Chapter 27: Start of the talks

Lucien looked at Itori with conflicted eyes. He knew that she would for certain spread and sell information about what happened here. But he didn’t wish to do anything to her for several reasons. First was the fact that she would be his wife in the future. Second, she was very talkative, friendly and funny. When he was at home very a few people would be dare to be so friendly to him when they met him.

“Could you please not sell pieces of information about what have you seen here and about me?”

Asked Lucien almost in pleading voice. The last reason why didn’t he want to fight with her was that Itori may look harmless but she was extremely powerful. At least as Lucien in Kakuja V3 and his equal probably. He didn’t want to fight her with his Kakuja V3 because it depleted his stamina reserves quickly and it could attract some powerful members of Washuu Clan, Aogiri and Commission of Counter Ghoul. For example, if Arima Kishou showed up he could only turn his tail and run away.

He could still hear words that his father said to him about this White Reaper. ‘If you ever encounter him run away in an instant. He may not be as strong in physical strength as Sacred Devourer Ghoul at Baron Rank but his reflexes, instincts and combat experiences are out of this world. He is half-human and a very strong one. If I were to estimate his power he should be able to kill Baron ranked Sacred Devourer Ghoul without any problem if he has right quinque. He is a combat prodigy and fighting genius. Only if you reach later Baron rank, kakuja V2 and together with you being Samurai in kenjutsu you would have a solid chance of killing him.’

“I am afraid that it would be very hard Lucien-san.”

Said Itori with a sad voice. It was the truth that information about powerful ghoul capable of killing agents of V, as toying with children would be very precious.

“But we could make a deal, Lucieee-saan.”

Said Itori in a somewhat naughty way. To Lucien, her smile was almost at the level of a succubus. Extremely bewitching. Itori was very beautiful when she smiled.

“So what is your proposition Itori-san?”

Asked Lucien carefully even though he knew that what she wanted. She would ask him to tell her about his origin and his purpose of coming to Tokyo. Truth to be told his origin wouldn’t be possible to keep hidden from her for a long time. This was because Washuu and Vasuki already knew that he was here. It meant that Clowns would know that too because of a certain person who was a member of V and Clowns at the same time. It was pointless.

“I would keep this confidential and I won’t sell any information about this incident if you tell me about your origin and purpose. So what do you say? Do we have a deal?”

She held out her right hand for a handshake to seal the deal. Lucien was that she was sincere in her eyes when she proposed this to him so he accepted that and shaken hands with her. Itori as being Itori started to laugh happily as she patted his shoulder and leaned over one of his arms.

“Could we go somewhere more private?”

Itori nodded her cute head and both of them went back to Helter Skelter bar which Lucien left a short time ago. This time Itori locked doors and both of them sat in behind one table. They sat opposite each other and Itori brought blood wine. That of the highest quality she had and gave Lucien full glass of it.

Lucien sniffed the vine closely and felt the familiar fragrance of blood mixed with a strong alcohol bouquet. He then took one gulp and savored the taste of high-quality blood wine. Truth to be told this was his first time drinking blood wine. In Blood Island, there weren’t many of these things and were considered a luxury. Lucien enjoyed the blood wine very much.

“Great wine. So now you could ask. But please not very intimate questions.”

Said Lucien and Itori started to thinking about what to ask him. Seeing that Itori was still not talking he decided to start himself.

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“I originate from Aeon House, last remaining Noble House of ghoul race. That should answer the question about my origin.”

Itori was surprised because she never heard about something like noble houses among ghoul race. She blinked her eyes at Lucien, indicating him to continue.

“Nowadays you are really ignorant about the history of your species, aren’t you?”

For Lucien this was sad. Fact that almost none of the ghouls in these times didn’t know anything about their history, wars, and nobility was depressing. But he knew that this was a product of schemes from Washuu Clan.

“Ghoul Race is divided between ordinary ghouls, that are those who you could see everywhere around. Then there exist Sacred Devourer Ghouls which is something like sub-species but with stronger evolutionary potential and some other things. Several hundred years before there existed several noble houses of ghoul race, more to be precise of Sacred Devourer Ghouls. Their role was the protection of race as a whole and they were guardians against people who would want our annihilation. Aeon House was that too. But there was huge was and all the houses were annihilated and our own only barely survived. We went into hiding and most of ghoul society forgotten about us.”

Explained Lucien shortly about this topic. Even though this was only briefly summarized but it was enough for Itori to be shocked to the core. There always existed people among ghouls who asked how they lived in history and a similar question. But none of them were able to find any kind of answer.

“So what about Washuu Clan? Are they also a noble house?”

Asked Itori about Washuu Clan. This clan was almost hegemon in Japan when it came to the ruling. They controlled the Commission of Counter Ghoul and Vasuki. They controlled ghoul society and partially human society. In the eyes of ordinary humans, Washuu Clan were always protectors of humanity in Japan. None of them could actually imagine that they were ghouls in reality.

“Washuu Clan are nothing than filthy traitors of our blood.”

Said Lucien with a hateful voice and even more hateful expression when it came to the topic about Washuu Clan. This didn’t go unnoticed by Itori who had seen it immediately.

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“Why blood traitors?”

Truth to be told even Itori didn’t know confidential information about Washuu. She only knew about Vasuki, Sunlit Garden and some important members of the main family or branch families. This was because Washuu Clan heavily and strictly guarded their privacy.

“Washuu Clan could be considered as Half-Sacred Devourer Ghouls. They have some blood of our blood but they were ordinary ghouls before. In reality, they have subordinated clan of Noble House of the East, namely Shi Xue Clan. When the war was nearing its end they slaughtered Shi Xue Clan which was almost devastated from war and took the rule of their territory. That’s why they are called blood traitors. Then they started to infiltrate deeper and deeper into human society and when they created Commission of Counter Ghoul their power was already stabilized and stood strong.”

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