Chapter 31: Hollow

Uta immediately raised his attention when it came to the art of the mask. He was curious about what design Lucien would choose. He was a renowned mask maker and his reputation was great among ghouls. Especially as he was the former leader of 4th Ward he gained a huge amount of respect from other ghouls.

Lucien took out the design of his mask. Basically, it was the Hollow Mask of Zangetsu. It was a pure white mask from the left side, red from the right side. There were only two holes of eyes and teeth looked like those of some kind of skeleton. Lucien gave the design to Uta who was greatly surprised by it. As an art lover and expert, he could tell this mask was very special.

“It beautiful. As death itself.”

Commented Uta. He was greatly mesmerized to look at the mask. He wasn’t particularly wrong. This mask of a mask of Hollow, and Hollows were really close to death. They are the race of creatures born from souls who, for some reason, do not cross over to Circle of Samsara and reincarnate. They could be said to be corrupted spirits with supernatural powers that devour the souls and strengthen themselves. From what Lucien knew that Hollows were one of the most terrifying creatures in the entire multiverse and were regarded as cancer in any world or dimension they appeared.

“It would be done after one week. Maybe ten days. I would use though materials, your mask would be tough and sturdy.”

Said Uta to Lucien who just nodded. He knew that making the mask wasn’t an easy thing. It required a long time and precise work to create one good mask. Lucien then took the pen and write down his new address to Uta who was already drawing something on canvas.

“Here is my address Uta-san. If I am not home then I would be at Helter Skelter Bar. And if I am not even there don’t search for me.”

Explained Lucien about his whereabouts. Now he could be only in two places. One was his estate and the other was Helter Skelter Bar.


Lucien then stood up and left the HySy ArtMask Studio.

Only allowed on


Lucien then went to his estate in 21st Ward. On the street was already Hummer H3 waiting form him and then he went to the estate.

When they came back Lucien went to train in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture. He was feeling that he was near mastering the first stance of the Sacred Scripture so he trained more seriously compared to before. Now the most important thing was to improve his personal strength before the game would start.

He already had only three or something month left before Dark September comes and Steel Beam Incident would happen. Before that Lucien needed to reach Baron Rank in his cultivation. Sadly it would take a very long time before he could use Kakuja again. Maybe if someone from his family would bring him here some blood essences refined from baron ranked demons entire process would go much smoother.

Soon one week passed and Lucien spent it tranquil peace. He didn’t get attacked by agents of V, ghoul investigators or any other individuals. It was a good time. He spent most of his time training in kenjutsu and Sacred Rinkaku Scripture. Another thing was that he started to hunt for some A-rated ghouls in secret and refine them to blood essences. This made his RC Level increase and he was already nearing breakthrough to Baron rank. Only a little bit missed.

When Lucien wasn’t training he was spending time drinking blood wine and coffee in Helter Skelter Bar and chatting with Itori. From time to time Uta would join them to drink. This time it was the same. Lucien and Uta were sitting behind the bar and both were drinking blood wine.

Itori was drinking too and looking at both of them. Suddenly Uta took out something from his bag and gave it to Lucien. It was the package, carefully packed. Lucien unpacked the package and saw there Hollow mask as he wished it to be.

This woke up the interest of Itori and she quickly snatched it from his hands and started to inspect the mask. Mask had perfect quality cause maker was Uta. The best mask maker in the world. Then Itori put the mask on her face and looked at both of them.

“How do I look?”

Asked Itori jokingly. She wanted to try Lucien’s new mask. Masks are worn by ghouls to prevent their identities as Humans from being discovered by various anti-ghoul organizations. Usually, masks bear a symbolic attachment or representation to their owner. Even aliases of ghouls are mainly created on masks they are wearing. Because Lucien trusted Itori he wasn’t especially concerned about her seeing his mask.

“Like a beautiful skeleton.”

Said Lucien with a smile and Uta just continued to have his indifferent expression as he sipped his blood wine. Itori pouted at his answer and returned the mask to Lucien. After several next minutes of discussions, only Itori and Lucien talked because Uta was spacing out, the door opened and another person entered this bar.

It was the tall and well-built man with silver hair, darker shade compared to Lucien’s platinum white hair. His glare was like an immovable stone and he wore a long black trenchcoat. Yomo Renji came here today. He is Yoshimura’s right hand and old friend of Itori and Uta.

Another notable thing is that he is a very powerful ghoul with Pseudo-Electrokinesis ability. Yomo Renji had too superhuman strength and durability. In certain aspects, he was stronger than Uta in fights.

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In his younger days, he was originally a hot-blooded person who acted very violently and was very vengeful and harbored immense hatred towards Arima Kishou for killing his sister Hikari. After he started to work in Anteiku and since his meeting with Yoshimura, he gradually became a more composed and calmer person. He displayed a cold demeanor but deep inside he cared about people around him.

“Itori, Uta.”

Greeted Yomo Renji moment he opened the door. Uta looked that way but quickly turned away his view from him. Itori showed a more cheerful reaction.

“Hi, Ren-Chan! Come to sit.”

Renji took down his black trenchcoat and hung it on the wall. Then he went to the bar where he saw the new individual. It was a man with long platinum white hair and weird white attire. From a first glance he could be seen as ghoul investigator cause only they were always in white. And then there were White Suits but this man before him didn’t have the suit.

But when Renji noticed that the man was drinking blood wine he found out that he was a ghoul. He sat down next to him and Itori brought him coffee. When “Ren-chan” drinks an even smaller amount of blood wine he gets drunk and is extremely talkative.

“Here you go, Ren-chan. And this is my new friend, Lucien-san.”

Itori brought Renji one cup of coffee and at the same time, she introduced Lucien to Renji. To this Lucien turned to him with his hand to perform a handshake and said.

“Hello ‘Ren-chan’, Lucien Etras di Aeon, name my is.'”

He purposely used Ren-Chan in his greeting because it sounded funny and somewhat cute. But probably it sounded cute from mouth Itori alone.

Renji accepted his handshake and both of them shook hands.

“Yomo Renji.”

Then both of them returned to drinking their respective drinks.

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