Chapter 29: Indigo July

When Lucien finished looking at her record he returned to his mansion in the 21st ward. He was greeted by several mercenaries who were guarding the gate. All the guards were vigilant and were doing the job best they could.

Lucien called Darkwalker to tell him about the current situation. They both sat on the sofas in the living room. This room was decorated similarly to that in his home. There were a fireplace and large tv on the wall. The small tea table was in the middle of the room, surrounded by sofas and armchairs.

“Tighten security. Today I have killed three members of V. They already know about me so guard this place tightly. If you have a lack of manpower go and recruit other trustworthy ones. Don’t let anybody into the mansion without my permission. Watch out especially for investigators and agents of V.”

Ordered Lucien to Darkwalker who nodded in agreement and then left the living room. Lucien then went to his own bedroom. His own chambers were lavishly decorated and he had there, a king-sized bed because he liked when he could turn around in his sleep. He sat on his bed and took out Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and started to refine three bodies of Vasuki agents.

Soon his blood essence was already finished and stored it in his Cross Crest. He wanted to it at first but then he decided to just store it later. Maybe he would gift it to Uta or Itori. This thing could be eaten even by ordinary ghouls cause it was refined from other ordinary ghouls. Rather he opened his record to see the exact RC Level he had.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul
RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 8,739

Unique States:
Kakuja V1: Left hand – body armor, right hand – kagune katana
Kakuja V2: Entire body armor without a mask, kagune katana
Kakuja V3: Entire body armor with the mask, another armor layer (extra thin), kagune katana
Kakuja V4: Entire body armor with the mask, another armor layer (extra thin), one pair of wings, kagune katana

Rating: S (this is a rating of Blood Island Ghouls)
Cultivation: N/A
Energy Type: Psionic Energy
Energy Level: 1,000


Sacred Devourer
– Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis
– 10 Psionic Energy per minute.

Enhanced Reflexes

Kenjutsu: Samurai

Cultivation Techniques:

Sacred Rinkaku Scripture: N/A
RC Body Refining Technique: NA

Cross Crest:
Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory
Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace

When Lucien looked at his RC Level of 8,739 he knew that it would be good to reach Baron rank soo. He was only a little reluctant to lose his Kakuja because he would have to start from zero then. Lucien was thinking about going to catch some strong ghouls to refine them to blood essences. Because ghouls also had RC Cells so blood essence from them is more suitable for consumption.

Lucien then laid at his bed and started to think about all that happened this day. But most of them were about Itori. She was his type. He liked her character and she was very attractive to him. After several minutes of thinking, Lucien went to sleep. Tomorrow he had on his plan to visit Uta in his HySy ArtMask Studio.

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1st Ward, Commission of Counter Ghoul Main Office

This huge skyscraper with huge letters ‘CCG’ was Main Office of entire Commission of Counter Ghoul and it overseeds 1st Ward and it was also managing all branches of the organization. If necessary ghoul investigators are deployed from this branch to another.

On the highest floor of the building, there was huge but a simple room. It only had one plain-looking wooden table and one chair. The wooden table looked rather ordinary together but they were from a very precious kind of wood and were more than a hundred years old. This was the office of chairman of CCG.

Behind the table, on the chair old man with long white hair and long beard was sitting. He had a face full of wrinkles and had a sharp gaze on his face. It was chairman of CCG and Head of Washuu Clan, Washuu Tsuneyoshi also nicknamed as Oni Tsune.

He was clothed in traditional dark green kimono with two patterns of each side. That patters were the symbol of Washuu Clan.

Before him, was standing a middle-aged man with wavy black hair and goatee around his mouth and chin. He wore a white suit with a pink shirt and a dark red tie. That was son Washuu Tsuneyoshi, his legitimate son Washuu Yoshitoki. Legitimate because Oni Tsune had countless illegitimate children. For example, Arima Kishou, Kamishiro Rize or Ihei Hairu and Washuu Kichimura were all his illegitimate children.


Said Washuu Tsuneyoshi only one short word to his son Washuu Yoshitoki. He was always like this. He disliked nonsense and only cared about the outcome. He was also a serious person and air around him was very heavy.

“Heir of Aeon House already arrived in Tokyo. We sent three agents of V with the power of First-Class Investigators to test him. They were all killed within a very short time. I estimate his rating to be at least SS. This of course without the use of Kakuja. He didn’t show it so we couldn’t grasp all of his abilities.”

Reported Yoshitoki to his father. He was reading this all from the report written by Vasuki. He sweated as he looked at his father’s unhappy expression but soon he realized that this was his normal expression.

“Don’t attack him anymore. Only observe. We are already in the later stages of our plan and only a few years remain. We cannot let Aeon House let about it. If they found about this they would send someone extremely powerful to wipe us for sure.”

Ordered Oni Tsune with a powerful voice. When he talked about the plan and later stages he was even more serious than usual. Even Yoshitoki took it very seriously. They worked on it for generations and it couldn’t fail at any cost.

“I will arrange everything. For the time we won’t make any moves on him and only tighten security around several places.”

Answered Yoshitoki. Matters which concerned Aeon House were always taken more than seriously.

“Tighten security at Sunlit Garden and have there more agents of V stationed. We can’t risk that place being attacked and destroyed. It is too important. And contact Kaiko to watch his movements but only when he is near our territory. We can’t let him know that we are watching him.”

Sunlit Garden was a crucial project for Washuu Clan because it supplied and bred half-humans to join Vasuki or Commission of Counter Ghoul. It also bred ghouls used to preserve the pure-blooded Washuu bloodline as Kamishiro Rize. One could say that Sunlit Garden was the factory of soldiers to Washuu Clan and if it will be destroyed consequences would be huge.

“Of course. I would arrange the best agents to guard it.”

Then Yoshitoki bowed to Washuu Tsuneyoshi and left the room. Old man Oni Tsune was left alone in a huge room and then he stood up and went to the window. He was looking at the city and all life beneath him.

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“So the game is finally starting. All the players are here and only the first move is missing. Who would win? We, the Washuu Clan? Or would it be One-Eyed King of the Aogiri Tree? Maybe last Noble House of Sacred Devourer Ghouls, the Etras di Aeon Family? Or that wicked-psycho kid, who is scheming all over his head?”

Murmured Washuu Tsuneyoshi to himself as he was watching the living city. The game was starting and trumpets of war were ringing. Blood would be shed and flesh would be torn. Life would wither and death would be eternal. Now only one thing was remaining on the chessboard.

The first move.

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