Chapter 40: Dark September

“Ts. But that’s enough for us now. Even if you help only occasionally it would be a great deal because of your strength.”

Said Eto with a rather disappointed voice. She wanted for Lucien to help Aogiri in a more active way and not only when the situation is dire. But it was still better than nothing at all.

“Now when will the first batch of materials arrive and where could I pick them up?”

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He was clear that they won’t be delivering him bodies of ghoul to the house like some kind of delivery service. In the case of quinques, it could still be done cause they could have retreated to their form of suitcases or another form which is easier to transport around.

“Bodies and quinques would be ready on the first day of each month, here at the 24th Ward.”

This time it was Arima speaking. Lucien nodded his head and then they talked about the detail of cooperation between them. This talk took more than several hours to finish. Most of the talk was about various strategies against the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

Some of them again were in the case when Vasuki would join this “war” to hunt for members of Aogiri. And the last discussion was about the method of how to bring more ghouls to the organization. Eto wanted to spread the name of the One-Eyed King and him being the liberator of the ghoul race. But this was nearly impossible in the current state, cause Arima was current One-Eyed King and probably no ghoul would follow most notorious and strongest ghoul investigator as their king.

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Lucien knew that soon the perfect candidate would appear and Eto’s and Arima’s would change again to another course.

Before he left he gave Eto that blood essence to eat. It was blood essence refined from ordinary ghoul so it wasn’t very effective but like said before, this thing was a precious treasure to ordinary ghouls who can’t find any way to increase their RC Level.


Lucien picked up the first batch of quinques and bodies of ghouls, for this month which was already, we could say stored, in the 24th Ward. To be truthful the 24th Ward for something like a junkyard for ghouls. They dumped here bodies of other ghouls, remains of killed people or quinques. Here no ghoul investigator was brave enough to come so it was a relatively safe place.

Lucien currently had 37 B-rated quinques and 12 A-rated quinques. Somewhere from killed ghoul investigators and some were stolen by the collaborator of Aogiri Tree inside of CCG. These things were little darlings in Lucien’s eyes cause they could increase the grade of his Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace.

Bodies of dead ghouls were astonishing. Exactly a hundred and fifty, but most of them were only B-rated ghouls. But it was still a nice number. Lucien decided to refine them by ten to achieve a somewhat strong blood essence. He would give Aogiri Tree, three or four of them and keep rest for himself.

He returned to his estate. He wasn’t in a hurry to refine everything he gained today, because he was still thinking about one thing. Meeting with Arima. That person looked so calm and in a certain way harmless. Like an ordinary person, but his instincts were telling him that he is extremely dangerous for the entire time.

From Eto, he had another impression. A hot, mischievous and hidden sadist and dangerous too. Lucien laid on his bed and closed his eyes slowly. He was thinking about the future because soon the game would start and the war would break out.

He was wondering what would Oni Tsune do. Washuu Clan was suspiciously silent and wasn’t doing anything. They were even ignoring him after that incident with those ghoul investigators.

Next month the first thing he did was upgrading the Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace to the next level. Sad thing was that when he upgraded the Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace, efficiently of the quinques lowered. B-rated quinque now gave only 2,5% and A-rated only 5%. It was halved to be precise.

When the furnace then reached 1st-Tier Noble-Grade, B-rated quinques became useless and A-rated one gave him now only 2,5%. It was apparent that the furnace needed materials of higher quality every time it got upgraded.

Then after this, he spent by refining those bodies of ghouls. He created fifteen blood essences from those dead bodies of a ghoul. Four weaker ones with only one body of A-rated ghoul inside were given to Aogiri Tree and rest Lucien ate by himself. He increased his RC Level to almost 5,000.

This amazing result was because the refining process was much better than in the lower grade of the furnace. Now that furnace was that of higher-grade its process was much more efficient than before and could refine bodies in a more effective way.

Now it was already September and the weather was a little colder. Lucien would spend most of his free time with Itori. Sadly he didn’t have much of free time, cause he kept training like a madman to increase his personal strength.

Once he even sparred with Arima but the result wasn’t very good for Lucien. They sparred using the only sword and Lucien used kagune but he was still defeated. But it must be said that he could put up a rather better fight.

Other than this he went to some dates with Itori and he even kissed her more often. They had become something called a couple probably. Lucien gave her two blood essences that he refined from ghouls he personally hunted. So that won’t some weaklings of B-Rate or A-Rate, but rather two ghouls of S-Rate.

He explained to her about blood essences stuff and everything and she was very happy that he cared about her. From time to time he bought her some jewelry or something in that spirit. Women especially loved nice pieces of jewelry.


Lucien and Itori were walking through some parks as they held hands. Lucien wore a black suit with trenchcoat instead of his “noble attire” and had a light brown coat. Itori, on the other hand, was clothed as always and had just black trenchcoat on her.

After some time of walking they both sat on the nearest bench, a looked around themselves. Lucien firstly scanned surroundings to find if are here any people. Fortunately not, so he kissed Itori on her lips. He would never do something like this when people are near, so every time he made sure they are in places where aren’t people if they are intimate.

Itori was surprised at first but then she noticed that nobody is here so she passionately returned the kiss with her tongue. After a short time, they separated and looked at each other.

“I may be in love with you, Itori.”

Said Lucien with a serious voice.

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