Chapter 28: Deal

Itori digested all information about Washuu Clan. She didn’t think that they would be so despised by others of their race. But it was still understandable because they betrayed their own race and slaughtered Shi Xue Clan whose they should serve.

Another part was that they were deeply infiltrated into human society. It could be said that in Japan real ruling force wasn’t a prime minister but Washuu Clan. Thanks to the so-called Ghoul Countermeasures Law which provided the legal foundation for the prosecution of ghouls they influence only grew. It was the truth that these laws stood above laws and country and probably stood even above the constitution.

“So why didn’t your family exterminated them?”

Asked Itori with curiosity. She thought that his family should have the power to annihilate Washuu Clan but it was weird for her why didn’t they do so.

“Hmm, it is not so easy. In the place, we live we have our own problems which are more important than Washuu Clan. Second thing is that they have much greater numbers than we have. Our entire race numbers in tens. The entire military force of Washuu Clan numbers in what? Thousands? But fortunately, they are always some usable pawns against them.”

Itori didn’t know that he was referring to demon threat by saying that they had more important problems than Washuu Clan. And she knew that the military force of Washuu Clan coupled with their branch families, CCG and V was extremely huge.

But she noticed his last sentence about pawns. She knew that he talked about the only organization with huge numbers that could oppose CCG. But not V or Washuu Clan. Truth to be told if Washuu Clan gets serious they would be able to wipe out entire Aogiri in a few weeks. Maybe even sooner.

Itori then sipped her blood wine and looked at Lucien who was still looking at her. Being looked at by such a handsome and strong man, her cheeks blushed a little but she quickly recovered and continued to ask some other question.

“Sooo why did you came to Tokyo Lucien-san?”

Of course, she knew the reason why he came to Tokyo but she wanted to hear from him. She was measuring him as an individual. How sincere he is, and how much will he tell her.

“I have only one target. To annihilate Washuu Clan and Vasuki.”

Said Lucien with a serious expression. If this was said by some other person Itori would laugh at him and at his stupidity. But in regard to Lucien, she had a different view. He may be able to accomplish that.

“This is something that normally ghouls wouldn’t even dream of. You know their power better than anybody else.”

What Itori has said was certainly the truth. He knew their power better than anybody. But Washuu Clan wasn’t so united as it seems. They were many individuals who wanted their downfall and destruction. Lucien only needed one thing. Wait. He needed to wait for the right time to attack.

“Don’t worry about me. You know that Washuu Clan isn’t so united as it was. I only need to wait for an opportunity to act. And that time would come soon.”

Smiled Lucien at her. He knew that time was coming and soon the machines of war would start and blood would be shed. Only three months were before Steel Beem Incident. Lucien had only a short time to prepare. Firstly he needed the best information about all strong ghoul investigators. Especially those of Associate Special Class and Special Class. Secondly, he needed to contact Aogiri Tree and discuss some things with their One-Eyed King. And lastly, he wanted to contact Washuu Kichimura. He managed in the original timeline to massacre the entire Washuu Clan but Lucien knew that this won’t be possible in this world cause here are Washuu’s far more powerful. But he still had his uses and that he could create havoc from inside clan and V.

“Itori-san you as best information broker so I would like to purchase some information.”

She was the best information broker around so he would be stupid to not ask her. He only wondered what she would want as payment. She usually took only other information like payment or maybe some interesting things.

“Oya and what kind?”

Asked Itori with a surprised voice. She was happy that Lucien asked her for help cause she could as something in return.

“Commission of Counter Ghoul, all information about their Associate Special Classes and Special Classes. Especially Arima Kishou and Squad Zero. Then information about Vasuki and their most notable agents if you have some. And lastly about all S rated ghouls and above.”

Itori listened to him and was surprised how much information he wanted. But soon seductive smile appeared on her face as she looked at Lucien.

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“Somewhat greedy, Lucien-san aren’t you? But it is no problem. It would be ready for several days.”

Smiled Itori as she looked this time at the glass of her blood wine. Lucien was surprised that she didn’t talk about the price of that information because they were very valuable pieces of information. When he was still spacing out her voice brought him to reality.

“As fooor price. Let me see. You need to come here at least once every two days and to talk to me.”

This was a rather unusual form of payment but Lucien was more than happy with it. He could spend time with Itori and get critical information for free. Double kill.

“Good. So I will come here every day then, my lady.”

Lucien stood up and kissed lightly Itori’s hand. This had left her dazed for a while and her cheeks were red a little bit. When she woke up from this shock she noticed that Lucien was nowhere to be found and she was alone in the bar.

“What an interesting and powerful man. He is even handsome. Hmm, things would be interesting now when we have another player in our game of the cycle of destruction.”

Said Itori with a happy voice. ‘But he sure is bold. To kiss my hand without any warning.’

In contrast to the original timeline in this world, Itori never had any feelings towards the opposite gender. It could be told that Lucien was the first man whose she looked in another way. In the original world, there was always hinted that Itori had some romantic feelings towards Uta.


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When Itori was thinking about Lucien he was doing the same. But in contrast to her, he was searching for her record. When they were talking he scanned her to find about her exact strength. He was very curious how strong would be she.

Name: Itori
Occupation: Information Broker, Owner of Helter Skeler Bar, Member of Clowns
Bloodline: None
Race: Ghoul
RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 3,897

Unique States:
Kakuja – Armor, with several tails

Rating: S (Blood Island Ghoul rating), SS (CCG rating used)
Cultivation: None
Energy Type: None
Energy Level: None




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