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Part (2/2) – 1.8k words.


When they arrived at the destination, Lu Kai hid his shock, deciding to follow Bing Shi into the building silently.

“You pick a room,” Bing Shi whispered and pointed at the screen, “Did you visit a love hotel before? They are fun, and the rooms are very clean. I may say, cleaner and more spacious than most hotels.”

Lu Kai shook his head, his eyes roaming through the available rooms with various themes. “I want to try all of these.” He pointed at four rooms: mirror labyrinth, prison break, space, and gym.

Bing Shi nodded her head. She picked the room from the picture board and pressed the button that was available, repeating the process four times. They went to a staff counter with a black tint screen.

When the staff asked if they would like to rest for a few hours or stay overnight, Bing Shi lifted her head at Lu Kai, asking when he’ll have his meeting. 

“Overnight,” Lu Kai paid for the rooms with cash and received the keys. 

Passing by a dīldo vending machine, Lu Kai opened the room to the gym. Switching on the light, there was a boxing ring in one corner. The monkey bars above their heads showed a path to the queen-sized bed. There were scattered yoga mats, and various equipment, such as jumping horses and benches. The bathroom was like a smaller version of a dressing room. Lu Kai switched his gaze between Bing Shi and the long thin bench in the middle, imagining her in a swimsuit, he coughed into his fist.

Bing Shi sprinted back to the room, picked up the TV remote, and leapt on the jumping horse, saddling it like a real horse. “In my past world, the only thing on TV was pōrn.”

Then, she turned on the TV to find out if it was the same in here too, “Hm. Hm. Hm~.” She switched between the pages of different videos, whenever she got curious she would click on one, watching until she lost interest. As if the world lust wasn’t in her vocabulary, she would give out some commentary while dangling her legs in the air, “Could you give me a sweet potato please?”

Lu Kai tried to keep up with her pace, standing next to her the whole time, he took out a box of sweet potatoes. Thank god the coat obscured the view between his legs. “You know what you’re doing to me?”

“Eh? But I’m not Xue Bi.” Bing Shi exchanged her remote control for the lunchbox. Picking up the fork, she tasted the first slice, munching on it, she blinked at him innocently, “Yummy.”

Lu Kai turned off the TV. He began to undress his top. When his long fingers reached his pants, he stopped.

Bing Shi gulped down her saliva when she saw the huge bulge in between his legs, picking up another slice, “I hope it’s smaller than it looks.” 

Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, he leaned over and stole her sweet potato, “I counted the slices. Don’t touch them until I return.”

“Noo.” Bing Shi licked her fork in grievance and nodded her head obediently, her tone sweet and spoiled, “Alright. Hurry up please.”

“Damn you.” Lu Kai walked into the bathroom and trashed at the door in frustration. His three lifetimes fell in love with her. What did he expect? That his ending would be different? What a wishful thinking! She fully took advantage of his relationship with Xue Bi, and went all out! Sliding against the door, he slumped on the floor, imagining various ways how to punish that seductress in the other room the moment he obtained a glimpse of his memories. 

One eternity later…

“How do you feel?” After a while, a worried voice came from behind the door.

“How do I feel? Seriously? I want to fūck you over and over until you scream for forgiveness! I waited for you, for fūcking four years! Without knowing if you’ll even appear! And when you finally appear you decide to play with my fūcking feelings?!”

“Lu Kai, open the door please.”

Hearing the clicking sound, Bing Shi opened the door. The strong man a while ago was curled up against the wall, clawing at his bare chest, he pumped his head against his knees. 

Bing Shi wrapped his arms around her waist, “Why are you hurting yourself, hm?” She placed his head on her shoulder, caressing his hair, she felt his tears dripping down her shoulders, his legs and arms squeezed her tightly. She had a hard time holding in her emotions when she saw his scarred chest, it was a lot worse than Xuan Mu’s. Four years might be a few for some, but for a suicidal man who suffered from severe depression, it was an incredibly long period.

Depression was much more than simply feeling low, upset, or unmotivated. It would drag a person into the shittiest of dumps. A perfectly healthy individual could suddenly lose interest in life. It didn’t matter if he had a loving family or not, he didn’t need a reason, he’d just stop caring about everything. Lu Kai had nobody to mourn after him, he didn’t fear death, he had nothing to lose. He tried to work on his positive thinking and mindset, but it was like adding another piece to his falling stack of dominos. It was a surprise that he kept on going strong. 

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“I had to die a little, everyday… die a little  to survive.” Lu Kai buried his head deeper into the crook of her neck, “What’s with the no-touching until I remember?”

“You pulled out the pity card. It was hard to resist.”

“How will he punish you?” His hands didn’t move away from their spot, only putting more pressure to get closer to her.

“However he sees fit.” Bing Shi patted his back, her nails stroked his shoulder blades, sending a tingling sensation all over his bare skin, “And what he meant by that rule… He knew he would be able to locate me immediately and feared for my safety. What he probably didn’t expect was to be transferred to the past instead of the present. I bet your mental situation would be in another state if you appeared together with me. After seeing your feelings towards Xue Bi, my existence was at risk. Lu Kai, you have to accept me too.”

*WARNING* Mature scene R-16 – START

“We never went beyond a hug…”

“Woah. Really? What about a kiss?”

He shook his head, his pended up emotions cooled down by a lot, “Your teasings…really got on my nerves.”

“Go ahead, spank m…Ouch! You didn’t even hesitate!” She laughed out, “Better?”

He nodded his head with a weak grin, breathing deeply, he rubbed her bottom. When he felt a cold sensation dripping down his half-erect pēnis, he gasped in shock, “Whaat…” He pulled away and look down, “…are you doing?”

“While you locked yourself in here, I bought a few things from the vending machines,” Bing Shi squeezed a tube of lube, “You didn’t touch yourself?”

“I lost interest halfway through,” he stated the truth, touching the tip, he spread the cold liquid around, “Go out. I’ll take care of it.”

When Bing Shi pulled another thing out of nowhere, Lu Kai wanted to take it away and bang it against her head. 

“See what I bought.” She showed him a silicone tube, which insides were formed into a vāgina. She opened the entrance and looked inside, she placed it before his nose to take a sniff, “I made it wet with a banana flavor.” Then, she thrust it down his length, making him groan in pleasure.

“Mpf…” He yanked her back into his arms and hugged her close, the tight cold walls woke up all his senses, “I know. I know. You’re different from Xue Bi… Bing Shi, you didn’t have to shove it down my cōck…ngh…” 

“I wouldn’t change my current Xuan Mu for the one before my death,” she whispered softly into his ears, sliding the silicone up and down, listening to his haggard breathing, “Xuan Mu loves the current me the most. If you change me into the old Xue Bi, he will kill you. Lu Kai, we’re already sharing nice memories together, I don’t want you to disappear.”

She was asking for Xuan Mu’s memories, not the old Xuan Mu himself. 

“Mm…” The second a flash of memories appeared in his mind, he pulled down her head, licking her lips, “My dirty little girl is so naughty today. Did you miss my touch that much?” Clasping her bottom, he raised his hips into the sēx toy, “When I had to take care of my needs, you only watched from afar…”

“Could you blame me? We were new to all of this.” Bing Shi looked at his enticing eyes in a daze. His tempting voice rubbed against her lips, titillating her core, heating it up. “You were stubborn, I was stubborn, everyone was stubborn.”

“We did a lot better this time, didn’t we?”  Lu Kai pulled at her bottom lip, reminiscing the first kiss he had with her as Ziek Black. Opening his mouth, their tongues mingled with each other. While her sweet saliva slid down his tongue and throat, she sniffed in the snots that accumulated in her nose, trying to pull away. But who was he? The more dirty and sloppy it was, the more he enjoyed it. Pressing her head and holding her in place, he continued to kiss her with sheer passion. 

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“It’s crazy how much I loved you and how much I hated it at the same time.” Cupping her cheeks, Lu Kai raised her head, his tongue traced down her chin and neck. She left a permanent mark on his heart. She was the one who knew how to break it and replace it, but didn’t know how to erase it. Looking at her new face from above, his thumb stroked her sharp eyebrows, her closed eyes, brushing away the droplets from her eyelashes. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry for shouting and cursing at you.”

“Mm… I’m sorry for making you wait again.” Bing Shi nodded her head. Tilting up, she responded to his kisses. The moment she was sure, she went for it.

No courting.

She didn’t want him to wait unnecessarily long. 

All the things they wanted to prove to themselves, they already did.

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Keeping Me Alive – Jonathan Roy (LYRICS)



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