Chapter 42: Gifts

“This is a simplified version of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture which is an ancestral martial art in my family. If you ever decide to be part of my family you would be able to train the complete version of this martial art, because you can’t cultivate this martial art in your current state. Even though this is an only simplified version, it could help you greatly to increase your strength.”

Itori blushed at his word of becoming part of his family cause she could imagine what he was talking about. But then she decided to divide his attention by asking him a question, why she can’t cultivate the Sacred Rinkaku Scripture.

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“Why did you say, I can’t cultivate Sacred Rinkaku Scripture?”

Lucien heard her question and his head was spinning quickly. He was thinking if it was the right time to talk to her about cultivation ranks and all that stuff. In the end, he decided to go with the truth. He was too lazy to think about time excuses and all. Another reason was that this information wasn’t any kind of secret.

“Sacred Rinkaku Scripture requires two things to cultivate to its maximum effect, but we will talk about them later. For now, it would suffice for you to train in this simplified version of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture.”

But the moment he started talking he decided to talk about this later. Now wasn’t enough time and it could be considered useless information to her cause she can’t undergo Sacred Devourification and became Sacred Devourer Ghoul and thus cultivate to the baron rank.

Then they talked about some mischievous things and people. Lucien was talking about some things from his childhood and training in his family. He even talked about some of his abilities as his detachable kagune which was able to shapeshift into weapons or some objects and showed her telekinesis. Itori too talked about her abilities as her kakuja which was body armor with several tails. It looked pretty strong.


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After spending an entire evening with Itori in Helter Skelter Bar, Lucien returned home in the deep night. He only took a quick shower and then went to sleep.

The next day when he woke up he found out that he got a message from his parents in Blood Island. Basically, they were congratulating him on his breakthrough to the baron rank. The next thing which the message was talking about was that he would get a batch of blood essences refined from baron ranked demons. It could directly increase his RC Level to awaken Kakuja V1 and possibly with enough luck even maybe Kakuja V2.

It would be delivered after several days and Lucien would need to go to personally take over those blood essences at the airport. After reading the entire message Lucien was almost in ecstasy because of blood essences he would receive. It was now his biggest problem that he couldn’t get enough blood essences to increase his RC Level. Sadly blood essences refined from demons are less effective than those refined from ghouls cause they don’t contain Red Children Cells.

Apparently, the number of Baron-Ranked demons was increasing all the time and Aeon House and Tepes House were fully occupied with killing all of them. But this had even some good side as nowadays Aeon House had too many materials to refine them into blood essences. This resulted in that many ghouls reached Baron-Rank. Thus Lucien would also get his share as heir. And that share would be big.

After reading the entire message Lucien went to train in his kenjutsu and telekinesis. Last days he spent some time to train his ability cause he noticed he was neglecting the training of telekinesis. Even though telekinesis was an important ability for him, he still didn’t have any way of increasing his psionic energy level. It was stuck at the base level of 1,000 and whatever he tried resulted in failure.

After several days, the day when the blood essences would arrive finally arrived. Lucien explained to the Darkwalker that everything must be perfect. If by any chance they would encounter some ambush by Washuu Clan and V they must be prepared for the bloody fight. out her kakuja abilities which were in the form of body armor with several tails and it looked pretty strong.

Lucien had a faint feeling that something bad would happen so he arranged most of the mercenaries to go with him as escorts. All of them were at A-rate and some of them would be at S-rate. Darkwalker’s group has to receive some of the blood essences, but they brought their own materials for refinement. Thanks to this their strength has increased these months.

When the sun, set down several Hummers and one armored vehicle had left the estate in the 21st Ward. This armored vehicle was the same as the military in various countries used. Lucien bought it in the black market from some corrupted general in Japanese Self-Defense Forces, or shortly JSDF. It was the newest version of this vehicle so Lucien was pretty satisfied.

After an hour or so they finally arrived at the airport. Even though there was an evening, the roads were full of cars and the traffic was terrible. When they arrived at the airport, they immediately arrived at the hanger where the special plane of the Aeon House was stying and around twenty mercenaries started to secure area.

Lucien stepped out of the car when the area was secured and gone to check the blood essences. They were in the huge wooden cart, which looked rather ordinary. Inside the cart were several smaller treasure chests, each was filled with some blood essences. Lucien controlled cart and treasure chests and then gave the order to load them to the armored vehicle.

Suddenly as Lucien was standing in the hangar and thinking about something he heard not-good sounds. It was the sound of the congealment of kagune. He knew that Washuu Clan and Vasuki must have arrived and the situation has turned dire.

Lucien exited the hangar and saw there several tens of agents of V, clothed in their classical long black leather coats with hats on their heads. Each of them was holding one katana. Leaden them was a rather old man, with a long beard. To contrast with agents, he was wearing dark-green kimono and wooden sandals. Classical Japanese attire.

Lucien didn’t recognize that old man, but seeing that on his kimono were symbols of Washuu Clan he knew that he must be on of elders of the clan. Lucien only had twenty-one mercenaries here but Washuu Clan had brought more than fifty agents of Vasuki and one elder at the top of it. Problem was that almost all of the agent was at the strength of A-rated. Lucien wasn’t sure how strong could be Elder of Washuu Clan, but he was already at Baron rank. He could kill most of these agents in several minutes. But the real problem was Elder.

He congealed kagune katana in mere second and several kagune daggers, that were hidden behind him. His kakugan was already on and he was looking at the elder of Washuu Clan. Both of them were in a so-called gazing war.

Nobody talked and nobody made a sound. Only Lucien and that Elder were looking at each other. Then the Elder of Washuu Clan stopped gazing at Lucien.

“Washuu Tsunemoro name mine is. Now let’s fight.”

Said Elder of the Washuu Clan, Washuu Tsunemoro as he draws out his katana and rushed at Lucien. He was very fast but Lucien didn’t have any problem seeing him. He met his attack head-on and successfully blocked it. He estimated that his strength almost met standards of baron ranked cultivator.

As they were clashing, Lucien released ten kagune daggers to attack all agents of Vasuki. Ten daggers shot with speed of thunder at the agents of Vasuki, who was only now taking out their katanas. Several of them were torn to death, but only five or six. These were weakest in this group of agents.

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