Chapter 33: Mission Accomplished

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“Tatara I would like to meet your leader. We have a common enemy here and cooperation would be conducive for both sides.”

Said Lucien with a smiling face. True, that gaining the help of the Aogiri Tree would help him tremendously at least they could stall and fight with Commission of Counter Ghoul when he will be fighting with Washuu Clan or Vasuki. And if he were to cultivate them a little like giving them some blood essences to increase their RC Level and thus creating new S-rated, SS-rated or even SSS-rated ghouls could help him even in his fight against Washuu Clan and Vasuki.

“Common enemy? Do you mean CCG or them?”

The common enemy of all ghoul was CCG, at least on the surface. The real common enemy was in fact hidden. True enemy was actually Washuu Clan and Vasuki as their loyal dogs that kept this equilibrium and balance.

“Washuu Clan is my enemy and they shall be annihilated leaving none alive.”

Stated Lucien as hatred was felt from his voice. Even Tatara could feel and see that Lucien was really hating Washuu’s to the core. In reality minority of ghouls knew the truth about Washuu Clan. Truth to be told they could be count on one hand how many knew this secret information.

Tatara was now in deep thought. He saw in Lucien that he was sincere but he was still a little vigilant. It was his job as one of the top executives of the Aogiri Tree. He was thinking when could Lucien meet their leader.

“Now it is not possible. But in one month in the ruins of the 24th Ward. There you could meet with Leader but as you don’t know where exactly we will send somebody to pick you up when you arrive at the 24th Ward.”

Lucien nodded as he was happy that meeting with Eto could be done soon. Now only something more than two months remained before the Steel Beam Incident so he needed to meet all influential ghouls and people who could be some help.

Aftermath both of them talked about some things and compared fighting styles. Lucien quickly took a liking to Tatara and gave him something as a gift. It was part of the equivalent to Sacred Rinkaku Scripture but for Bikaku kagune. Destructive Bikaku Scripture. It was only a shortened version and described some basic stances. It couldn’t serve as the manual but could improve some fighting methods.

“To commemorate this meeting and to the beginning of cooperation and friendship, I will give you this as the gift. Its martial arts specially created for ghouls with bikaku kagune.”

Gave Lucien scroll to Tatara who looked at it with interest. Compared to most ghouls he knew martial arts and could fight far more effectively than most of them. His combination of effective and precise attacks and overwhelming strength killed numerous ghouls and investigators.

Tatara took the scroll from Lucien’s hands and stored it in his cloak.

“Thank you. We will see each other in a month in 24th Ward.”

Thanked Tatara and both of them went away.


Lucien returned to his estate after finishing his discussion with Tatara and hunt for materials for blood essences. Lucien returned to his room and took out Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace, with several bodies of ghouls already inside. There were around ten B-rated ghouls inside so the process was rather quick and Lucien retrieved newly refined blood essence.

Then he inserted there remaining bodies of fifteen B-rated ghouls and one A-rated ghoul. Though the process took a little more time it was still done quickly and now Lucien was holding two blood essences refined from ghouls. As stated before these had higher effectiveness compared to blood essences refined from other races. Because the base of these blood essences were RC Cells.

Lucien gulped the two slightly bigger red blood essences in one go and started to meditating and focusing on changes in his body. He could feel that his RC Cells were multiplying at an alarming rate, quickly reaching the RC Level of 10,000. He knew that today he would reach Baron rank for sure and he was wondering how massive changes would be.

When RC Level reached the required amount Lucien started to fuse them with his flesh and bones according to the RC Body Refining Technique. This feeling was rather weird at the start but turned to inhuman pain as it carried on. He felt that his bones were reforming and were created from the RC Cells itself and his flesh was constantly Enhanced.

In Baron rank RC Cells would recreate bones from them, making the skeletal structure much stronger. He felt that every aspect of his body was greatly enhanced and made him stronger. After the process was finished, Lucien stood up and stretched his body a little.

Then he tried to congeal kagune, cause he was curious if he would be able to have at least one tail to start from zero. Even if he had to start from zero it wasn’t a serious problem because with pure physical strength he could kill some of weaker S-rated ghouls. Now he could probably win against Tatara even if he used his kakuja to full.

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And Lucien’s wish came true as he managed to congeal one tail. But this wasn’t normal tail but the rather permanent tail. That means he won’t lose it when he will reach Viscount-Rank. Probably he would gain another permanent tail.

Lucien then slashed a few times with his tail and tried to attack with it. Before breaking through, his kagune was on the level of 3rd-Tier Noble-Grade Artifact. Now it shot up to the 2nd-Tier Noble-Grade, which was already stronger than most of quinque in this world.

After exercising his body after this breakthrough he looked at his record to see changes. The record was the best definition of one’s cultivation and strength.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 0
Kagune Rank: 2nd-Tier Noble-Grade

Cultivation: Innitial-Phase Baron
Energy Type: Psionic Energy
Energy Level: 1,000

Unique States:
Permanent Tail – 1


Sacred Devourer
– Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis
– 10 Psionic Energy per minute.

Enhanced Reflexes

Kenjutsu: Samurai

Cultivation Techniques:
Sacred Rinkaku Scripture: N/A
RC Body Refining Technique: Baron

Cross Crest:
Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory
Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace

The changes on his record were numerous. He could see even some new lines there weren’t there before. The most notable change was that his kakuja has now disappeared cause his RC Level is now zero. The second notable thing was a line about kagune rank which described the hardness of his kagune. Currently, it was 2nd-Tier Noble-Grade. Thirdly was the new unique state and that was the permanent tail, numbered only one for now.

Now he only needed to train a little in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture to achieve a breakthrough in the scripture and move to another stance.

Lucien looked at this with huge satisfaction because he finally reached Baron rank. He could hope surviving fight with figures as Arima Kishou or some monsters from Washuu Clan and Vasuki. As he was done with an examination of changes on his records Lucien laid down at his bed and went to sleep.

More hard days were coming and soon the meeting with Eto would happen. Lucien wondered if there would be even Arima Kishou cause he was a real One-Eyed King.

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