Chapter 43: Honor

Both Lucien and Washuu Tsunemoro jumped away from each other after the initial clash. The elder of Washuu Clan realized that in terms of physical strength he is far weaker than Lucien but his kenjutsu is more refined and experienced than Lucien’s. This gave him a slight advantage during this fight.

But when he realized that Lucien was manipulating several kagune daggers to attack members of Vasuki. Even though they were nothing more than chess pieces, they still held their value. After the first wave of attacks, mercenaries attacked still shocked agents of V, which gave them some moment of surprise.

Lucien and Elder Washuu Tsunemoro exchanged several strikes and nobody had an advantage. Lucien had better physical strength and Washuu Tsunemoro had better kenjutsu. One of the weaknesses of ordinary ghouls was the fact that they would be weaker with getting older. Sacred Devourer Ghouls didn’t have this kind of weakness.

“Your kenjutsu is very exceptional Elder Tsunemoro, in this regard I must admit my defeat. It’s my honor to exchange pointers with you.”

He complimented kenjutsu of Elder Tsunemoro and bowed lightly. It was the truth that Elder’s kenjutsu was more refined and sharper than his own. He was only at Samurai Realm in kenjutsu but it must be said that he reached that realm not long ago and didn’t have enough experiences.

“Same could be said about your physical strength and speed. I am already old and I don’t have that in me already.”

Returned compliment to the Lucien, Elder Tsunemoro. It was a little weird to see two people who are trying to kill each other, being so polite to each other. Lucien and Washuu Tsunemoro understood regarded it as noble manners.

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Both of them took battle stances as they gripped strongly their respective katanas. Iaido, the Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack.

They performed perfect iaido and their swords clashed, sparks were in the air and both of them were gazing at each other. Their duel was in a blank point.

Same cannot be said about agents of V that were fighting against mercenaries. Lucien was even supporting them by the usage of kagune daggers. He managed to kill several agents of V when they were occupied by fighting mercenaries, whose Lucien brought. But mercenaries too had some loses. Several of them managed to get killed.

Lucien looked at this and knew numbers of mercenaries were decreasing so hi gave the signal. He shot one kagune dagger high in the air and then he let it fall onto the ground, creating a smaller crater. This was signal to Uta who was hiding in the shadows. He needed him to act. His strength was above SS-rate and now his abilities were far stronger as he received many blood essences from Lucien as well as a simplified version of combat technique.

Suddenly Uta appeared in his second mask, resembling a bird with a wide beak and four small holes on the side. Several tails materialized from his back in mere seconds and managed to kill two agents of Vasuki by taking them by surprise.

When Elder Washuu Tsunemoro saw that he was clearly mad. He knew that powerful one has appeared and he was locked in combat with Lucien. He was now regretting not bringing stronger combatants. All agents here were only A-rated ghouls or half-humans with the ability of First-Class Ghoul Investigator. Only a minority of them were at S-rate.

Now that Uta has come to support him, Lucien could freely fight with Elder Tsunemoro. He knew that after some time all mercenaries would be killed even with his support. Agents of Vasuki had a numerical advantage which wasn’t a small one. Fortunately, he ordered Uta to come with him, and hide nearby.

“Finally my friend arrived here, so now we won’t be interrupted during our fight.”

Said Lucien with a vicious grin as he gripped his katana and shot toward Elder Tsunemoro at full speed. But he wasn’t the only thing. Several kagune daggers were already aiming at Elder’s vitals. As Elder Tsunemoror was an experienced combatant, he managed to dodge three kagune daggers and block one. But his leg and arm were injured by the other two daggers.

Then he saw that Lucien was already before him with his attack, but unfortunately for him, as his arm was damaged he couldn’t hold his katana properly and Lucien’s attack managed to sever his hand. His hand fell onto the ground and he knew that this was the moment, he met his demise. Then he felt it. Shart pain penetrating his stomach, which was penetrated from one blood-red kagune tail.

“The-y always say that y-onger genrati-on will ov-er-come us.”

Said old man as he was coughing blood and he was on his knees. Lucien was looking at the last moments of his life before coming to him, holding his katana in his hand.

“Your abilities in kenjutsu were exceptional, but sadly you didn’t manage to block all my kagune dagger, which I controlled through telekinesis. I am honored to give you death worth of samurai.”

Said Lucien as he bowed to Elder, before taking a battle stance and slashing at his head. His head was severed but his face was clearly smiling. It could be said that Elder Washuu Tsunemoro died satisfied.

Then Lucien shot at the nearest agent of Vasuki and killing him in one hit. He wasn’t holding back in the slightest, cause these were just mere cannon fodder. He couldn’t obtain some experiences from them or something.

When Lucien previously fought with Elder Washuu Tsunemoro he used his telekinesis only after some time. This was because he wanted to fight by pure kenjutsu. Masters in Samurai Realm were very rare, especially in these Low-Grade Worlds.

Uta was too going on the rampage and several agents of Vasuki were killed by his hand. For him killing these weaker agents was nothing. Same could be said about Lucien and even his subordinate Darkwaler managed to kill several agents. Loses of mercenaries weren’t so big as only around eight of them were killed in action.

After ten minutes of the fight ended and only dead bodies remained here. Lucien was a little bit shocked at the actions of agents of V. Even though they knew that they would lose and be killed, they still fought to the death. This was probably the result of the brainwashing process, they had undergone.

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“Bring all the bodies in one place so I can store them.”

Ordered Lucien to mercenaries. They just followed his order without any questions. They didn’t care about what would he do, they were too brainwashed in some way to be loyal to the Aeon House and carry orders without question. They already saw many supernatural things already.

After twenty minutes all bodies were at one huge pile and Lucien and stored them in his Cross Crest. After that mercenaries loaded all blood essences into an armored vehicle and then Lucien looked at Uta who nodded his head and then disappeared. Lucien then got into armored vehicle and convoy went back to the estate.

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