4.07 – Dangerous Angels – Little monster

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What about the promise Ru Quan gave to Bai Meili? 

 ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover,’ they say. 

Well, this saying didn’t work on him. Bai Meili’s ethereal beauty was like his curse. He was a very visual person and liked to appreciate beauty. Every time she stepped on a scene, it was like a goddess bestowing her visit to mere mortals. What man wouldn’t get interested in such a woman? A blind one. 

Bai Meili was the only person who could cure his insomnia, a special existence, which he had to keep at all costs. He wanted to mend their relationship, but after he unintentionally killed her, there’d always be this enmity between them. In the second lifetime, he was raising his rank as an official as fast as he could. All Bai Meili had to do was wait, yet she angered him to death by turning her back against him again. There’s so much he could tolerate, but enough was enough. At the end of the day, Bai Meili never loved him, she moved on from the past, fell in love with another man, and became an empress while he was stuck in the muds. Between them, there’s no future. Nevertheless, his guilt resumed when the said man, the new emperor, killed Bai Meili.

As soon as the former empress died, a new one took her place. He decided to end his life, to follow after Bai Meili. But what caught him off guard was the new empress’ servant. She paid him a visit out of the blue and confessed her sins, not at all caring that she was speaking to a dead man. Clothed in black, her bottom face was covered. While caressing his hair, she blamed him for not being able to put Bai Meili on a leash, else, he could’ve had a happy ending. Her teary eyes were hard to ignore. He wanted to wipe them off, but his hand passed through. She left after placing some fruits on his body… 

Suspicious, he described the thing that servant left behind to Bing Shi. And guess what? He got to know that the food Bing Shi detested the most, were bananas and anything sour. 

The rest was history.

Why didn’t he notice sooner?

Why did she cry?




 · · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · · 

The flame in the lamp curled and swayed in the cozy room, casting an orange reflection on a young pair. Under constant watch, they must not dwell on lengthy conversations. Adjusting their body position, they tugged back into a torrent of chastise kisses. Putting the truth aside, they distracted themselves by going through every sentence that captured their interest, enjoying the hypnotizing joy at the same time.

 < She just got to know that she was a psychotic killer, and the first thing she asked was if she was my concubine? She shrugged it off as if killing was something she did on a regular basis… Is she trying to intimidate the other host? Because we all know, that this woman can’t even strike a chicken.> 

Was I under his command for him to be so chill about me killing half of his harem? Because wouldn’t a normal person seek revenge? I got it; he wants me to pretend to be his little monster.

Their thoughts didn’t match. Nonetheless, it left them guessing about each other’s intentions. Even though they never said it aloud, they knew that there was this undeniable force, pulling them closer. 

“One last time,” Ru Quan made a statement as he locked their mouths for an n-th time. It was nothing wild. He didn’t want to repeat what that little boy did and lose control over himself. He changed his mind the moment she asked for more. “Or not,” he kissed her again. Her progress was such a pleasant surprise. “I thought I’d have to wait for five years or something,” he pecked her silly grin, “The other system left.” 

“Isn’t it great? I spared us from all the courting~.” The only people Bing Shi allowed to see Kuro was Hasan and Ren Han, aka Xuan Mu’s soul. Doing a few experiments with Ren Han, Bing Shi wanted Kuro to familiarize itself with his soul, but Kuro had no such skills. 

The progress between Bing Shi and Ru Quan was so fast that they started to doubt everything. Especially Bing Shi, who was afraid that HQ was using Xuan Mu as an experiment. All these supernatural things made her question Xuan Mu’s existence in the mission worlds. She’s becoming overly suspicious and paranoid, and it’s backstabbing her at the worst moment possible. 

 ~ Since when could Ru Quan see Kuro?

Definitely not from the first day.

~It’s HQ’s doing. 

No, they are much more simple and too busy for such mind games. 

~ Another Host? 

I’d have puked on him. 

~ It has to be some witchcraft. Maybe he activated an item from the system shop. 

Yup. Definitely.

“Kuro, do all hosts have access to a same system shop?”

[ No.]

I have to find out how long it takes for the effect to drop. 

“You still didn’t learn how to shut them off during times like this?” Ru Quan licked her lips when he stopped being her center of attention, something he used to do a lot as her boyfriend. 

“No…” Bing Shi shook her head, perplexed with her own reactions, “Xua…”

He hastily invaded her mouth with his tongue, tangling it around hers, taking in this new yet familiar flavor. What an extraordinary place to get lost in. He felt magic in his bones. Affection swirled by his skin as this woman wrapped him in the softest devotion he’s ever known. 

The light grazing and rubbing of lips began to warm up their bodies from the core. Now that Bing Shi was not repulsed, why was she not making any advances towards him? Stimulating him until he turned into a jumble of hormones? If she attempted something, he could at least push her away. But no, she did much worse. 

Gasping, Bing Shi took hold of his hand and placed it on her chest, so he could feel her erratic heart rate, “How are you doing it?” 

~ He might be Xuan Mu’s soul.

I know. I never crossed out that possibility. It’s just…

Nobody prepared me for this.

“…” Ru Quan coughed up, “We should stop before I start to imagine certain dark things.” Breathing heavily, he pulled his hand away, and nuzzled her to sit next to him, “Can you still accept something that has been lost and broken, then sewn back together by someone else…as brand-new?”

“Depends,” Bing Shi answered instantly, “No trash shall trespass my doors. What is its value?”

 “…” Ru Quan narrowed his eyes at her poker face, “Don’t mind second-hand goods?”

“Some things’ value raises in time, no matter how many hands it passes by,” Bing Shi replied in concern, “I just came to accept the fact that my boyfriend has schizophrenia. It’s like having a harem of men with different personalities but identical memories. If it were me, I’d just merge into one, and be done with it. I think I already merged with all the monkeys in my head. I bet they’re from my past lives.” Bing Shi knocked her head jokingly.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” chuckling, Ru Quan held her head towards his chest. “I don’t remember agreeing to be your boyfriend.” This woman, without his consent, suddenly decided to barge into his life, she engraved herself in his mind. Not once, not twice, not thrice! He could do literally nothing but watch how she spun his whole world upside down. 

“Kuro, how did it go?”

[ Host, whenever you weren’t looking through me, he pointed a middle finger at me.]

While training, Ziek said it was pure luck. He made lots of mistakes when guessing if I was looking or not. It seems like he was pretending for a case when a host attempts to act like him.

“Who said I was speaking about you?” Bing Shi let him cares her hair with a proud smile, “So you took advantage of a fourteen’s year-old body without taking any responsibility?”

Ru Quan blinked his eyes, his hand froze in midair, “What did you say?” He lunged out of the sofa, scrutinizing his eyes at Bing Shi, who proudly spun before him in her above the knee, sleeping gown with long sleeves, “You’re saying that…Bing Shi, stop dancing!” When she stopped moving, he pointed at the large peaks at her chest, “You’re saying that… these belong to a fourteen years old girl?”

Bing Shi looked down, cupping up her breasts, she grinned smugly, “Yup.” She turned around and wiggled her bum at him, “And this too.” 


“…I sinned,” Ru Quan laughed out loud, he wrapped his left hand around her waist. Pulling her towards his chest, he covered his face with his right hand. It would be fine if he were the same age as this body, about sixteen. But with how he was now, it felt so wrong. He’s not a pedophile. “I tend to get a bit insane. I won’t tolerate you being a courtesan.”

“Hm… You’re right. No man would. Let’s stay as we’re now then.”

“…” Ru Quan held Bing Shi by the shoulders, looking her in the eyes, his madness filled the air, bringing others to knees with its suffocating oppression, “My rules are definite. You break them once, and we’re done.”

“Ah…What to do?” Bing Shi leaned over, speaking softly to his lips, “I never played by the rules.”

“…” Kissing her lips, Ru Quan carried her to the bed. He felt how she sucked in the madness and turned it into black wings on her back. The shine in her eyes reflected the light he could never reach. She transformed into something so beautiful that he couldn’t imagine changing one thing about her.

Bing Shi made a bad decision. Not yet understanding his personality, she’s using an entirely different strategy on Ru Quan, thinking he’ll give up if he knew that she’s doing it for someone else, like Ziek. However, it’s doing the opposite. Ru Quan was pushing his plans further away. For her, he wanted to withdraw, to disappear completely. At this moment, he’s not sure anymore. Her presence alone was enough for him to find his lost strength and confidence. 

Why is he not changing?

Maybe because I’m not accepting him as Xuan Mu?

Ru Quan laid Bing Shi on the bed, covering her with a blanket, he smiled at her adorable expression, “Disappointed?”

Bing Shi turned away from him, rubbing her lips, she answered, “I never hoped for much.”

“…” Ru Quan stripped of his top, laying down next to her, he supported his chin with his palm, “I quit being a guard for Tui’s family. Mind taking me under your wings?”

“Hm…” Bing Shi mumbled incoherent things under her nose, “Why did you bring Fei Lan here… What’s your relationship… You’ve been avoiding this topic like plague… Suspicious…”

“She…” Ru Quan choked at her straightforwardness, “She might be my ex from the past.” He couldn’t lie to Bing Shi. “I had a very strong one-sided connection with her. I thought she was my soulmate until things got tainted between us with lies and hurt…” Better to clear things up, he patiently explained his circumstances …

“What?! You killed her?!” Bing Shi opened her eyes wide; she created some distance between them, teasingly, “It answers why I died because of you… two times in a row.” After knowing that killing had no psychological impact on Ziek, she let it go. In war, it’s kill or get killed. Her view on things changed. It’s not like she’s any better, she killed zombies, and ordered soldiers to torture criminals. She had them healed afterward though. Enough excuses. This information truly surprised her. She won’t deny the fact that she got goosebumps, it was like hearing about a third Zhao Rong.

“I’m sorry, don’t be afraid of me, please,” Ru Quan squeezed Bing Shi dearly to his chest. A huge burden clogged his heart, “I’m sorry, I still helped her. I want her to be happy, not with me, but someone else. I want to move on, but I don’t know why, when I see her suffering, I’m unable to ignore it.”

His burden slowly transferred to Bing Shi. She felt like a dumpster, where everyone was throwing their problems at her, thinking that she’ll solve everything, “…” 

He’s stuck in a never-ending circle—endlessly blaming one another. More important would be for him to focus on what their relationship was lacking and how it failed to meet his and her needs. It’s not about deciding who was at fault. It was about being realistic about what happened and why.

I never realized how hope is like a double-edged sword. You endure, you keep on going, but in the end, the hope still kills you.

~ Stop talking trash.

Psst. I’m being objective. No judging.

~ He learned from his past mistakes. Give him a chance.

Yeah, of course, his only luck is being Xuan Mu’s soul.

~ You’re judgmental

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Whatever. I only like Xuan Mu, change my mind.

~ What about Ziek?

Ziek is Xuan Mu too.

Patting his back, Bing Shi thought about this unique man, who sliped too way often. One moment, he tried hard to behave like Xuan Mu, the next moment, he acted like a monarch, who owned the world, which lasted for a second before he became a heartbroken guy. Bing Shi scratched his back full of holes, “From what you told me, it sounds like you feel guilty towards your ex. Because after her death, you didn’t stay loyal to her. Seriously, I can spot an obsessed man from miles away. And you’ve been talking about little monster most of the time with deep enthusiasm.”

“No, I never thought of her as something more than an acquaintance.” He only used little monster as a way to escape from losing a loved one. Somehow, it became a habit to explore her character. That’s until Bing Shi uttered her next words, making him question his feelings.

“Obsession doesn’t equal love. Makes me curious if I had a past lover too.”

“Don’t ever think about it,” Ru Quan stopped her thoughts. His insecurity emerged. Heavy jealousy attacked his guts, from who knew where. She surely had to have someone. No. Nobody was stealing her away from him.

“Stop it.” Bing Shi grabbed his right wrist, “Why are you suddenly clawing at your chest?” She inspected his spotless torso, which could only mean that only now did he began the strange habit. What was the trigger? Fear sprouted from under her skin as she thought about that horrendous disease, “Your ex really had to be special to be able to cure your insomnia.”

Ru Quan felt her shaking hands, letting her hold onto him, he watched her troubled expression, “It’s not something I can’t live without. I’d rather die under your hands than sleep with her again.”

“Remember your words.” Bing Shi wasn’t going to push him to Fei Lan if he didn’t want to. She’d do the same. It’s just uncomfortable to know that she’s not the one, who had such a magical effect on him. Not as special as she thought, “Don’t you find it odd? Shouldn’t your ex be on Earth? What I know, each universe has its designated souls. I don’t remember paying for her ticket.”

Both of them looked at each other with raised eyebrows, their lips curved up deviously.

Nobody expected Ru Quan to recognize Fei Lan’s soul, what more, he told the truth to Bing Shi. There were girls chasing after Ziek in the past, Ru Quan didn’t put a ‘host’ label on them without proof. What he didn’t expect was HQ revealing their intentions by sending his ex. Were they stupid? Just to be sure, he’d need to gain more information.

Bing Shi and Xuan Mu had enough problems dealing with one another. Outsiders trying to cause a dispute in their relationship was like asking for a trashing.

Ru Quan cupped Bing Shi’s head, leaning closer, he tugged at her alluring lips, before seizing them ambitiously, “It’s late…We’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

“Uff…your kisses…huff…” Patting her chest, Bing Shi shook her dizziness away, “Will you repair my pole?”

“I will…” He noticed her flat tone from a while ago. Was she angry at him? “If you perform for me.”

“No, no, no, I’m too shy,” Bing Shi changed her mind immediately, “Good Night~.”

“Good night…” Ru Quan felt something poking the swelled up thing in between his legs, which reached a painful point from being stimulated too much. His mouth twitched when he heard her muffled giggles. “Bing Shi…” He slapped her hand away, “Behave.”

“No! My poor pole~,” she pointed her finger at the middle of the room, “How would you feel if someone did that to yours too? Shall I do it too? Shall I? Shall I?

Was her anger just his imagination? No. It’s just too subtle. Ru Quan grabbed her wrist in embarrassment, “…” He needed to vent out the frustration. And that pole was irritating to his eyes, reminding him how Bing Shi was going to use it before someone else. He could guess it’s for her mission, but until he found out what it was, he could do nothing against this. “I’ll repair it tomorrow.”

“I’m glad you understand,” Bing Shi turned him around and hugged him from behind, her hands traced his hard muscles down towards his lower abdomen, “Need my help? Maybe you’ll have nicer dreams if you find your release.”

“…” This was what she would do when she felt insecure, spooning him from behind so that he couldn’t see her ‘ugly’ side. “No need.” Stroking her hands in assurance, Ru Quan closed his eyes. Did all of this happen so he could meet Bing Shi? A small fire started to stir up in between the sea of ashes. This was seriously bad. His memories of Bing Shi were affecting him in the way of no escape. Being with Bing Shi was a splendid adventure. She was a beautiful mess, a perfect match to his desperate chaos.

“Ok,” Bing Shi bit her lips, looking at his back, her eyes as gray and cloudy as a humid day. There was no sky, only a rugged, woolen cover of mottled clouds, blocking out the little sun from shining through.

Is this what you meant by being afraid of happiness?

How long will this last before we get separated again?

Why are they pushing other women to you?

Am I not good enough?

[ Host, Fei Lan disappeared.]

“Check the mansion if she didn’t leave behind anything dangerous.”

“She ran away,” Bing Shi got out of the bed, walking towards Hasan’s office, she evacuated the whole mansion.

“Typical,” Ru Quan tilted his head to check Bing Shi’s expression. Nothing was different, meaning, she didn’t trust him, yet.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

A few moments ago…

A little boy fled towards Fei Lan’s room, waterfalls poured down his eyes.

{ Wuwu, I never thought it would be that Bing Shi… Kuro just sent a warning message for all of us. Host, we have to be careful.}

Pretending to be deep asleep, Fei Lan was cautious not to catch anyone’s attention. Despite knowing there was another Host, Ru Quan and Bing Shi shrugged it of fearlessly as if it was of no importance. Fei Lan’s confidence staggered.

“”Who is Kuro?””

{ A very powerful system. Rumors are spreading around how they are the most potent team. }

Fei Lan frowned. So Bing Shi had a system too? She waited for Bing Shi to make the first move. Usually, it was other women asking for death by overestimating themselves. It was easy to exploit their shameful side before the male lead. But Bing Shi? That woman didn’t have even a little speck of dust in her wardrobe, not speaking about a whole skeleton.

How was that possible? Fei Lan didn’t believe someone could live like a holy maiden from childhood till adulthood. Using her hacking skills, she found out about Bing Shi’s lavish use of Xuan Mu’s credit card. That’s how Bing Shi became known as a gold digger. (Remember how Xuan Mu made fun of Bing Shi on his death bed, before he died? When he said how she’ll finally obtain his wealth, but without a man to warm her bed? The rumors spread before XM got sick.)

Fei Lan spread Bing Shi’s childhood photos, for others to think that she went under a knife. Finding it wasn’t enough, Fei Lan also dug out past information on Bing Shi’s parents, who used illegal ways to avoid paying taxes. To top it all, Fei Lan took pictures of Bing Shi and Zhu Cai together. During that time period, Bing Shi’s reputation was at its lowest.

Bing Shi slowly disappeared from the public eye. She’d occasionally accept an interview with Xuan Mu, where she cleared the rumors with her charms. Their bond was as strong as ever; not a ripple could be seen. The scorn Bing Shi collected was tossed back at the haters.

Fei Lan didn’t know that her way of doing things brought suspicion upon the young pair.

Instead of creating more misunderstandings, Xuan Mu and Bing Shi started to think that someone was targeting Bing Shi. They used Zhu Cai and Bing Shi together as a bait to lure Fei Lan out. If it weren’t for her hacking skills, she’d be caught. That’s when Fei Lan gave up trying. Any more, and she’d be the one ending up dead.

Now, she felt the same. Without knowing Bing Shi’s full strength, she didn’t want to make sudden actions against Bing Shi and Kuro. Not after what her system told her. Yet again, she had no idea that she fell under someone’s trap.

Because if Fei Lan went against the current Bing Shi, she’d surely win. Bing Shi would break with a flick of her slender fingers.

When it came to systems, if one didn’t ask, they would remain silent. Bing Shi asked, and got to know about the system channel. Bing Shi knew she couldn’t compare to veteran Hosts. After what happened with Victor, she wanted to assure her safety, in case another host appeared. She had no idea if Kuro was the most powerful, but other hosts didn’t know either, so why don’t she suggest to them this little information?

Instead of complaining, Kuro would overboast itself and its host to the skies, telling other systems this and that accomplishment. How the world feared Kuro. How a female lead became Bing Shi’s cook, and the male lead her pocket dimension, making others be wary of this duo.

The little boy bit his nails as he stared at his indifferent host in worry.

{ Wuwu, what are we going to do? The rumors were true. Bing Shi is too good. If this continues she’ll break the bond between you and Ru Quan!}

After a long while, Fei Lan smiled bitterly; a cold glint flashed in her eyes. Stepping down her bed gracefully, she walked towards the closet in a carefree manner.

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“”Let it break. I was never interested in him anyway. I’m ashamed to have such a slag of a man for my soulmate.””

{ What about your mission?}

Fei Lan changed to regular citizen’s clothes, opening her palm a teleportation scroll appeared out of thin air. The little boy’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

{ Host, is that an item from the cultivation world? Where did you obtain a secret space?}

“”Stop asking stupid questions and tell me when will an assassin assault Zhao Rong.””

When Fei Lan disappeared, the little boy flew out of the mansion in tears. It’s expected for hosts to distrust their systems. But a job was a job. When a host was too secretive, how could they work as a team?

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Few days after Fei Lan’s disappearance…

Ready to dispatch for war, Zhao Rong received a visit to his office from one of his shadow guards, “Dogs?”

“Yes. To increase security.” The guard bowed down, “That night, a robbery occurred in Hasan’s mansion.”

Zhao Rong grew suspicious, “Right after Tui family’s daughter kidnapping incident?” Was Hasan creating an alibi for himself, or did someone have some enmity with him?

The guard nodded, “We couldn’t gather any detailed information, only that everyone was put to sleep. Later, whenever we got near the building, those dogs would alarm the whole mansion.”

“Find out the culprit,” Zhao Rong got interested, “What type of dogs did they use?”

(Just a ‘cat’ named Kuro. It takes time to train dogs, you know?)

Giving out an order, Zhao Rong continued to listen to the shadow guard’s report about the situation in the capital city.

Few days after Fei Lan’s second disappearance…

Zhao Rong was dispatching from war when the same guard appeared in his office—far away from the capital city. After reporting on other families, it was Hasan’s turn. Unable to find anything suspicious, the guard could only reveal what everyone knew.

“One of Hasan’s courtesans was kidnapped. Those dogs registered the kidnapper sooner, but Tian Shi thought it was a false alert, and dismissed the situation. The dog fights in the capital reduced. Many families stressing over their lives started to accommodate dogs, making it harder for our spies to take action. People started training dogs to recognize poison…”

“…” Would it create a revolt among citizens if he banned or killed all the dogs in the capital? The chances were high. Zhao Rong imagined what that charming girl with a demure smile would do if something happened to her dogs. She had a beautiful appeal, enough to attract every man present. Meeting her was pure coincidence. He just felt like visiting a gambling house, and to his surprise, he stumbled upon this lucky charm, “There’s going to be a banquet to welcome my arrival. Prepare a carriage for Tian Shi and her twin.”

For better prospects in finding a husband, her parents invested everything on Tian Shi’s older twin sister. While her sister was learning how to read and write, Tian Shi was outside in the fields. Zhao Rong was curious to find out who her twin sister was, for being able to take everything from Tian Shi. There’s something strange about her, and he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what.

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