Chapter 39: Cooperation

“Sooo who would like to start?”

Asked Lucien with a little mischievous voice. He knew that both Eto and Arima have any questions regarding all of this. Especially Eto, because she was the only leader of Aogiri Tree and didn’t have access to confidential pieces of information like Arima Kishou.

“What has forced the Aeon House to send only heir to deal with Washuu Clan?”

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One must say that Arima was a really straightforward person.

“Several years ago Washuu Clan several agents of Vasuki to sneak into our Island. Unfortunately for them, soon they were found by some of the guards of our House and they fought a battle to the death. When they almost lost they exploded bomb which destroyed something very precious. Thenceforth our House has been thinking about the method of how to deal with them, and in the end, they sent me here because other stronger members of House and race can’t leave the island due to special reasons.”

Even Eto now listened attentively to Lucien’s talk. It appeared that Washuu Clan had made powerful enemies, but the enemy can’t do anything to them because of some unmentioned reasons.

“What is Sacred Devourer Ghoul?”

Asked Eto with seemingly confused. Arima knew what they were but he didn’t explain or said anything. So Lucien just repeated that what he said Itori in this regard.

“Ghoul Race is divided between ordinary ghouls, that are those who you could see everywhere around. Then there exist Sacred Devourer Ghouls which is something like sub-species but with stronger evolutionary potential and some other things. Several hundred years before there existed several noble houses of ghoul race, more to be precise of Sacred Devourer Ghouls. Their role was the protection of race as a whole and they were guardians against people who would want our annihilation. Aeon House was that too. But there was huge was and all the houses were annihilated and our own only barely survived. We went into hiding and most of ghoul society forgotten about us.”

There existed many sub-species of ghoul race in this world such as one-eyed ghouls, artificial one-eyed ghouls, half-humans and other hybrids. Eto was caught by surprise when she listened to Lucien’s teaching. For her, this was rather a new world.

“What kind of cooperation could, Aeon House provide?”

Asked Arima with a straight face. He was rather curious about what he would heir of the Aeon House propose. Lucien smiled at this as the long-awaited question.

“Only a simple thing. I could provide you with this.”

Answered to him as he took out a small blood-red bead. It was blood essence, it was much smaller compared to those Lucien ate or those which he gave to Itori or Uta. It was because this one was refined from only one B-rated ghoul so its effect is much weaker, but it is still precious in eyes of ordinary ghouls, cause it could increase their RC Level, without the need to cannibalize.

“You sure know how to negotiate.”

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Sighed Arima when he saw this. He was aware of blood essences and their effects. In truth, Washuu Clan produced them too, but it was top-secret and only a small amount of them were released to some of the outstanding members of the main clan. Arima only knew that Washuu Clan had to blood essences and some methods of how to make them. But sadly he didn’t have any means to obtain even them. Washuu Clan guarded them extremely heavy, constantly being under the watch of several elders of the clan.

Eto blinked her eyes seemingly not understanding what those little beads represented. But seeing that even Arima was heavily tempted to obtain them, she knew that they must be very valuable.

“Hey, hey what is that thing?”

Asked Eto both Lucien and Arima. This time it was Arima who took charge to explain things to which Lucien was somewhat grateful. He wasn’t very interested in explaining every one thing to her, cause she lacked common knowledge in certain areas.

“That thing you called it is called blood essence. It’s capable of improving the RC Level of ghoul, material required to refine that is the body of other ghouls. Washuu Clan has them too but not in large numbers.”

Lucien smiled at this explanation not saying anything.

“So what you want in exchange for blood essences?”

Asked Arima in a calm voice. He knew that these little beads were crucial for the smooth progress of their plan cause they could nurture some ghouls into stronger existences and maybe overwhelm CCG and became rival for Vasuki.

“This will be long-term cooperation. You will provide me only with two things. One is bodies of ghouls and ghoul investigators. Second thing is that I want all the quinques that you manage to obtain. I will provide you with several blood essences, capable of increasing RC Level even by a hundred if I have enough materials.”

Presented Lucien his terms. He only hoped that Arima would know nothing about the refinement of blood essences. If he could obtain a massive amount of quinques and bodies of ghouls he could refine many blood essences and increase his own RC Level to achieve Kakuja V1 and with some heavenly luck even Kakuja V2. Fortunately, blood essences refined from ghoul were very effective.

Arima and Eto were both discussing this proposal by themselves. It was true that quinques were of no use to a ghoul who had kagune and bodies of dead ghouls were useless to cause most ghouls who cannibalized would go insane. Only very few of them could keep their mind clean so only minimum bodies of the ghoul are required for certain individuals in Aogiri Tree.

After ten minutes Eto and Arima came to the conclusion and agreed with Lucien’s proposal. But Eto added one more thing, cause she had the feeling that Lucien was just using them for his own good. This wasn’t false, cause he was truly using them. He only planned to hand them a minority of the blood essences he refined and keep rest of them for himself, Itori, Uta and some for his minions. He was thinking if he could groom all those twenty or thirty minions to the higher rank, they could be usable in some way.

“I request you to help us in fights when the situation turns dire.”

Even though he wasn’t surprised by this request he knew that it wasn’t so bad to fight occasionally. He knew that he can’t be the promised one but he could still help in some way. His enemies are hiding in the dark and not dancing in the light.

“Okay, but only when the situation would get very serious. Otherwise, I am the only bystander. My priority is to fight with Washuu Clan and not their puppets.”

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