Chapter 34: Date

During this one month of waiting nothing serious happened. Lucien spent most of his time training in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture and sometimes he would train in kenjutsu. As there was nobody to train with be it kenjutsu or sparring with kagune, Lucien was forced to train always alone.

His progress in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture was very good. Several days after reaching baron rank via RC Body Refining Technique he managed to reach Rinkaku Baron in his sacred scripture. Now he was currently cultivating the second stance of this scripture, which was something with defending oneself.

Good progress couldn’t be said about his kenjutsu as he was again stuck. Because nobody was around to spar with him he was only doing shadow sparring which wasn’t so effective. Even during fights when he would go hunt for some ghouls to refinement he used only his kagune. To his hunts, Lucien even had battle attire. It was basically something like an oriental version of Archer Emiya.

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He wore a long red coat, ornamented from inside with Japanese symbols, underneath the coat was a thin layer of black armor created from a special flexible material so it won’t hinder him in fighting and on his legs were high boots with protectors too. He looked like some modern samurai in this attire. But with combination with the Hollow mask he usually wore, some ghouls nicknamed his “Hollow”.

Hollow because he was like an incarnation of evil in that mask and cause he killed everything alive he saw. The only exception was ghoul investigators whose Lucien was avoiding because he didn’t want to attract the attention of Washuu Clan. They had decided to not attack him so he won’t be provoking them until everything is ready.

Currently, Lucien was in his typical white noble attire sitting with Itori at Helter Skelter Bar. After this whole month, they were much closer to each other than before. Itori being a very friendly person she even called him by his name without any prefix after the name. Lucien was doing the same.

But today was no ordinary day as something miraculous happened. Lucien took all the courage he had and asked Itori for a date. He was not afraid of fighting to the death with the enemy stronger than him but this almost killed him. That waiting for her answer, every second was like a year in the deepest layer of hell.

“I would be glad, Lucien.”

Blushed a little Itori as she said these words and Lucien sighed in relief. It was a huge relief for him. This was the first time in his whole life when he was asking a woman for a date. He even carefully planned everything. Firstly they would go to see a movie and to the cinema. Itori would choose the movie. Secondly, it would be dinner but not something ordinary but rather a meat of demon. Because Lucien was giving Itori blood essences and some of them had inside a bit of his blood so her body was very slowly transforming. It wasn’t some huge transformation, only that she would be able to digest certain creatures and she won’t lose sanity eating other ghouls and using kakuja.

This all, of course, happened without her knowing. She only knew that these little blood-red pearls were very good for increasing her RC Level so she was very happy to be given one. And Lucien always gave her one when he finished hunting for some ghouls in underground areas.

“We could go. I have everything planned.”

Said Lucien with a smile as both of them exited Helter Skelter Bar and went to the cinema. As they were walking through the streets he noticed something was disturbing. He was being watched and they were not someone unknowns.

Ghoul Investigators, Doves have shown up. Clothed in their characteristic gray long coats and holding cases with their quinques. Lucien counted several of them around but he couldn’t recognize any one of them. What was weird that why would they came after him even if agents of V couldn’t even scratch him. This probably wasn’t order from Washuu Clan but rather some over-motivated director in the bureau.

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“Itori, you have noticed?”

She nodded her head in approval, cause she too noticed doves around. But she didn’t particularly care about them cause they were just a bunch of unknown weaklings. Real powers of Commission of Counter Ghoul won’t show in street tailing two ghouls.

“Good, we would resume our date and after the movie, we would go to some back alley to dispose of them if they are still following us.”

Said Lucien with a serious tone. Even if he killed these people he knew that Washuu Clan won’t be mad at it. Truth to be told they would be mad at the person who ordered this and not at him.

Lucien and Itori went to the cinema leaving doves to freely watch them. Itori then took the initiative to hold hands with Lucien, seeing that he won’t make the first move. Even though this was the first date to her as well she was much older than him. Maybe it came from their temperaments.

Itori chose some romantic movie and truth to be told Lucien liked it even though most of the men hated this kind of film. What Lucien somewhat enjoyed and Itori made angry were gazes from all women around. They saw Lucien being as extremely handsome and even those who were walking with their husbands or boyfriends couldn’t help stealing a glance at him. Even several men shot glances at him.

Itori was already unconsciously releasing a little bit of so-called killing intent to scare all women away from her “trophy man”. As they were walking beside the river and holding hands, the doves were still tirelessly following them.

“Did you enjoy the film?”

Asked Itori. She knew that most men didn’t like these kinds of movies. Even though Itori was a sometimes cruel and sadistic person when she fought, she was still a woman and she still carved for romance. Like any other maiden she wanted her prince and by chance one suitable was walking beside her and holding her hand.

“Truthfully yes. It wasn’t so bad. Come they are already following us of an entire day, I will do something about them.”

Said, Lucien, as they went to the nearest back alley. Itori disappeared and hide immediately after they went to the alley and Lucien changed his clothed in lightning speed to that of his battle attire and wore his Hollow Mask. Because doves were much slower than them Lucien was fully prepared to fight when they arrived.

What surprised him was a fact that there were now five ghoul investigators, all with suitcases. Because the lowest required rank for an investigator to have quinque was Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator, it meant that all of them were at least Rank 2 Ghoul Investigators.

When they saw Lucien in his clothes and mask all of them took some kind of battle stance with their suitcase as they were prepared to unleash their quinque at any time. What rather stunned them was that Lucien suddenly bowed and greeted them in his natural way.

“Welcome gentlemen.”

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