Chapter 41: Confession

Lucien didn’t know if he could call his feelings for her as love. Because love was a very relative concept. He only knew that he wanted to be with her most of his time and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Itori was caught by surprise. She knew that understanding between their mutual feelings and saying something out loud were two different things. She knew that Lucien had feelings for her and truth to be said she too had feelings for him. Only for her, it was harder to confess herself.

Itori was thinking what to do now. She took all the courage she had and said in a very low and shy voice.

“I love you too.”

She was saying it in the lower and lower tone. But Lucien still managed to hear that and hugged her tightly. He knew that for her to say something like this is very difficult cause her entire life was filled with the constant fight for survival and blood. But inside she wanted to love and be loved.

“Came. I want to talk to you.”

Said Itori decidedly as she pulled his hand they went to the Helter Skelter Bar. They arrived at the Helter Skelter Bar rather quickly and Itori locked the entire place down as they both sat down and started talking. Lucien knew that Itori has decided to talk about herself. In the past month, she rarely talked about her past or present time. Lucien was who talked about himself. This gave Itori a feeling of his trust and now when he said those words of fate, she decided to trust him in return. This made him feel warm inside his heart. That feeling was very addictive.

“So, where should I start? Do you want to hear about my past, or about the present?”

She herself didn’t know from which point start. He past wasn’t an exactly nice one, and absolutely not talking about childhood which was basically just survival game. She wanted Lucien to decide, this was another thing which she wanted. Someone on who can she count.

“You could start from you past probably, but you don’t have to force herself.”

Said Lucien with a gentle smile. He didn’t want to force her to say anything. He knew that most of the things about her, he already knew. These were pieces of information he mainly received from Uta. But still, it was entirely different to hear it from her.

“Okay. Hmm, Where should start? Whatever, I was born at the 4th Ward and practically I have lived there for my entire life, until I have opened the Helter Skelter Bar, here at the 14th Ward. When I was still at the 4th Ward most of my time was filled with fights with ghoul investigators or rarely some other ghouls. But the number of ghoul investigators was very high, but all first four wards are entirely filled with doves. I joined their gang of ghouls, which was led by Uta and later when Ren-chan arrived, we three fought doves together. I was responsibly luring them into traps.”

These were pieces of information he knew long ago. Now there would be probably those how she joined Clowns and so on.

“When came to the 14th Ward, the atmosphere here is totally different. There aren’t as many ghoul investigators as in the first four wards so it is relatively safer here. And then, shortly after my arrival here I have joined ghoul organization called Clowns.”

Then she stopped here for some time, only to observe Lucien’s reaction to this. He was still calm and didn’t show any indications of surprise or something similar. Seeing this Itori was surprised and unsurprised at the same time. Members of Clowns were best at keeping their identity as top secret and this group was extremely mysterious.

It was stated by the Commission of Counter Ghoul that a group of ghoul called Clowns have unknown purpose and goal. Their real purpose is to create chaos and spread destruction. They all wore clown-themed masks and were rather crazy. It was interesting that almost all if not all strong ghouls, were totally crazy, wicked and mad. Especially those at SS or SSS rate.

“Have the last laugh, isn’t it?”

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Yes, this was the goal of the Clowns, because its Clown who is laughing always as the last. Lucien knew it and understood that the Clowns were always winners because their goal was to spread chaos and destroy everything around.

“No point in living if things aren’t interesting. The ones who get the last laugh are us, the Clowns.”

Said Itori with a happy voice. Lucien couldn’t help and nod. He knew that this quote was pure truth. What was the point of living if things aren’t interesting? Life would be boring and seem like an eternity.

“Clowns aren’t really some group with a noble goal. We only want to see the destruction that would soon start. Bearing witness to the moment of their destruction… Wouldn’t that be just divine? We’ll watch the whole thing from the best seats in the house. Watch as the curtain falls. Was there ever a time in the past when Ghoul-kind was backed so far into a corner? I wonder…”

Lucien was thinking about her word. These words meant that Clowns already were making a move. Actually, Red October is coming and soon the curtain would fall and game start. Ghoul-kind would be cornered even more and the war would erupt.

“Soon the red October would arrive and chaos would start. Itori, I hope that when the time comes you would stand with me, but don’t worry I don’t care about Clowns or ghouls. The only thing I want is to see Washuu Clan in ruins.”

Itori nodded her head and then came to the Lucien and kissed him on her lips.

Said Lucien with a resolute voice. He only wanted this and really didn’t care about some Clowns. In opposite, they would be very useful to him cause they are best at wreaking havoc. They always associated themselves with all sides and created only rivers of blood.

“Yes, we would stand together.”

“Itori when will Clowns made their move?”

Asked Lucien. He knew that Souta or rather Washuu Kichimura was scheming his plan already and when will Red October arrive it would start.

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“Souta would start it soon.”

Itori was now ready to tell him most of the secrets of Clowns. She knew that even if they found about it they can’t do anything cause he would protect her for sure. She knew that Lucien was strong. Very strong.

“That’s good, cause it starting to be boring here.”

Lucien said in a mischievous smile. It was the truth that he was bored already here. Not much was happening and he couldn’t even fight as much as he wanted. He could only train and cultivate his RC Level to higher levels.

Lucien looked at Itori and took something from his Cross Crest. It was a simplified version of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture. Something similar was given to Tatara only with bikaku, namely Destructive Bikaku Scripture. He couldn’t give her complete version cause she didn’t have RC Body Refining Technique.

He was planning to give her everything when she would undergo Sacred Devourification Ceremony and would, we could say evolve to the Sacred Devourer Ghoul. Then she could cultivate in RC Body Refining Technique and in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture to reach new heights in strength and cultivation.

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