Chapter 35: Doves are meant to be killed

This kind of thing was rather unusual. That ghoul was greeting them in such a manner. To Lucien, this was, however, his tradition and manners. After he performed his greeting all five ghoul investigators were looking at him with wary eyes. But none of them was taking the first move.

“Nobody? So forgive my rudeness.”

Lucien apologized for his act of bullying “children” and started. Firstly his kakugan turned on and two bright red irises and dark black sclera were shining through his holes on the mask. Secondly, his kagune tails materialized and started attacking. This was just a probing attack because he wasn’t sure if some really strong ghoul investigator wasn’t present.

This world was different from the main timeline so there existed the possibility that Commission of Counter Ghoul kept some of the strong ghoul investigators in secret. As his attack was nearing them almost all of them already unleashed their quinques and started to somehow defend.

Only one of them was very unlucky as he was sliced into two by one of Lucien’s tails. When Lucien saw that he knew that this was just a bunch of amateurs. Probably some Rank 2 or Rank 1 ghoul investigators without real combat experience. Only two of them still kept their calm and composure. They were probably First-Class Ghoul Investigators, from what Lucien saw. They could dodge his attacks and block them with quinque but both of them were injured. Lucien focused his attack only at them cause others were weaker than ants.

Both of them were middle-aged men and were holding some serial quinque. That quinque looked like a medieval sword, but not Japanese katana but a rather European one-handed sword. It was clearly bikaku quinque.

Lucien shot another attack at one of the investigators with his tail. The other two low-ranked investigators were hiding behind their backs cause they can’t do anything besides running away or getting themselves killed. As kagune tail came to direct contact with quinque, that quinque shattered in tiny pieces and that ghoul investigator had the look of shock on his face. It was rather rare for quinque to be destroyed. More to say to be destroyed after two exchanges.

As he was wondering and spacing out about what happened another red tail already appeared before him and his life was taken away. The second middle-aged ghoul investigator looked at this with a face full of horror, knowing that this day was his last one. But he still held his pride as ghoul investigator and gripped and quinque tightly and rushed at Lucien with madness clearly written on his face.

Lucien just chuckled seeing this and jumped into the air, appearing right behind ghoul investigator and his kagune tails already ripped his entire body to shreds. Only what remained here were two five quinques. Three from killed ghoul investigators and the other two were left here by those two low-ranked ghoul investigators who ran away. Lucien looked at them running away in distance and let them go. Then he stored everything here to his Cross Crest. Quinques could be used as a material for the growth of his Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and bodies could be refined to blood essences.

Itori then appeared from shadows and looked at Lucien with an expression of fan-girl. It was an expression of admiration for strong. She already knew that Lucien had something like dimensional storage but she didn’t ask much. She told him that she was a member of Clown for exchange. They were exchanging information and secrets about each other, to build trust. Of course, this was at the start.

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“You have finished it quickly and I wanted to play too.”

Pouted Itori, as she pointed in the way where two ghoul investigators escaped. She was a little dissatisfied that she couldn’t play too with little doves. Ghoul investigators under Associate Special Class were only toys to strong ghouls. Maybe some strong First-Class investigators with strong quinque could fight those stronger times but the only stall for time, that’s all.

“Yes, If I have prolonged maybe even more and stronger doves would fly here.”

Stated Lucien this fact. Most ghouls in any country would try to finish the fight as soon as possible cause long fights could lure many enemies over. Be it local forces of organs meant to deal with ghouls or some other ghouls.

“Now we could continue our date. Where are we going to dine?”

Asked Itori with a curious expression. When she heard for the first time that she would be eating with him she was rather confused. Because Lucien mentioned something that always remained in her head when she asked him about where he was getting food from. To this, he only said: ” Why would I eat those inferior species? We of the Aeon House eat something which could benefit us not human meat.”

“We are going to 21st Ward, there is my estate located. But don’t worry my mercenaries would pick us up.”

Lucien already sent a message to the Darkwalker to arrange a convoy to pick them up. He wanted to make a good impression so he ordered him to bring additional bodyguards. Only for info now Lucien had over thirty bodyguards guarding his place. It was because the estate was rather big and he wanted to have covered entire place with mercenaries and not with the use of cameras.

Itori already knew that he hired an entire bunch of ghoul mercenaries to protect his estate from potential attack from Washuu Clan and their dogs. It wasn’t so weird considering other things and mysteries about him.

Soon convoy of three cars appeared before them. All of them were black Hummers. Two Hummers H3 and one Hummer limousine. Because the place of meeting was one abandoned factory there weren’t many people around who would be watching. Several bodyguards already greeted Lucien and Itori. Both of them went inside the limousine and then to the estate.


1st Ward, Commission of Counter Ghoul Main Office

In the office of chairman of was a meeting of three people. One of them was naturally Washuu Tsuneyoshi, sitting behind his wooden table and looking, two other men. One of them was his son Washuu Yoshitoki and the last one was his grandson Washuu Matsuri.

Washuu Matsuri had short black hair and wore a pair of glasses. In his nature, he was more close to his grandfather than father. Extremely logical and cold nature prioritized successful results over the potential cost.

“Who gave that order?”

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When both Yoshitoki and Matsuri heard that, chill spun their backs. They clearly had ordered to not engage that person from Aeon House but somebody already ordered to investigate him. Chairman Oni Tsune was furious about this fact. He didn’t tolerate any kind of disobedience.

“We don’t know. It’s highly possible that First-Class Investigators Hasada’s acted on their own. But we managed to gain description about battle attire and mask of that Aeon from those Rank 2 Investigators who escaped.”

Said Yoshitoki with a grim expression. Matsuri was listening to this and analyzing every detail. After short though Matsuri came with some question and classification. They needed to rate Aeon and gave him some nickname to be “famous” among investigators. When ghoul has a good nickname its easier to memorize him.

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