounded so wrong.

“…” Both of them stared at each other complicatedly. A sudden rush of blush attacked their cheeks and ears when a particular, obscene scene appeared in their minds. Bing Shi turned around and covered her red face, while Ru Quan started to choke on the candy. Without words, they could tell what the other was thinking. They were so in sync that it was unbelievable that they met only a day ago. Since the beginning, no matter how many times they wanted to deny it, the duo found one excuse after another so that they could stay a little bit longer, together.

Does he remember something? This progress is different compared to before.

< Me and her? Together? How?>

Both glanced at each other at the same time, but the moment their eyes met, they turned away, “…”

*Super awkward silence with occasional coughing*

When Ru Quan felt the unconscious guard slowly waking up, he knocked him off again, “I have to return.”

“Oh,” Bing Shi rubbed her eyes, she turned around and waved at him with a happy grin, “Bye-Bye.”

Xuan Mu, I found your soul~

Ru Quan ran his hand through the forest of blond on his head, in frustration, “I’m sorry, I… I love someone else.”

“Huh? Oh…” Bing Shi’s heart shook. A stem covered in rose thorns choked her breath from her body, tearing the trembling heart apart. The devastation was grueling, the fear was real, “I…I understand. Is it Fei Lan?”

Ru Quan opened the door to the outside. “Not exactly. You know what I mean, don’t you? Take a good rest,” saying, he left the silent girl behind.

Bing Shi walked towards her bedroom with heavy steps. Falling on the bed, the tears that were hidden from the rest of the world were finally released. Each time she tried to fill her lungs with fresh air, a choking sound followed. The familiarity was surreal. Ru Quan’s gentle and soft way of speaking reminded her of Xuan Mu. Similar to him, each word held such power, that she had to shake her mind from being dazed.

Please, don’t let him be Xuan Mu’s soul.

Her stomach shifted uneasily, the hands that were hugging herself were pinching into her skin. But what they needed was to be able to touch Xuan Mu, to feel his warmth. Turning on the phone which appeared in her hand, she put on her earphones and went through her memories of the most important person in her life. Covering and uncovering their connected lips on the photo with her thumb, she recalled the magical scenery on the yacht.

Xuan Mu, there is only me in your heart, right?

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

The moment Ru Quan turned off Bing Shi, a pearl of laughter escaped Fei Lan’s lips. ‘Serves her right!’ When she thought it was her end, the situation turned around in her favor. She didn’t have to break any ships. It broke on its own.

{Wuwuwu…Host, your target is staring at me.}


Midway to his living quarters, Ru Quan turned around and stared at the empty area before him. His intuition told him that something has been following him since the day he appeared here. A sudden flash of memories flooded his mind.


Inside of Bing Shi’s room, Ren Han reached out his hand to catch the tail which just touched his arm, unsuccessfully, “Fūck this snake.” He turned towards the girl working behind the computer, asking for a hug.

“Stop cursing at Kuro,” reprimanded Bing Shi while drawing a blueprint, “No huggies for you.”

“I meant… Fūck other systems,” the moment there was no barrier, Ren Han hugged her from behind, inhaling the scent of her hair, “It’s strange that my ability doesn’t work on Kuro,” he curled a strand of her hair around his finger, “What is a chance that there’s another host?”

“I met a host in my first mission world. I only got to know about him being a host when he suddenly flashed before my eyes. I know what others feel without needing to be told or whether someone is being truthful or lying. Whenever he was near me, I could feel insincerity,” Bing Shi looked down at the arm around her shoulders, “According to quantum physics, everything is made out of energy. Everything we call real is made out of things regarded as unreal. To change energy, there has to be a manifestation. Don’t think of Kuro as an invisible object. If I can see it, you should be able to see it too. It’s visible, but not to your five senses. There are two answers. First, I can see and touch Kuro instinctively. Two, Kuro is creating its image in my brain, messing with my five senses like in virtual reality,” Bing Shi grabbed Kuro’s body on the desk, “Kuro can’t control your mind, so try using your intuition to recognize it.”

Ren Han, covering her palm with his, watched intently how Kuro switched between two visible and invisible energies, “Or third, the other energy is similar to your barrier. Connected to your mind, I can’t pass through it only if you allow it.” He tried to move her fingers with force; they really looked like as if they were holding onto something tightly, “I can sense danger from negative energies like killing intent, lying, or if someone wants to take advantage of me, but there’s none of that when it comes to you.”

“Oh, my grandson is so smart~. That’s because I surround myself with positive energy. Do you feel it? The power of my aura?”

“Yeah,” Lost in the moment, he danced to her aura. He felt his heart leaving. The laughter upon her face guided it to that unknown place. He felt safe like never before; it made him want to stay there forever. Bing Shi was like his home; he never knew he had. He tightened his arm around her shoulders. “Stop calling me grandson,” Ren Han interlocked their fingers to let go of Kuro, so he could locate it himself, “How do I pass through your barrier without your approval?”

“Hm, let’s say a host is a key to pass through. If we can’t take hold of the key first, we can break through with force. For it, we need greater strength or authority.” Bing Shi moved Kuro behind Ren Han and switched on the observer mode, “Can you tell from which point I’m looking at you or not? If yes, use that moment to surprise me.”

*One eternity later*

Ren Han put his forehead on her shoulder in defeat, “I don’t know if something is looking at me, but there’s this feeling. Vague, unreliable. Fūck it. I’m tired.”

Sensing his frustration, Bing Shi patted his head. She thought that Ren Han couldn’t distinguish between emotions and intuition. Emotions were a response to something, while intuition was about feeling and knowing. If she tried to act smart, his frustration would change into irritation. She leaned her head against his, “I’m tired too.”

Ren Han took a deep breath, closing his eyes, “Can Yi Zen sense Kuro?” When he pointed his sniper rifle at that iceman, Yi Zen could pinpoint his location immediately.

“He could…even before the trial,” Bing Shi didn’t let Kuro monitor Yi Zen, it would cause him to be more alert, thus making it harder for her to gain his trust, “Jelly?”

“Of what?” Ren Han snorted, “Let’s continue training.”


After a while of training, Ren Han couldn’t hold it in, “Bing Shi, I’m not jealous of him.” Did Yi Zen have Bing Shi? He didn’t. He thought smugly.

“I know.”

“Bing Shi, really. I’m serious.”

“I know. I believe you, really. I’m dead serious. Now, focus.”

“…” Ren Han hugged her again, grinning, “I need to replenish my energy.”

*End of flashback*

<I really did fall in love with someone else… >

Feng Lan felt her skin tingling in a cold sweat when she saw those red eyes through her system’s camera. Like a predator preying on his victim, they reflected the light of the bloody moon.

“”He can’t see you. Continue monitoring him.””

{Wuwuwu, I’m scared.}

Ren Han turned back and continued on his way, “Hold your host close to your heart till it’s too late…”

The little boy flew back to his host in tears.

{Host, he knows! Does he have a system too? He is going to do something to you! Wuwuwu.}

This time, Fei Lan didn’t stop her system. ‘I have to finish my mission at all costs. I never failed before.’ She remembered Bing Shi’s words. One was a slave, while other was a guard. Fei Lan, who had the upper hand with her family resources, threw the chance away. ‘That bastard’s son made me act like a damsel in distress!’

After the conversation, she has a clear image of their personalities. If she disappeared, Ru Quan would blame Bing Shi for being jealous; their distance would increase. She’ll pawn her valuables in the black market, and change her identity so that she could establish her secret organization. She did it once; she could do it again. But there’s a chance of Ru Quan having a system. What if he’s monitoring her right now?

Fei Lan felt a soft panic growing inside her stomach. ‘Bing Shi didn’t hide the fact that she has the upper hand over Hasan. What is her goal? Does she have a system?’ Those two’s tempo was so fast that she couldn’t keep up. While she did two steps ahead, those two left a trail of dust behind, for her to choke on.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Early in the morning, Hasan’s sleep was interrupted by a knocking sound on the doors, lazy to stand up; he called out, “Come in!”


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The sound didn’t cease; it intensified.



Hearing that playful tone, Hasan’s heavy body fell from the uncomfortable couch, cursing, he opened the door for Bing Shi, “…”

“Take this to the new girl,” Bing Shi held a plate of breakfast for two and gave it to Hasan. Sitting behind Hasan’s desk, she grabbed the glass brush and studied its beautiful design. The construction of the glass nib allowed the ink to settle in the grooves of the nib, providing a regular flow and consistent width of the line for a long time.

The glass is a bit scratchy, but woah, it’s almost like a fountain pen!

When Hasan returned, he watched how Bing Shi made a rough sketch of a… door? Rich people lived far away from the noisy and narrow streets of the poor. Estates were separated from the outside by high walls, often decorated with plain murals. Behind the main gates were sunny gardens, fish ponds, and paths connected to the entrances of the central, two-story villa with a basement.

Bing Shi dipped the glass into the ink. Without the help of a ruler, her lines were straight and smooth, “There’s no way we’ll allow random people to go in and out as they please. Reinforce all outer doors and windows. Add a small vision panel made out of the glass with a lid cover to each door. Assign guards to train six watchdogs. The breed of dog has to be powerful, fearless, alert, and loyal. Nothing can hide from dogs. Their sense of smell is forty times better than ours.”

Bing Shi didn’t know if this world had the same breed of dogs as her world, but there were dog fights as a type of entertainment, she’s sure Hasan will find a needed breed. She wanted to build few simple watchtowers, but this was not a fortress, they’d catch unnecessary attention. “The disparity of individual strength in this world is too great. Why are our guards so weak?”

“…If…if they grouped up, they might have a chance. That man was like a phantom. Nobody noticed him until it was too late,” answered Hasan. With dogs, it should be easier to discover an intruder, “I’ll increase their training.”

“Oh,” Bing Shi doubted that it would help, “He seemed to be aiming at our necks. Obtain better armor for our guards. Before the goods arrive, tell others to cushion their heart area and throat. Make it look like they’re wearing a scarf.”

While discussing Tianshies and what to do in case of intruders, chaos erupted at the opposite side of the City. The wealthiest family of merchants in the country, family Tui, desperately searched for their abducted child. With their connection, every corner of the city was dug out in search of their treasure.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Three days after Bing Shi transmigrated…

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Inside of Hasan’s bedroom, Bing Shi introduced all Tianshies to Fei Lan. They all moved to Hasan’s estate. As Eshe handed over a red wig, she ordered Fei Lan, “Before Tuis arrive. Your name is Tianshi Eshe, thirteen years old from the Triweria Kingdom,” she gave her a note and the wig, “Remember this note. Put on this wig, and familiarize yourself with your companions. You can tell them the truth about the marriage. They’ll understand. When Tuis arrive, let the girls practice their make-up skills on you, pretend you’re having fun.”

“…” Fei Lan let Rianta cut her hair shorter and put on the red wig for her. Wouldn’t it be easier to make her a boy servant? Is Bing Shi crazy? Letting her be known by so many people, “Why go so far?”

All girls giggled exuberantly, “Training~.”

Bing Shi noticed that Fei Lan didn’t like her. Well, it’s not like she cared. She should as well take advantage of the situation. It didn’t matter if the girls trusted each other or not; they were in it together. They had to throw away their hate, their jealousy over beauty, skills, and background. If Tuis discover this gorgeous Fei Lan, they will all die.

Now, let’s the test begin~

All of a sudden, the angels began to cry at the same time. When they looked at Fei Lan, they remembered how Eshe cut off her hair for this new addition.

Eshe, whose hair was short ala boys, plugged hear ears in annoyance, “Too noisy.”

“Eshe?! Hair is the richest ornament of woman!”

Their emotions burst out. They started to argue with each other, having no idea how much their mixed emotions inflicted Bing Shi.

Working with women is such a new experience.

Bing Shi pinched her temples, placing her finger into her mouth, she whistled out.

*Death silence*

All eyes turned towards Bing Shi, their legs trembling.

“You can cry…whine… argue… fight or whatever. As long as you get your jobs done, I don’t care!” Bing Shi raised her voice, “But you bunch couldn’t even do that! Those who called Edan the wrong name, step out! Those who treated Edan as a woman… STEP OUT!”

The majority of girls stepped out with their heads lowered. Even their breath slackened for a moment as if unwilling to inhale and exhale without Bing Shi’s permission. The hidden alpha, which usually supported, unleashed her dominance. She could make a whole army of sturdy men listen to her, but she chose these little girls instead. While they were the flowers, she was the garden in which they could grow strong. Without the garden as a support, they’ll never bloom, they all… would wither.

“Ten laps around the estate…ALL!”

Nodding, Aine let the girls to the ground floor, while Hasan took Edan to the guard’s living quarters at the back of the mansion, “While strengthening your body, you’ll act as Tian Shi’s bodyguard. This mansion will be your training ground.”

Edan bowed enthusiastically, “Yes!” The things other girls did were not for her. She felt out of place whenever they discussed art, poetry, or fashion.

After everybody left, Bing Shi took a cup of water.

“Kuro, give me some pain killers please. My head hurts again.”

When Bing Shi felt a medicine in her mouth, she flushed it down with two cups of water.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Outside, under the scorching sun, twenty girls ran around the estate while holding an umbrella above their heads in shame. To prevent them from getting tan, they were dressed from head do toe in a simple white shirt and pants. Sensing the lecherous gazes of patrolling guards, they scrunched in disgust, wanting to pierce those mocking eyes with their silly umbrellas. They knew that what they’re doing couldn’t be called as running; they were too weak for it. Tilting their heads, they tried to hide their sweat and unkept appearance under the umbrella.

“Heads up!”

They all looked at the girl with aqua green curls, and the fatty man next to her, “???”

Bing Shi caught up to them, looking ahead, she held the umbrella with dignity, while waving at the guards at the same time, “Hm?”

“Why… Why are you running with us?” asked Aine. They knew it was part of the training. But it was hard to keep a beautiful and confident facade under such a shameful act. But Bing Shi made it look as if she had the time of her life.

Bing Shi ran far ahead, turning towards them, face to face. Her demure smile extended to her eyes and deep into their soul, “I failed as a leader. Of course, I have to run too.”

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