5.05.14 – The Sleepless Elite’s Wife – Nightclub

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Part (1/2) – 2k words. Enjoy~


Lu Kai touched her swollen lips, “How was it?”

Bing Shi looked down, “Check for yourself.”

Lu Kai slid his hands under her skirt, leaving the rest for his imagination, “…”

“I can’t really tell if you’re a good kisser or not, you always make my body feel good.” Bing Shi took out her compact mirror, feeling him getting hard underneath again, she moved a little to tease him a bit, but he grabbed her hips to grind on him more.

“…What did I get myself into?” Lu Kai asked himself, focusing on how she struggled to do things with her long, pink nails. Helping Bing Shi open the mirror, he held it for her to touch up her face. His eyes traced towards her high heels. How did his past come to like Bing Shi? If it were him, he would never glance at these types of women that screamed self-obsessed and high maintenance. 

And now, here he was…

He couldn’t wait to marry one tomorrow.

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

The car finally passed the exterior of the club. The entry was manned by a bouncer who overlooked the long queue of people.

Parking in the underground garage, they used an elevator to enter the main V.I.P. area and private rooms that held as many as 20 people each. The celebrity hangout was in a V.I.P. booth, on the third floor with an elegant and posh ambience. There were a small live performance area and a private chef’s table. 

Lu Kai led Bing Shi towards the intimate booths along the quieter perimeter with floor-to-ceiling windows. Seating Bing Shi near the window so she could have the best view, he picked up the menu and sat next to her. 

Because they were surrounded by very good-looking people and the most exclusive crowd of the city, they didn’t stick out as much, if not for Bing Shi’s coat.

Those who noticed their arrival took them for unknown models at first. After asking, they got to know that one was a scientist while the other was an aspiring actress. Putting one and one together, that aspiring actress in a white coat had to climb into some rich second generation’s bed. It wouldn’t take long before the man would get tired of her and toss her away. Nothing new in this circle. But damn did they both catch a fine fish.

~Never appear too perfect.

~Envy creates silent enemies.

Taking this chance, Bing Shi happily accepted everyone’s business cards, giving hers in exchange. Ah, no wonder Lu Kai requested an invitation to a nightclub and asked her if she wanted to go. She confessed to Lu Kai’s ears while pointing at the pole dancers on the first floor, her alluring voice swiveled with his hormones, “I can do the same… but much more.”

“…” Lu Kai leaned over to look at the main dance floor space with slightly elevated platforms for the paid dancers and DJ. All dancers had a high level of performance and their dance was more than spicy. Seeing Bing Shi’s smug smile, he tickled her ear with his hot breath, “Stop. Teasing. Me.”

“Hehe.” Patting her pink ear, Bing Shi took in the glitz and glamour of this place. The stylish decor was modern with mirrors, glass, and lights that constantly changed color and the mood of the club. After becoming a CE, she always had a habit of analyzing the construction of the building, its design, structural components, safety measures, and escape routes.

“It’s her.” Lu Kai pointed at this world’s female lead that was using the stairway on the left side of the dancing platform, which led up to the VIP hotel area. 

Bing Shi looked at Su Min in curiosity. 

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

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*WARNING* This part contains violence such as abuse and rāpe. Read at your own risk – [START]

Su Min hugged her stomach as she walked through the hallway. Finding the right room, she stepped inside, “Mo Luwei…”

Su Min was suddenly pushed against the wall, her hands were locked above her head, “Mo Luwei?”

“You stalking bītch missed me that much, huh?” Mo Luwei’s disgusted tone pierced through her heart.

“No, I…” Su Min looked at him with an elated smile, “I’m pregnant. Mo Luwei, you are the father of our child. Mo Luwei, will you marry me?”

“Humpf!” His cold sneer entered her ears, “Pregnant? Do you think you could tie me down with a child?!”

Su Min felt her body being dragged inside the room. Being thrown at the couch, her clothes were ripped open as she felt his hard thing entering her lower body, “Mo Luwei! Are you crazy?! The doctor said that I can’t have sēx!”

“Protect the child for tonight, and I’ll marry you,” he declared with scorn.

For herself and her child, she would endure the pain in her heart. “OK!” she agreed.

Bing Shi who was about to storm out of the room to help out Su Min opened her eyes wide in disbelief. She was utterly shocked. Did they just make a bet on an unborn baby?!

“You’re such a fūcking bītch. You can even risk your unborn baby!” Mo Luwei lowered his head and kissed Su Min, biting her lips violently, “It’s no wonder you framed and killed your own sister!”

‘Even if I said I didn’t do it, he would never believe me!’ Su Min screamed in her mind. Would she sacrifice her child to marry Mo Luwei? No… how could she be so cruel?! She started to thrash around violently, her child couldn’t die, or else her relationship with Mo Luwei would come to an end!

“Mo Luwei, everything is my fault! Forgive me, please! Please, don’t kill our child!” she begged.

“Shut up! You have to face the consequences of your actions!” 

“You demon!” Su Min roared and struggled, but everything was useless, he continued to have sēx with her, even when his legs were stained with her blood. 

After that, he entered the bathroom, took a shower and left.

*WARNING* This part contains violence such as abuse and rāpe. Read at your own risk – [END]

“Aaaah!” Feeling the pool of blood underneath, Su Min screamed in grievance until she fainted. The only connection she had with Mo Luwei, their unborn child, must have died from all their rigorous movements. When she woke up, her body was clean. A doctor examined her condition. ‘Did Mo Luwei send him to check if I’m dead?’

“Miss, I could barely save the child. Please be careful the next time,” informed the doctor.

“What?!” Su Min grabbed the doctor’s arm, asking weakly, “My child is save?!” She started to shake the doctor’s arm, a broad smile appeared on her exhausted face, “I won the bet! I won the bet! Will he fulfill his promise and marry me? He has to! He promised!”

“Miss Su… Mr. Mo left the country for an important meeting.”

There was only excitement in Su Min’s heart. She tried to contact Mo Luwei, but in anxiousness, she fainted again. Four years ago, she was the most high-profile miss Su of Su Family. Four years later, she became a woman that had to suffer through Mo Luwei revenge because he thought that she killed his sweetheart, Su Luqin. 

If it weren’t for that vicious woman, Su Luqin, her mother wouldn’t have died, her father wouldn’t have ended up in prison, her family wouldn’t have ended up in bankruptcy. 

She was the one who met and saved Mo Luwei first, but Su Luqin stole away everything with her frail and gentle act! 

Su Min tried to uncover Su Luqin’s true face and win Mo Luwei back, but Mo Luwei always stood on her step-sister’s side! 

Now with her child being alive, she could still obtain Mo Luwei’s love!

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

Bing Shi accepted Lu Kai’s cold blue drink. Sipping on it, she shook her head in doubt. She had been listening to that scene through an earbud.

Everyone had their issues, Bing Shi saw worse, but for the world’s leads, she had some kind of higher expectations. It was her first time meeting such a masochistic female lead that was one step away from an asylum center. 

What about the male lead? Used to work with geniuses, she never met a male lead dumber than this one. What if he had the presence of a medieval king? He never bothered to investigate or look for any evidence. That ‘royal’ man had been rāping his death, sweetheart’s sister as revenge! The sweetheart which never died in the first place! Did the male lead even try to search for Su Luqin when Su Luqin fell into the ocean? Bing Shi didn’t know. What she saw was him, finding excuses to take out his complexes on the female lead.

Just hearing his voice made Bing Shi lose a few brain cells. The next time she heard him utter a word, she would probably break his teeth with her staff. 

Shaking off her violent side, she didn’t have brain cells to spare on a man like him. 

· · ─── · ⊱❈⊰· ─── · ·

If Lu Kai wanted to establish a connection with the World Law, he couldn’t do as he pleased. One couldn’t simply greet it with a hi. Imagine nature having its own brain that didn’t distinguish between wrong or right, it didn’t punish or reward. It was just here, around us, doing basically little to nothing besides making sure that everyone followed its rules. If it said that you couldn’t distinguish fire with fire, then you simply couldn’t. So what he was basically ordered to do was to break the law of physics. No, not the scientific theories, but absolute physical laws of the universe. Hilarious as it sounded, he never came in contact with something as complex as this. 

Maybe HQ realized how impossible it sounded, they gave him a bunch of other roles and tasks, turning him into a jack of all trades. He received a set amount of soul energy, and if used up, he would need to utilize his own. Thus the reason why he devoured the two Gods (Aoi Hong, Quin Yu), and took away most of their ‘rare’ soul energy, turning them into humans that had to go through a trial to become ‘unique’ souls.

This job required a certain type of moral viciousness. He was an enemy that hid in the shadows. The main seatback was Lu Kai’s ability to interfere with other people’s courses of action. For example, he could eliminate all criminals with a flick of his finger at the cost of creating an imbalance between the souls. 

When he saw the things happening between this world’s male lead and female lead, he didn’t know whether to interfere or not.

Bing Shi who could partly understand what he was going through assured him that he wasn’t here to help everyone, so it was for the best to stick to his human abilities, shut down his god-like powers as such things could seriously mess up with his mentality.  

Lu Kai got to know that Bing Shi once ordered Kuro to delete every child pōrn and other disgusting stuff from the deep web, this caused a bigger disaster to follow. New videos with new victims would always appear.

Since then, she preferred to do everything within her human capacities. Nothing beyond that if the situation didn’t call otherwise. 

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Excruciating Deep Love With You, spoilers:

There is no female lead that got accidentally drugged with an aphrodisiac and stumbled her way to the ML’s den, who by chance got accidentally drugged too. 😂

This FL throws herself before ML repeatedly, knowing very well what would happen. She wanted to tie him with a child, not expecting ML to be so ruthless.

Poor Little Hero stayed strong the whole time.🙏

Some people just don’t deserve to have children, don’t you agree?👈

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