Chapter 24: Tokyo

Lucien was currently sitting in a plane that was flying to its target, Tokyo. This plane was a private jet of his family and was specially constructed by requests by his father. The contractor was a private company that was building jets for wealthy people.

This jet was of ordinary size. It wasn’t small, but it wasn’t any big plane, either. It had only a few seats and was very luxuriously decorated. There were two bedrooms, one dining room, and bathroom what more this plane had some specials inscription on in created by Vampires for more safer traveling.

Lucien left today early in the morning and only said goodbye to his parents and grandfather. His father gave him some secret documents which contained some vital information about specific people, significant places and so on. It even mentioned the name of the person who was working for Aeon House for very long as the spy. He managed to infiltrate deep inside ghoul society, and what’s more important he was a member of Clowns.

Clown was a very weird group of most crazed, dangerous and sadistic ghouls that ever existed. They all wore clown-themed masks and stated they intended to “have the last laugh”.

The person who worked in secret for Aeon House was surprisingly Uta. Apparently, he was working for Aeon House for a long time. Lucien’s first aim was to visit his HySy ArtMask Studio. Firstly he needed the necessary information and secondly, he needed some mask.

His second aim was to visit the Helter Skelter bar. It was owned by Itori, who was also an information broker in the underworld and she was a member of Clowns too. He needed to visit Itori because she was the best information broker in entire Japan probably and she was only one that had confidential pieces of information about Washuu’s, V, CCG and Sunlit Garden.


Lucien overslept the entire flight and was only woken up by a pilot. The pilot wasn’t Sacred Devourer Ghoul but rather Vampire. Because this jet was specially modified by vampires, they were best at piloting it. Lucien then exited plane only to see the giant metropolis of Tokyo. It was a magnificent view. Everywhere were skyscrapers and other high rise buildings.

Before his plane was already parked black Hummer limousine with a personal driver, but this wasn’t everything. There were two more Hummers H3 with several bodyguards as the escort. All of them wore pitch black suits, and they had attitudes of soldiers. They were all ghouls mercenaries that were hired by some means to act as guards of the mansion where Lucien would be living. All of them were Caucasian, and they looked like some kind of foreigners in this country. Their combat strength was at most around the A rate. Only one of them was S rated.

This all was already pre-arranged by his family. Everything from the plane to the last bottle of blood was taken care of. His only task was to spill some blood of Washuu. When all of them saw Lucien all people respectfully saluted to him and then Lucien got into the car, and this small convoy went to the mansion where Lucien would be living.

In Hummer Limousine for Lucien was already waiting for the captain of this squad. He was typically the middle-aged man, with short black hair and with high around 1,9m. His physique seemed to be strong from just looked at him, and his gaze was sharp and vigilant.

His name was unknown, but his code-name was well known. He was nicknamed as Darkwalker because he never fights in light and only starts fights when the light is gone, and he was using methods very underhandedly in fights.

“Welcome, Lord Aeon.”

Greeted Darkwalker, Lucien with the utmost respect. He was a long-time associate of Aeon House in their activities in the world if something urgent popped out, so he knew about Aeon House.

“Hello, Mr. Darkwalker.”

Answered Lucien politely. He was learned from a young age how to act as a true noble. That was calm, polite and elegant.

“As per the contract, our Mercenary Group won’t take part in your fight against Washuu Clan, CCG, V or any other organizations. We are only responsible for the protection of your mansion and for escorting you to various places in Tokyo. We won’t take part not because we don’t want, but our strength is rather ridiculous compared to giants like your clan and your enemies. Now were are heading to the mansion, its located in the 21st ward of Tokyo and is close to Tsukiyama Family Estate.”

Lucien just nodded at this. It was certainly true that a group of A-rated ghouls with one S rated ghoul won’t be a massive help for him. But their original purpose was only doing escort to him and guarding estate. That’s all.

“Good. When we arrive at the estate and unpack all things, you would take me to Helter Skelter bar in the 14th ward. Then you would leave cause I would be probably attacked by members of V. They know that I am here most likely.”

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Darkwalker nodded his head in agreement. He knew that none of his people was a match of agents of V. They were able to slaughter most of the ghoul investigators, not counting associate special class and special class ghoul investigators, but agents of V something different. Most of them were half-humans, powerful ghouls and other hybrids and were extremely dangerous and far more experienced in fights.


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The estate which was owned by Lucien currently was very similar to that of Tsukiyama Family. It was a huge western-styled estate. Most of the mansions near were in a similar spirit. All of them belonged to wealthy individuals and families. Lucien quickly inspected estate before leaving for Helter Skelter bar.

He left most of his bodyguards here, and only two of them went with him in Hummer H3.

Helter Skelter bar was located in 14th Ward, which was full of ghouls that practiced cannibalism. His bodyguards dropped him near the bar itself, and Lucien went the remaining distance on foot. This particular bar was located in a rather hidden location. The entrance was in some back alley, where you go downstairs, and at the end of the corridor, you would find a door with shining heading Helter Skelter Bar. For info, this bar was named after the song by The Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’.

Lucien opened the door slowly and entered in. What should surprise him but it didn’t was the fact that this bar was empty almost all the time. This was a so-called ghoul bar which only ghouls visited, and very very few humans visited this place. From what Lucien knew that in original work this place was shown only a few times and was only visited frequently by Uta and Yomo Renji, they were friends with owner Itori.

The entire bar was very nicely decorated with brick walls, lights were muted to the lowest, and the entire bar gave the dark feeling. But Lucien liked this very much. He slowly walked towards the bar as he was examining every corner of this place.

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