5.04.11 – The Sleepless Elite’s Wife – Shopping Spree

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*WARNING* Mature content below (R-16)

Whenever a memory took over, Lu Kai would change a little by little. At that moment, he acted a bit like Ziek due to him recalling the past. Those were not personalities anymore, just a memory that altered a person because Xuan Mu accepted himself wholly as one. 

Sucking and licking her tongue, Lu Kai received a phone call. Pumping his head against the wall, he hugged her tightly. Now that he calmed down, she suddenly started to bawl her eyes out. Tapping his phone, he put the call on speaker as he tried to wipe down her constant tears.

The sobbing Bing Shi grabbed his hand and put it on top of the toy so he could play with himself while she rubbed Mao An’s ointment on top of his chest after she cleaned it up. Grabbing a nail clipper she began to trim his nails as short as possible. It pained her to see him like this.

“Why are you calling?” The helpless Lu Kai caressed Bing Shi’s back, appealing that he’s alright, which only increased her crying. 

“I noticed Mr. Chen Mo of your arrival.” His assistant informed, hearing the wailing sound on the other side. Was someone being tortured? “He sent you an opening ceremony invitation to a club Night Royale at 3:AM.”

Lu Kai needed to clear his thoughts, but he also didn’t want to separate from her. He muted the call, stroking her rosy cheeks, “Do you want to go? Aoi Hong and the leads are going to be here too.”

Bing Shi looked up at him, “…*Sniff*…But I don’t have…*Sniff*… a dress for a Night Club…*Sniff*… and high heels.”

“I’ll call someone to prepare a dress for you.”

“No…I don’t like surprises… *Sniff* What…*Sniff*…if I hate the dress?”

“Then, we’ll go out to buy one. You can choose whatever you like, alright?” he smiled softly. Seeing no more tears, it seemed he successfully switched her attention to something else. Not yet understanding Bing Shi’s personality, he thought she loved to dress up, which created a small misunderstanding. After accepting the invitation, Lu Kai turned off the call and leaned over for another sweet kiss. “I need to take a shower.”

He had no idea that the moment Bing Shi got to know that she was going to meet outsiders, she would immediately stop crying. Her emotions continued to pend up. 

Bing Shi nodded her head, motioning for him to go ahead as she turned on her phone, “Should I go for a revealing sēxy look?”

Lu Kai shook his head immediately as he went under a shower. “Cover yourself properly.” This was so strange, walking around naked before a woman he just met today, giving her his first kiss and allowing her to give him a handjob. Would Xue Bi be like that if they ever got married? 

“What about my image as your sugar baby?” Bing Shi pondered as she surfed through the internet, looking at pictures of women in clubbing dresses, “I have to conceal myself within the crowd like a Shinobi, who are famous for their use of stealth, and deception. To do that, I have to wear the same thing mayority of women would and act similarly…”

“…” Lu Kai didn’t know whether she was serious or not, maybe it was something in between, “I think becoming an intelligence agent would teach you more.”

“I don’t want to sacrifice my life to the country.” Bing Shi would rather not become a spy. Was HQ crazy? Did they want her to become James Bond and an actress at the same time when a day only had 24 hours? 

Lu Kai turned on a shower, “Didn’t you say you’ll take a week of vacation before starting your mission?”

“Mm, to accommodate myself into this world.” Bing Shi went to the sink to wash her face. Patting her face, she put on a cooling face mask for her puffy eyes and walked outside the bathroom to pick up her shopping bags, “My memories of Silika are getting blurry. I feel like a blank piece of sheet. It’s uncomfortable to know nothing about the potential danger and future.”

Bing Shi received the flash of memories from the dying body, not the soul itself.

“Are we keeping our relationship a secret from the public?” he asked. He needed some time to study the tattoo.

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“Let’s hide it for now,” Bing Shi sat at the bench and unpacked her make-up. “Just in case, let’s get a marriage certificate tomorrow morning? Only if you agree.”

“Sure, why not.” Grabbing a towel, Lu Kai went out of the shower, pretending to keep his cool. What? They didn’t even check each other’s backgrounds. Yes, why not? Who cared about debts and crime databases? They just decided to marry without any contract regarding their assets and wealth. If this got out, everyone would have him for the fool of the century. Currently, Bing Shi had no power, but nobody would have imagined that the wealth inside her ring was twice as his ring, “You just turned eighteen. Would your parents agree?”

“Oh my god, I totally forgot that I have to play house with some strangers.” Bing Shi slapped her forehead, “I only told him that I would be spending the night at my friend’s house.”

“We will marry tomorrow behind their backs then,” he decided. Ending as friends again? No. Grabbing a hairdryer, Lu Kai dried his hair as he watched how she changed into someone unrecognizable. “…” How was he going to kiss those pinky soft lips and her cheeks now? “…” When she put on a pair of fake eyelashes, he questioned if it was a good idea to bring her into a night club and whenever he should cover her gorgeous face with a paper bag. 

“I never went into a nightclub before. He said I wouldn’t like it, and I trusted that,” Bing Shi answered his question as she went for a sēxy look. If her man expected her to go for an amateurish, low-tier look to chase men away, then he was wrong. How could a sugar baby catch a sugar daddy if not with her appearance and charms? Wouldn’t others find it suspicious? She balanced her long, curled eyelashes with a soft, muted, makeup, letting her glamorous eyes do the talking and her dewy skin the rest. 

“…” Chewing on his bottom lip, Lu Kai was this close from taking her under the shower and wipe her hard work off.

She stared back at his gaze full of objections. “What are you afraid of? Nobody can steal me away from you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your face alone would discourage my suitors from approaching, not speaking about your wealth that could shatter all their hope. I should be the one drawing pimples at your forehead and chin…”

After she persuaded him, he spanked her bottom to relieve his restless heart and pecked her lips to soothe his fluttering stomach. Prying her mouth open, he exchanged his saliva. This made him feel so good, what about the honey in between her legs? Would it make him feel as good too? Pulling away abruptly, he rushed towards the sink and splashed his face with cold water. Before going further, he decided to wait for Bing Shi to obtain some of Xue Bi’s memories first. He could control his body, it’s just when they were alone, his mind couldn’t think about anything else besides having its way with her body.

“…” Bing Shi combed her hair into undulating waves. Looking at herself in the mirror attached to the wall, there was not a hint of school girlishness if not for her blue dress and the oversized cardigan, “Oh, it still matches my outfit well.”

“Mm…it does.” Lu Kai touched his unblemished face. Things as hormones, insomnia, and stress used to show up on his skin. These few years, he focused on his work too much, therefore he tended to neglect other aspects of his life… his wardrobe, for example. Strangely, his sleep pattern improved. He would often fall asleep by dreaming about their future, such as when she’d show up, how she’d show up, their first meetings, feelings, reactions, etcetera, often waking up fully replenished.

“Aw, you’re following the beauty routine from the space ring,” getting near Lu Kai who was applying a nourishing cream on his face, Bing Shi smeared a strawberry chapstick on his lips and combed his hair to the side. “Did you use to have pimples in your teens too?”

“A lot.” Lu Kai glanced at the aloe vera cream in his hand which was based on a formula from the cream in her space.

“Me too.” Sliding up his black shirt, she applied some ointment again. Patting his chest, she pecked his heart, “I’m not good with big crowds, so don’t let anybody get near me if possible.”

“That goes without questioning,” Lu Kai didn’t plan to let anybody get close either. He wasn’t getting possessive, was he? He just felt a tiny bit protective. He suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked in shock as she slowly took off her black panties from under her dress and gave them to him as if it was an everyday occurrence. “…”

“You’ve been peeking for a while now,” Bing Shi put on a new pair of panties and went to grab her backpack from the bedroom.

“…” She noticed? Lu Kai held her panties and felt a little wet patch. 

< Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.>

And… he did it. He licked. Then, he licked a little bit more. Lu Kai put the familiar panties inside his coat pocket in rush. All her simple underwear was black, and he probably knew why. He was freaked out by Xuan Mu’s obsession with Bing Shi. 

After finding his brother’s and Xue Bi’s orientation, Lu Kai discovered his. He was a hetero demisexual, he felt sexual attraction only towards women, with whom he created a strong emotional connection. Whenever he looked up adūlt videos, he went for stimulation; he never imagined having his way with any of the women. In short, he couldn’t fall in love at first sight or lust after a woman he just met. It took him half a year of knowing Xue Bi for deeper feelings to sprout. 

Here came his question. Was knowing Bing Shi through the space ring enough for him to end up like this perverted clown? His body’s reaction was normal, but the wild fantasy in his mind wasn’t. Or was it due to his past? So far, he only received a few memories from the apocalypse. He was dancing to her tempo more than he wanted and it was catching him off guard. He held her hand and interlocked their fingers, curiosity getting a better hold off him, “Did you become wet from our kiss?”

“Mm…I might be trying to make you feel relaxed around me too fast…” Bing Shi avoided his gaze awkwardly, “But I still know how to feel shy. Do you want me to slow down?”

“No… I just need to know how far I can go with you.” Lu Kai stopped before a vending machine and bought a few more toys. She was right. He was getting too relaxed around her, and this hotel was too entertaining. “I don’t want to do something against your will.” 

“I’ll tell you when to stop.” Bing Shi pinched his skin, “Like this. As long as it’s only the two of us, I’m open to pretty much anything.” She gave him a package of unscented wet wipes, “Also your hands, make sure they are clean before touching my face, to avoid my skin from breaking out. I’m not a fan of heavy PDA.”

“Me neither.” See? This was what he was speaking about. Lu Kai took away his hand that was getting a bit sweaty and both cleaned their hands. He wasn’t a fan of PDA either as he didn’t like to share his sēx life with anyone.

Bing Shi turned around for him to put the new toys into her backpack. She wanted to introduce her temporary system to Lu Kai. 

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

This whole time, XiaoPu was in the space room, watching videos on the new phone that Bing Shi bought for him with Lu Kai’s money. 

Lu Kai eyed the sleeping boy who was sprawled on the huge bed, “You gave him a vacation too?”

“Yes.” Bing Shi nodded as they left the room, “XiaoPu didn’t receive one in a thousand years. I have a hunch that the HQ wants me to heal a few broken souls by being a celebrity.”

While waiting for a taxi to arrive, they quickly cruised through other rooms. Despite not being able to use them fully, they took it as a trip worth all the money. While holding their hands, they shook their heads helplessly. Whenever they were alone, there was too much sēxual tension going on at his side, putting them in a very awkward situation.

· ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

“Such a beautiful pair.” The old taxi driver looked at his rear mirror, at the young man and his wife, “Are you going through a relationship crisis? Me and my wife…”

Lu Kai had to say. What a way to turn a person off. At least, in the presence of others, he could take a breaker. Both put on their earbuds, turned on their phones, and started to do their things, ignoring the driver’s blabbering.

Bing Shi was looking for a university. She had yet to build a skyscraper. Besides a drama school, should she go for civil engineering too? It shouldn’t stand in her acting schedule if she signed for distance learning. She didn’t have to worry about money either. Yep, let’s send a few applications later.

The taxi driver stopped talking when none of them bothered to respond, ‘Young people these days… They know no manners.’

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