Chapter 36: SS-Rate Hollow

“How should we rate him? And what about his nickname?”

Matsuri came forward and asked this question. This situation was already out so the entire event must be categorized. Hearing this Oni Tsune looked at Matsuri with deep thought before speaking.

“Rate him at least as SS. Nickname is already created. Hollow, that is how ghouls call him. Inform all First-Classes and above to be very careful and not to engage in close combat and just observe.”

Ordered Oni Tsune to Yoshitoki and Matsuri. Then he closed both of his eyes and the meeting was ended. Both Washuu’s then lightly bowed and left the chairman’s office.


Lucien and Itori were currently sitting in the dining room, which was a rather huge room. As in most mansions for rich people and nobles, there was a too huge and long wooden table, capable to accommodate over twenty people with ease. But as Lucien knew that such huge table impractical they soon moved to the living room to dine. There was fireplace and piano music playing so it was more romantic.

“Do you believe that demons exist?”

This question took Itori by surprise. Because demons were always things of fantasy and folklore, she didn’t even give it serious thought. From a certain perspective, even ghouls could be classified as demons. Especially in the eyes of ordinary humans of this world.

“I don’t know. Who knows what is out there.”

Lucien smiled at her answer and took a little book from his Cross Crest. It was the so-call Demon Guide. A little book, written by some Sacred Devourer Ghoul, several decades ago. He then presented it to the patriarch of the Aeon House at that time and since then this book became a basic guide, containing most of the demons who appeared.

Itori took the book and started flipping through the pages and looking at various illustrations inside the book. At first, she thought that this was some fantasy book, but soon she saw that mark, on the last page of the book. It was the same as the golden coin, which Lucien gifted her, huge words “AEON”.

“They are real?”

Asked Itori wish a little-shaken voice. Information about demons being real was a rather huge shock to her. It would be a huge shock to every modern person who considered these creatures like nothing more than fairy-tail. But the reality could be sometimes more cruel than anything else.

“Yes, they are. They are living in my homeland, The Blood Island and we are fighting them for centuries. If not for this do you think that Washuu’s could be so brazen in everything they are doing?”

Explained about a situation with demons. It was true that if the threat of demons and that spatial rift didn’t exist, the Washuu Clan would be already massacred a long time ago for their treason against the race.

“Flesh of demons is more useful than those of humans. If ghoul practice cannibalism on other ghouls, his RC Level would be increasing very quickly. But when you eat human flesh you will barely gain any increase in your RC Level. But with eating the flesh of demons you will increase your RC Level more quickly. This is because demons are innately stronger than humans and have more powerful bodies.”

Lucien was telling her some of some common sense among Sacred Devourer Ghoul race from the Blood Island. As ordinary ghoul she won’t be able to perfectly digest flesh of demon but when she will undergo Devourerification, from ordinary ghoul to Sacred Devourer Ghoul. But that was in the distant future.

Itori blinked her eyes a few times, before thing about everything Lucien had said to her. All new information was carefully premeditated. She knew that by telling her all these things, he was placing enormous trust in her.

“Thank you, Lucien.”

Lucien smiled lightly as he understood the meaning of her words.

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Lucien sat together with Itori on the sofa, in the living room. They watched the fire burning in the fireplace as she gently leaned over his arm. In the background music was playing, it was Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata. A pretty romantic atmosphere filled the room and it was very enjoyable for both of them.

Everything was perfect until Darkwalker walked to the room and whispered something to Lucien’s ear. Itori woke up to this, cause he created rather big noise as he was opening and closing the door.

“What it is?”

She wondered what happened. Because for the subordinate to interrupt such an important event as a date was simply unforgivable for Lucien. But when she saw that he wasn’t angry or something, she found out that it must be something serious.

“You will see, in TV News.”

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Said Lucien and turned on the TV. On the news channel, there was already a program running. With flashy letters written: BREAKING NEWS!. Moderator was a slightly younger woman, around her thirties with a pretty face and long black hair.

“We are bringing you the breaking news. Today in the afternoon there was a fight between CCG and one ghoul in 14th Ward, Nakano Ward. CCG suffered heavy losses as two First-Class Ghoul Investigators were killed in an action and one Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator was also killed. Chairman of the CCG, Washuu Tsuneyoshi personally gave order and rating to the ghoul, who killed investigators since it was a new ghoul, who just recently came to the Tokyo, by results of the investigations. Ghoul nicknamed as ‘Hollow’ was rated as extremely dangerous and deathly with rating SS~. He wears a white-red skeletal mask over his face and is clothed like a samurai with the exception of long red coat he always wears.”

When Lucien heard that he was rather surprised at such fast response from the Washuu Clan. He thought they would actually try to hide that matter, but surprisingly they announced it to the news.

“You see? I am already famous!”

Laughed Lucien at this breaking news. He was in a good mood and that he rated him so high was very good for his ego. His nickname was also good, he didn’t want to have some creepy or weird nickname. His nickname ‘Hollow’ was dominating, scary and powerful sounding.

Iori was too happy for him and did something that Lucien didn’t wait. She gently kissed his lips what completely took him by surprise. This was his first kiss. It lasted for a short time, but a memory at this moment would be eternal.

Lucien was still in a state of shock and Itori was looking at the fireplace with slightly red cheeks. None of them was talking and the silence was ruling the room.

“Congratulations on being famous, Hollow.”

She actually congratulated him and then she closed her eyes and leaned over his arm, probably trying to sleep. Lucien didn’t know what to do so he too closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Because everything was new to him, he never had been or relationship, even this kiss was his first for both of his lives.

After some time both of them actually fell asleep and spent the entire night, together sleeping on the sofa, while holding hands.

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