Chapter 15: 6 years in flash

Administrator Kelemvor looked at him and nodded his head. A vessel was one of the essential things for traveling through void and universe. If a vessel was too weak, it could be destroyed by any random void monster or some other creatures.

Lucien’s choice of floating fortress Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory was one of the better ones. This floating fortress had powerful attacking capabilities and defensive capabilities. It could be used as housing for his race because they numbered only so little and his family.

In the void, above their heads giant floating fortress started materializing. At the same time, at Lucien’s right hand, one weird cross-like symbol appeared. It was blue, and it was shining brightly. Lucien knew that this was probably some mark of ownership over Charles Patricius and served as dimensional space for a floating fortress.

One must say that floating fortress Charles Patricius looked very magnificent. It’s bottom looked a little bit futuristic to contrast with buildings and gothic design of fortress and its surroundings. The main fortress was in one word huge. It had several floors what could Lucien tell with a glance. To its right side was another building, which was some vault or something similar. On its left side was a giant training field used to practice martial arts and combat.

The surroundings were too very nice. The entire place was filled with many trees and flowers. There were some benches and even arbor. Lucien than felt that the process of connecting was finished and floating fortress Charles Patricius disappeared to its dimensional space.

“You would be able to use it freely after reaching Baron Rank. Now go.”

Said Administrator Kelemvor as he closed his eyes. Lucien then disappeared without a sound.


Since meeting with an Administrator of Akashic Records, Kelemvor six years passed. Time was flowing like water, and many years passed. Many things happened past these six years. One most notable was that Washuu Clan had sent several S-Rated people to sneak into the island, but they were found after some time by one Baron ranked ghoul of Sacred Devourer Ghouls who fought them. What was weird, they were found several kilometers away from spatial rift, which was leading to hell.

Battle went well until some of them chose to detonate some explosives at the entrance to hell. What was terrible at that was the fact that energy created by that explosion was all devoured by the rift and in return, the rift has become even bigger and more and more demons were coming out.

Entire Aeon House already decided as leaders of Sacred Devourer Ghouls that Washuu Clan must be annihilated because this was a pure declaration of war. But as nobody could leave this island because after that considerable explosion and expansion of the spatial rift, many demons escaped to the island. Many of them very even of Baron Rank, so the situation was still poor.

But this didn’t change the fact that Lucien must go attempt his Hell Trials in that place. Because that explosion didn’t manage to damage caves where that rift was located, his trails couldn’t be shifted to another location. This was the tradition. After Lucien completed his trials, he would be sent to Tokyo to hunt for Washuu clan members as revenge. This was what was told to him.

During these six years, Lucien grew from a little body to a handsome man. He had now around 1.8 meters, and his white hair was already reaching his waist almost. His eyes were still beautifully light blue, and it even looked they were shining a little. His gaze had become sharper, and the entire aura around him was now mature, composed, noble, and calm.

Now he was currently in training field practicing kenjutsu alone. He wasn’t wearing any shirt, and his well-sculpted muscular body was showing its beauty. Every woman who was going around would at least look at him with sparkling eyes.

After some practice with the sword, he turned on his kakugan and activated his kakuja V2, which was entire body armor with katana. When he reached RC Level over 4,000, he was able to activate the second version of his kakuja. In this version, he had entire body armor except for a mask that was missing. The weapon was still the same katana as before. To be more precise his RC Level was already nearing 6,000 because of constant doting of his grandfather who was giving him the finest blood essences and other things to devour. Unfortunately, he didn’t have, and blood essence of Baron Ranked demons cause it would take a long time for him to digest.

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When he lastly had blood essence of Baron ranked demon six years ago it increased his RC Level tremendously it was true, but at the same time, he spent more time stabilizing that RC Level. Almost one year was spent only on that.

“Your Highness. His highness Dante Dracul Il Tepes has come to see you.”

Suddenly he heard the voice of the maid which was accompanied in case if he needed something. Dante Dracul Il Tepes was like him heir of Dracul Tepes House of Vampire Race. He was his only friend he made in all these years. They had a lot of things in common. Both of them were obsessed with cultivation and fighting. Dante was a genius when it came to research evolution and magic. He came up with the method of how to use large quantities of blood to do body refinement. So now even Vampire Race was much stronger than before.

After several seconds, a young man in his teens came. He looked around the same age as Lucien. He had short blond hair and bright red eyes. Clothed in a bloody red suit, he looked like a vampire nobility.

“Lucien I heard that you would be leaving for your Hell Trails, my Blood Trials would be after you complete yours, so I came to wish you lots of luck.”

Said Dante, with a smile as he wished his friend luck in trials. He, like Lucien, didn’t have any friends except for him. Both of them were darlings of their Houses and races and were like most precious treasures. They met around four years ago at a banquet, which was a celebration of something which Lucien didn’t even remember.

“Thank you, Dante. I think it would be around a year at most to complete my trials. Then it was decided for me to go to Tokyo and hunt for some Washuu’s. They had done too much damage this time.”

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Said Lucien with hatred in his voice. During these six years, he had grown much stronger and was already A-Rated Sacred Devourer Ghoul without the usage of his Kakuja. He could fight and kill some weaker S Rated ordinary ghouls. His telekinesis ability and psionic energy capacity were still the same.

“I wanted to go with you, but I have many experiments started now. So even after three years most of them won’t be finished. Shame, I wanted to see the outside world.”

Regretted Dante. Just like Lucien, he didn’t saw the outside world and only was in Blood Island.

“Come, my friend. My grandpa brought the blood of Baron ranked demon and said we could drink one small glass of it.”

Said Lucien and Dante’s eyes brightened like those of little children during Christmas. For Vampires, blood was a source of cultivation, strength, and pleasure. They loved to drink the blood of powerful creatures cause it would make them strong, and it gave them pleasure.


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