Chapter 44: Game –

After Lucien returned to the estate he decided he would give mercenaries, two weaker blood essences as a reward to increase their RC Level. As Lucien was in complete control when he was refining blood essences, he could even design how many pellets would be from one process. He refined B-rated ghouls into two blood essences each and then put them away.

Then he started refining several tens corpses from agents of Vasuki and some of the mercenaries who died. He couldn’t leave their body, be just buried to the ground. The body of ghoul was extremely precious material for refinement. Especially bodies of stronger ghouls.

Lucien spent the entire night refining those bodies, they were too many of them and some of them were being refined separately cause some of those blood essences would be given to Itori and Uta. Itori would be his future wife, as it was already decided in his head. To Uta, he became his friend and was his most trusted subordinate here in Tokyo, besides that, he helped where he could, as it was shown today. It was very important to keep both of them stronger.

After Lucien was finished he counted all blood essences he had, those he refined now and those as his share from his family. From ghouls, he killed he totally refined over twenty blood essences. This number could be seen as small, but each blood essence was refined from three corpses of A-rated ghoul or so. Their potency was high.

But this came with the price. Thanks to fast increasement in the RC Level, the RC Level itself wasn’t so stable and a foundation was unstable. Thus Lucien needed some blood essences refined from other species to strengthen his foundation when using the huge number of blood essences refined from the ghoul.

This was something he noticed when he started using blood essences refined from ghouls. Even though his increase rate was alarmingly fast, his foundation was rather destabilized. But this could be solved by consuming blood essences refined from baron ranked demons. They would provide enough energy to Red Children Cells to stabilize themselves.

Thankfully Lucien had a rather big number of blood essences refined from baron ranked demons. As baron ranked demons started to appear more and more on the Blood Island, Aeon House started to hunt them more and more. They obtained more blood essences and thus could cultivate to higher stages. It could be said that the portal is a gold mine unless the flood of demons with many Viscount Ranked ones would come.

Lucien sat in a cross-legged position and started eating blood essences like candies. He always ate them in pairs. One blood essence from the ghoul and one blood essence from baron ranked demon. After several hours, he finally reached his desired state. Kakuja V1.

From one pair of blood essences, he managed to increase his RC Level about a thousand. Maybe even more. But sometimes he didn’t manage to increase his RC Level even by zero, cause his red children cells would just devour that energy to strengthen themselves. Lucien wasn’t surprised though, as something was happening not only to him but to everyone who reached Baron rank. RC Cells sometimes behaved like they had their own mind and intelligence.

He stored the rest of his blood essences into his Cross Crest and then he looked at his record. He knew that his Kakuja was the same as it was before. Actually, nobody is it from Aeon House or some other Sacred Devourer Ghouls had changed in kakuja after breakthrough into Baron-Rank. It only became stronger and that’s all.

Lucien opened his record and was eager to see changes. He wasn’t using it often, maybe once per month to check on his progress. One must say that the record was the best way of checking the progress of cultivation.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer

Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 20,445
Kagune Rank: 2nd-Tier Noble-Grade
Cultivation: Early-Phase Baron
Energy Type: Psionic
Energy Level: 1,000

Unique States:
Permanent Tail – 1
Kakuja V1: Left hand – body armor, right hand – kagune katana


Sacred Devourer
– Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis
– 10 Psionic Energy per minute.

Enhanced Reflexes

Kenjutsu: Samurai

Cultivation Techniques:
Sacred Rinkaku Scripture: N/A
RC Body Refining Technique: Baron

Cross Crest:
Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory

Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace


After checking his record Lucien went to sleep as he was tired from the entire day and mostly from that fight.

The next day he immediately went to the training room and activated his Kakuja V1 to see its power. It still looked the same. His entire left arm was covered in kakuja body armor and in his right hand was extremely sharp katana, which was waiting for some blood.

Lucien tried to fight a little and did some shadow sparring. He knew that Kakuja V1 didn’t give something like boosts to users’ strength or something. It just provided partially body armor with one weapon, based on users’ imagination. Real strong kakuja forms were the other three. The other three versions gave a large boost in physical abilities, healing factors, and even reflexes.

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And what was most important, final version Kakuja V4 had wings, which gave him the ability to fly. Sadly Lucien never had a good opportunity to use those wings before he achieved Baron-Rank. What was shocking was the fact that the final version of Kakuja, Kakuja V4 gave an extremely large physical boost, to fight with the weakest cultivators of higher rank. For example, if Lucien achieved Kakuja V4 he could fight with some weak Viscount-Ranked cultivators and kill them. But if someone powerful in Viscount-Rank appeared he could still have a chance to escape.

After that Lucien called Darkwalker and gave him blood essences, he refined for mercenaries. Then he returned to his training.

He spent the rest of his time training. Until the day, somebody came to his estate to find him. Lucien knew that only a few people would come here, thus he wasn’t very surprised to see Uta here.

“Game is starting?”

Asked Lucien with a vicious grin on his face. He knew that Red October was already here and the game is starting as Souta would make his move today. ‘Steel Beam Incident, how long I have waited for you’. Said Lucien in his mind.

“Yes, Lucien-san, we should rather go.”

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Said Uta. In this time he also got more powerful thanks to blood essences Lucien provided to him and especially that simplified version of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture he gave him. Uta was a strong nihilist and his entire life was a pursuit of the meaning of life. But when Lucien talked a bit about some things he started to feel one desire. The desire to get stronger and kill. This came from his side, which he thought was long forgotten. But still, he considered Lucien as his friend.

Lucien nodded his head and then went to change his clothes to suit. He knew that he won’t fight today and would just observe. Now was the only morning or so, Lucien wanted to take a tour through the city, cause Steel Beam Incident would happen only in the evening. He already had his battle attire prepared, nobody knows what would that madman do.

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