Chapter 8: Awaken and continue to train

Lucien was currently feeling a peculiar feeling in his brain as it was expanding. His brain cells were working faster and faster and were processing every information accepted. This wasn’t only waking of the telekinesis ability but the complete evolution of his brain to the whole new level.

Even though this was an excruciating process, it only took around two or three hours to complete. He was thoroughly awake now and could feel everything in the room through his Divine Telekinesis. It was a wonderful feeling.

This telekinesis like observation was somewhat similar to some spiritual sense of divine sense. It let him know everything around him and feel the presences of people around him. It could be used even to measure the strength and cultivation of the person if he continues to practice with it.

But as he was tired from the entire process, Lucien just continued to sleep due to his high fatigue.


He woke up after three days, and the first thing which he did was that he tested his telekinesis. It was just a small test as he only looked at the glass of water at a near table glass was slowly coming to him as he took it to his hands.

“I have finally managed to awaken Divine Telekinesis. Even though I can’t increase my psionic energy level, for now, the consumption of psionic energy to perform Divine Telekinesis isn’t so huge. So if I end most of my fights within one hour, it would be okay as I can’t delete all of my reserves or it could damage my brain. What’s more, my perception and senses all gotten much stronger than before.”

Lucien was now in a perfect mood. His telekinesis ability was awakened and usable, and even though his psionic energy level wasn’t very high, it was enough to fight around one hour with fair usage of telekinesis ability.

After that, he drank a few glasses of water and changed his clothes from pajamas to the luxurious black suit like the robe and went out of his room. Outside room were two family guards standing on guard.

“I am already alright. Escort me to father and mother.”

Said Lucien immediately after he opened the door of his room, not giving guards any time to react. They obediently nodded their heads and taken Lucien to Asmodeus and Selene.

Fortunately, Lucien’s room was rather close to the study room of his father and the training field wasn’t far away too. As they were walking through the corridor, Lucien was looking at various beautiful paintings that his family collected in many generations.

There were many paintings, sculptures exposed here to decorate the mansion. In the human world, most of these things would be heavily guarded in museums or various institutes, but here they were freely hanging on walls or placed on pedestals. Many of these works were from famous painters like Da Vinci or Van Gogh.

But more exciting things which served as decoration of the mansion were old weapons from middle-ages. Cold weapons as longswords, katanas, kunais and various armors of knights, crusaders or Japanese samurais ornamented entire estate of Aeon House.

Currently, Asmodeus and Selene were together in the library. They were both sitting on a luxurious leather sofa, which was placed in front of the fireplace, wherein a fire was burning wood and cracking of burning wood was heard an entire room. Hs father Asmodeus was reading the book, and his mother leaned over his shoulder with closed eyes.

“Father, mother!”

Yelled Lucien at an entire room to know his presence to the couple who were in their world. It was very effective. His mother jumped like a cat whose tail was stepped on and ran to hug him. Her hugs were powerful as she was Sacred Devourer Ghoul with extremely high physical powers.

“Mother, I can’t breath.”

Hearing this, his mother released him a little but not completely. His father put down the book and too came to him and patted his head more affectionately.

“Lucien tells us, the doctor said that you had awakened psionic ability called telekinesis. Can you demonstrate it for us?”

Hearing this, Lucien nodded this head and used his telekinesis ability to bring a book that his father read here. Both of his parents were surprised to see the book levitating in the air. Then the book fell in Asmodeus ‘s hands.

“This ability allows me to control objects with my mind. I could use my kagune to shapeshift it to some swords or dagger and control them with telekinesis to perform long-distance attacks. Its destructive power would be surely great.”

Explained Lucien his idea to his parents. They both had looks of surprise and joy on their faces. Then his father seemed thinking about something as he turned to Lucien and said to him.

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“Your training will be resumed after one week. The doctor said that your body would need rest to adapt to your telekinesis ability. After a week, you could start practicing as normal and also practicing usage of your telekinesis ability.”


This one week passed with as fast as thunder. Lucien was only doing almost nothing. He spends most of his time reading books in the library, studying Sacred Rinkaku Scripture or pondering about how to upgrade RC Body Refining Techniques.

He didn’t count activities as eating and drinking coffee or tea into this. Besides he also spends a few hours with his mother as he loved it when she was reading him some stories about fights of his ancestors with some other powerful ghouls, vampires or some other creatures.

He managed to know even the time in which he was born. It was around the same time as Ken Kaneki was born. So when will original story acts begin he will be around 18 to 19 years old. He wanted to visit Japan as he got to know that Japan contained one of the most potent ghouls on earth besides Blood Island.

Another reason was that he wanted to meet more than one person there. But he wanted to meet certain sensei most. From what he heard from his father he got to know that Washuu Clan was planning something big. Nobody here had a good impression of Washuu’s.

Something that didn’t happen in the original story and was unique. Even his father didn’t know what it will be, but it won’t be anything good. Washuu Clan and Aeon House didn’t have the best relationships.


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In the training field, Lucien was currently clothed in his training suit, and his mother was showing him the correct use of detachable kagune and how to shapeshift it into weapons and other objects.

His mother too had rinkaku type kagune and now was currently showing six tails from her waist as her kakugan was already on. He just looked at her tails and heard her saying.

“Everything depends on your imagination. You must imagine a weapon that you want to have and your kagune will shapeshift into it. Many weapons depend on your RC Level. So with your current RC Level could create only one sword or around five daggers. When your RC Level increases, you will be able to create many more weapons.”

Her mother created a beautiful pair of snow-white katanas, holding one in each of her hands.

“Now try to do the same.”

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