Chapter 25: Itori

Behind the bar was already woman drinking what seemed to be red wine. In reality, it was blood wine. It was none other than Itori with her long, peachy orange hair, which was parted down the center and worn loose. She wore a black corset dress with sheer neck and arms and a ruffled skirt and shoes. Her clothes were rather revealing, and Lucien was mesmerized when he looked at her first time. She was too beautiful.

As Lucien was looked at her, she was looking at him too. She was curious about him mainly because of his unusual white hair and bright blue eyes. He looked incredibly handsome with his charming hair cut and clothed in rather peculiar clothing. Lucien took several outfits with him and one of them being the attire of Ferid Bathory. When he had already haircut of hi, he chose one of his attires to be like this. He always liked that white suit with a long coat, tight high boots, and a white waistcoat. It gave a noble presence. What was funny that when he showed it to his mother, she took fancy to this attire and even forced most of the guards to wear similar attire as their uniform.

Itori blushed a little when she noticed that Lucien was looking at her intensively. He looked very handsome and gave a noble aura and unfathomable deep impression. She couldn’t know apart if he was human or if he was a ghoul.

“Good day, beautiful lady.”

Bowed Lucien in the way he was learned at hours of etiquette. His Japanese was fluent like that of a native speaker. This was another big plus for Executor of Akashic Records. Comprehending natural language is a straightforward thing, cause Lucien could learn it through records which are faster way compared to the traditional way of learning languages. Of course, this is only with common languages. When it comes to those like dragon language or some special one, there is no helping to it.

Itori smiled when she heard his compliment proudly. None of the men she knew would be so daring. Even though she looked harmlessly and innocent, she also powerful ghoul with slightly sadistic and cruel tendencies as the rest of the Clowns.

“Good day to you, handsome. So what it will be?”

Said Itori coquettishly. Lucien was embarrassed deep inside because this was the first time that some woman was flirting with him, but he still had to keep the calm and composed facade. He only smiled as he was thinking about what to drink.

“Only one cup of black coffee.”

Ordered Lucien. Itori raised her brow about his order cause she suspected him of being a ghoul and black coffee was the only thing ghouls could drink from human food. She quickly prepared him one cup of her best coffee. She cared more about this concrete cup of coffee. Secretly she wanted to impress the man before her, but this was only in the subconscious plane.

Lucien was watching her preparing the coffee and looked around. He saw many bottles of expensive alcohol and many bottles with red liquid in wine bottles. In reality, those bottles were human or ghoul blood wine. Blood wine is an alcoholic beverage consumed by ghouls due to being unable to drink the traditional wine made from grapes. It is created through a process of spoiling and fermentation, similar to the method humans create wine. This process causes the blood to gain properties similar to alcoholic beverages, causing intoxication when consumed by ghouls. It is frequently treated in the same manner humans treat wine, bottled and served in wine glasses.

After two minutes, the strong and characteristic pervasive fragrance of freshly made coffee was in the air. Itori came to him and put down the cup of fresh coffee before him. He sniffed it lightly, and warm expression was made on his face.

“Very beautiful fragrance of the coffee. Thank you.”

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Lucien commended her coffee. He was surprised that Itori could make such a good coffee. Because making delicious coffee was art itself.

“Ah, hh, don’t need to commend it so much. Something like this is trifling. What’s your name? You are from abroad, aren’t you? I am Itori!”

Asked Itori with great enthusiasm. She was an amiable and talkative person. She liked having fun and even pulling pranks on people. It was the truth. Lucien was looking at her thinking what should he tell her. He wasn’t fond of telling her his real name, but as he knew that she was the best information broker and V most likely knew about him, it won’t take a long time for certain people to learn this information.

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“My name is Lucien Etras di Aeon, and yes, I am not local. Just came today to Tokyo and found this place.”

Introduced Lucien himself as he sipped his coffee.

“Ooo your name is so long, are you some aristocrat? That would explain you are bizarre clothing. Can I call you by your surname or would you prefer me calling you by your name?”

Smirked Itori at him as she asked. Even though she was best in the brand but she didn’t hear anybody called Etras di Aeon. It wasn’t so surprising because very very few people knew about the existence of this name.

“Yes I am, and you could call me Lucien. You are the first person besides my family to call me that.”

He said to her. He didn’t consider Dante as first-person cause their two families were extremely close because of their ruled and fought side by side. So he and Dante were more like sworn-brothers than friends.

“Okay, okay, Lucien-san. Sooo why did you come to Tokyo?”

Asked Itori with as she innocently blinked her eyes. Then she sipped her blood wine and looked at Lucien’s reaction to this question. Sadly his expression was still indifferent and the same as it was before.

“Only for some family business. Boring thing. Nothing that would interest such a young lady.”

Lucien hit the soft spot of most women. Age. When Itori heard his compliment, her expression lost for some time previous vigilance about his talks. He feared she would have some tricks to discern if he was deceiving her, so he used this old cheap trick. It surprisingly worked good.

“You are such gentleman Lucien-san. Do you have any girlfriend?”

Asked Itori mischievously with a smile on her face. Lucien almost spurred out his coffee when he heard that. These kinds of questions were extremely uncomfortable for him. He was doing his best to keep himself composed.

“Nope Itori-san. I must say that your coffee is delicious. I have enjoyed it very much.”

Said Lucien with a smile to which Itori smiled somewhat proudly too. Then he stood up and as he already finished drinking his coffee and looked at Itori.

“Sorry I didn’t take any money with me, but I can give you this.”

Apologized Lucien and took out a little gold coin with only one word. “Aeon” was written there. He tossed that coin to her, and she examined the golden coin.

“Don’t worry that coin may have bigger value than it looks like. I would come tomorrow too so goodbye, Itori-san.”

Said, Lucien, as he walked out of the Helter Skelter bar. Itori was looking at his departing figure with a sigh. Until she noticed some weird noise coming from outside, quickly using back exit to take a look.

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