Chapter 26: vasuki

When Lucien exited Helter Skelter bar he noticed that there were three agents of V lurking in shadows and watching him. He walked a little away from the bar and went to the blind street nearby. Then all three agents of V decided to show themselves.

They were clothed in their typical clothing, consisting of long black leather jacket, underneath they wore suits with ties and one they head they had hats. This was the classical clothing of the agents of V. Lucien stopped walking and turned to them.

“I am so honored to see members of the Vasuki. May I ask what honorable gentlemen had to do with this one?”

Asked Lucien in an ignorant tone. Of course, he knew why are they are. They are here not to kill him but to test him. That’s why they are only three of them present. They didn’t answer him just all of them turned on their kakugans and their kagunes appeared. All of them were of the koukaku type and had kagune. All of their kagunes looked like a blade.

“Hmm, you aren’t very talkative ones what a shame.”

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Complained Lucien as his eyes turned to that of kakugan and his kagune appeared. Only this time no four tail materialized but six. Lucien didn’t dare to underestimate these people. They were more used to combat than more ghoul investigators and ghouls. Not to talk about them being ghouls. Only a minority of members of Vasuki were humans. Most of them were half-humans, ghouls and other hybrids. Because of this, their combat capabilities were superior to that of the Commission of Counter Ghouls in certain aspects.

“But don’t you think that sending only three of you isn’t enough to force me to activate my kakuja.”

Smiled Lucien at them as his six kagune tails attacked out of nowhere all three agents of Vasuki. Two tails attacked one agent. The agents of V didn’t let down their reputation and quickly dodged the attacks. But as they were dodging attacks of kagune Lucien already shot towards one agent which was closest to him and managed to grab him by a throat.

The poor man wasn’t able to react in time and his throat was crushed at the power of Lucien’s grip. When Lucien killed the first one he knew what these three were. Mere cannon fodder. They were able to kill most of the A-rated ghoul but against those who were highly proficient in combat and trained these cannon fodder were useless.

As the first one fell other two looked at each other, trying to do some combination attack. Agents of Vasuki were very good at cooperation and team attacks. Both of them rushed at Lucien ready to attack but suddenly two kagune katanas appeared before them and intercepted their attacks. To this Lucien jumped into the air and slashed with his kagune at one of the agents, aiming his head. As the agent was still preoccupied with blocking of kagune katana his head was severed in instant.

As he headshot into the air, this caught the attention of the last surviving agent of V but he was promptly kicked into his chest by Lucien’s leg kick, crashing into the wall which was right behind him.

Lucien looked around him and then he looked at the last agent of V who was still barely alive. He was only watching him die. Then he looked at the roof of the building not far away and used his telekinesis to shot their several bricks.


When Itori exited her Helter Skelter Bar by using back exit she noticed several people lurking in the shadows. She recognized them in an instant as they were members of Vasuki, shortly V. This organization and Clowns were enemies but their hatred wasn’t so big.

In contrast to the original timeline where Clowns and Vasuki were close collaborators cause of a certain person, in this world cause Washuu’s far more formidable Vasuki was only loyal dogs of Washuu’s. They ignored Clowns because this organization didn’t threaten the purpose of V and that was the maintenance of equilibrium and balance.

‘What are doing agents of V here? He should be keeping them from our places. Only if they aren’t here for me but for…’

Itori quickly realized why did members of V come here. They weren’t here for her as a certain person was, in reality, a high-ranking member of V besides being a member of Clowns. So she wasn’t someway worried about agents of V being here for her.

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Itori rushed to the roof of the near building and she was watching three members of V. Suddenly all three of them walked to the blind alley where they stopped and looked at the familiar man in pure-white noble clothing with platinum white hair and bright blue eyes. She now confirmed that agents of Vasuki were her for Lucien.

She hides in the roof so none of them could see her. It wasn’t that she was afraid of three cannon fodder members of V or something but she didn’t want to interrupt this event. After several seconds she heard only one sentence.

“I am so honored to see members of the Vasuki. May I ask what honorable gentlemen had to do with this one?”

After hearing this and seeing Lucien’s eyes to transform to those of kakugan and his rinkaku kagune to appear she was confident that Lucien was a ghoul and one of those more powerful ones. She watched the entire fight from its start to its end.

From her point of view, this wasn’t fighting. It was just one adult bullying bunch of three kinds. It was obvious that his strength was far above theirs and he was only playing with them. She saw on him the same sadistic side as in most of the members of Clowns. Of course only those strong ones. But in reality, most of the strong ghouls which were rated as S and above were highly sadistic and wicked in some way.

Only after several minutes’ fight ended when Lucien smashed the last agent of V to the wall and enjoyed his slow death. At that moment she found something. Enjoyment from the painful death of these agents didn’t mainly come from his cruel and sadistic side but from something else. It was hatred. Concentrated, strong, pure hatred. She saw that in his expression and the way he was behaving. As an information broker, she was more than experienced in reading people.

Suddenly as she was watching him a few bricks came flying at her position with extremely fast speed and she barely managed to react. She dodged those bricks and jumped down at the street. When she looked around she found corpses of those agents and Lucien, nowhere to find.

She only felt something moving behind her back so she turned promptly around to find that Lucien was standing before her with kagune like the sword in his right hand and his left arm was clothed entirely in kakuja. She noticed that this was likely one of his kakuja versions because it was impossible for ghoul who killed three members of Vasuki in an instant to have only this as kakuja form. Even though these members were cannon fodder in V compared to cannon fodder in CCG they were stronger.

Itori forced smile in this awkward situation and looked sweetly at Lucien.

“Aren’t you a rather strong one? Don’t worry I am not here to fight.”

This was certainly true. She didn’t want to fight with him. Because she didn’t know the precise range of his strength and power it wouldn’t be wise to fight with such a person.

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