Chapter 46: Fall Down

Then Lucien took out a small sheet of paper and wrote something down. After that, he stood up and went to the bar to pay. He wasn’t willing to watching stupid hitting on Touka by certain someone. And shortly Rize would arrive so he wanted to go away.

Lucien went to the bar and gave old man Yoshimura a hundred dollar banknote with that sheet of paper. The old man noticed that he was giving him some paper in a rather discreet manner as he quickly hides it in his attire. He knew that Lucien wanted to send him some kind of message.

Lucien exited the Anteiku Coffee and disappeared in the streets, waiting for the evening.


“Touka, come here and start preparing coffee. I am going to the basement for supplies.”

Said, Yoshimura, as he walked away. When he arrived in the basement he took out that paper he received from Lucien and started reading. When he finished reading that letter he immediately burned it with lighter and went back.

“Chaotic times are going to descent.”

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Muttered old man as he was walking back to the cafe.


The evening of the same day

The city was brimming with light and people were walking on the streets. One could say that the city was a living organism. With so many colors and lights, the dark night wasn’t so dark. It was a rather fascinating sight in such a metropolis city in the night.

Lucien and Uta were currently standing at the roof of the near building, next to the construction site. Lucien and Uta both were observing two people walking through an isolated alleyway near a construction site.

“Do you think, he is also watching this drama?”

Asked Lucien in a somewhat annoying voice. He was observing them for a very long time together with Uta and it already started to be boring. Especially when they both knew how the story would end. At the same time, it was a little funny to see their date. Especially when one was thinking about how timidly was he behaving and how scheming she was.

“Probably. Nobody knows what’s going on in his head. He is one of a few people who can’t be seen through. Maybe because he is mad?”

Said Uta and ended his answer with the question. It was certain truth that someone like Washuu Kichimura/Souta can’t be seen through. Suddenly both of them stopped talking as they looked at the scene below them.

Both of the main actors of the event, Kaneki Ken and Kamishiro Rize stopped in the dark alley and Rize leaned over his chest.

“I don’t hear anything. Shame we can’t go closer.”

Complained Uta. It was the truth that from this height he didn’t hear anything and even Lucien didn’t hear anything. They couldn’t go near them cause there was a huge chance that they would be noticed by Rize. After all, she was S-rated ghoul, even though she wasn’t strongest she was still rather strong among other S-rated ghouls.

In an instant, everything started. They both could see that her eyes changed to kakugan as she has bitten Kaneki’s shoulder. After they separated he fell on the ground with confused expression on his face, and of course extremely scared expression, that he had tears in his eyes almost.

They could see that several tails materialized from her back as she screamed: “That I was ghoul!!!”. They could faintly hear that and seeing her excited face they could deduce she was very enjoying the current situation.

The poor young man started running for his life, before his right leg was caught by her kagune tail, and was dragged back to Rize. When she was careless he managed to escape again but he was struck down by her kagune tail, this time rather hard and was severely injured in the process. He was shot to the near wall and barely alive. Rize stood before him and was looking at him when several steel beams fell down at her. She noticed too late and even tried to defend with her kagune but steel beams crushed her.

Lucien and Uta both observed this and showed a faint smile on how everything had gone. Finally, the game could start. When they were leaving Lucien to take a look at the top of the construction site, only to see a faint silhouette standing at the top of the building. Lucien knew that it was Washuu Kichimura, know as Souta.


Only allowed on

Kanou General Hospital, Office of Dr. Kano Akihiro

The hospital itself was located in the 20th Ward and was deeply connected to the Vasuki and Washuu Clan. It looked like a modern building cause it was constructed only a few years ago.

“How are you feeling, Mr. Kaneki?”

Asked an elderly, grey-haired man. He wore the typical attire of a physician, white coat, white shirt, and black necktie. He seemed like a kind elder man and a caring doctor.

“Pretty normal, I guess.”

Answered Kaneki, who looked like nothing had happened at all. He was clothed in those attires that patients received when they were in the hospital. Kanou was sitting in front of a computer and was looking at some images of the surgery process. To be more precise surgery of transplanting of Rize’s kakuhou.

“If you continue taking the immunosuppressant, you should be back in school in no time.”

Explained Kanou to Kaneki. After that, his eyes took sharp glare at him before saying.

“By the way, a nurse told me, the hospital food isn’t to your liking?”

This sentence makes Kanki shudder in response cause he knew that something was different with him, but he couldn’t tell what. All the food he had eaten now tasted absolutely terrible.

“N-No… It’s good.”

Said young man with some difficulty to which Kanou showed a faint smile. After that Kaneki left the office leaving Kanou alone.

He took the phone and called someone, who picked it almost in an instant.

“Process was a success. We have managed to create artificial one-eyed ghoul, I would need more time to observe him for now. But I can guarantee that the surgery process was a success and I have managed to create artificial one-eyed ghoul. Now we could move to the next phase of the plan.”

Said Kanou to the phone and then he ended the call.


Lucien returned to his mansion and went to sleep. Now, the game has started and everything is on move. He would need to spend more time to train and find some hidden facilities of Vasuki and Washuu Clan to destroy them.

“Maybe I should go to Anteiku more often. Their coffee is the best.”

Murmured Lucien as he laid down on his bed as he was looking at the ceiling.

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