Chapter 47: Martial

Sometime later, Basement of Anteiku

The basement of the Anteiku looked very nice and clean. It was used mainly for storing supplies for cafe and human meat for ghouls.

In the basement, two figures were standing side by side in waiter uniforms. Both of them were looking at something in distance and thinking about something else. By one glance you could say that the young woman looked rather displeased.

“Why help him, sir?”

Asked purple-haired teen woman. Touka was so-called Ice Beauty, only admiring from distance but no touching or you would be beaten to death.


Said old man Yoshimura to which she immediately looked at him. It was because she felt concern from his voice. She respected him a lot and he was a father-like figure for her. Learning morals from him and he was her support.

“Have you seen the recent news about the organ transplant case?”

Asked Yoshimura with a curious voice. Even though he knew the answer that she didn’t he still asked. Young people nowadays were less and less interested in the news.

“…?, No, not really.”

Said Touka indifferently.

“It all started when steel beams fell on some students. One of the victims, a female student, died instantly, the other one, a young man, was on the brink of death. He needed an emergency organ transplant. The doctor chose to transplant the dead girls’ organs into the young man….”

Here he took a short pause as he was explaining some important context to Touka.

“It seems those organs…belonged to Rize.”

As soon as he finished this sentence Touka almost got a heart attack from this as she screamed.

“Rize?! Did she die? In an accident?”

Asked Touka in disbelief. Something like hearing that S-rated ghoul died in something stupid like the accident was very unusual and rare.

“The injury must have been so severe that not even a ghoul’s regenerative abilities could repair the damage. And so Rize’s organs were used.”

He finished his speech about this event.

“So now there is a human with ghoul organs inside them? Sir.. his yes. Could it be…?”

Asked Touka with a shaky voice. It was unbelievable that a normal human was turned into a ghoul. Yes, sometimes some rare breed like one-eyed ghouls appear and half-humans too aren’t something very rare. But creating ghoul out of nothing was till now impossible. Turning normal human to ghoul was something unheard before.


Nodded his head, Yoshimura. Now even impossible is becoming possible.

“Touka do you remember that foreign young man, that came to the Anteiku in the day of the incident?”

Asked Yoshimura. Truth to be told, it was almost impossible to not remember someone like that. With those silver hair and bright blue eyes, he looked like perfection himself. Touka nodded her head in approval.

“He is the ghoul, extremely strong one.”

To this she froze in shock, she didn’t think that he would be a ghoul.

“He gave me a message. It stated that war is coming and chaotic times are going to descent.”

To this Touka didn’t know what to say. But if it was true, that war would be coming between humans and ghouls, then the situation is solemn. Very solemn.

“Who is he? You are talking about him as you know him, sir?”

Asked Touka in a curious voice. She knew that Yoshimura knew him, from the way he was talking about him.

“He is from the noble family of ghouls, all of them are extremely powerful. I don’t know what is one of them doing here in Tokyo. Maybe you should found it out.”

Finished his sentence with teasing smile to which Touka had a slight blush. He noticed how Lucien was looking at her and he wanted her to befriend him. Yoshimura was a very experienced man and from how Lucien was behaving and talking to her he noticed that he didn’t have any ill intent or something. Having strong allies was always a good thing.

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‘Washuu Clan and Aeon House were always enemies to death, from information that were available in Vasuki, it is apparent that Aeon House is much more formidable than Washuu Clan but they can’t leave the place they are residing in. So now the question is, why they decided to act? But now with someone from Aeon House here, the Washuu Clan won’t be so daring as they have a new formidable enemy to deal with.’

Thought Yoshimura in his head. He was thinking about how to get Lucien on their side.


When Yoshimura and Touka were taking care of newly found a ghoul Kaneki Ken, Lucien was training in his estate. He was constantly training in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture, trying to reach Baron Stage in this Scripture. He was training in it for a very long time, until one moment.


This day, this moment, he finally managed to reach the Baron Stage in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture. Now when he reached this stage, it gave him more free time, as he knew that he can’t reach a higher stage unless his cultivation reached Viscount-Rank.

“Hmm, what to do now? Maybe I should go visit Itori, I haven’t seen her for a few days.”

Said Lucien to himself, before he opened his record. He wanted to see a change in the record, but one more thing, Lucien enjoyed very much looking at his record. Looking at his effort and time gave a very good feeling.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records

Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 20,445
Kagune Rank: 2nd-Tier Noble-Grade
Cultivation: Baron
Energy Type: Psionic Energy
Energy Level: 1,000

Unique States:
Permanent Tail – 1
Kakuja V1: Left arm – body armor, right hand – kagune katana


Sacred Devourer
– Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis
– 10 Psionic Energy per minute.

Enhanced Reflexes

Kenjutsu: Samurai

Cultivation Techniques:
Sacred Rinkaku Scripture: Baron Stage
RC Body Refining Technique: Baron Rank

Cross Crest:
Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory
Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace

After looking on his record, Lucien exited his estate and went on a walk through the city. As he was walking he noticed some screams in some back alley. He went toward the source of the noise until he stopped and started listening.

It was a familiar feminine voice that was speaking. Lucien knew that Touka was screaming at somebody, probably ghoul newbie, Kaneki Ken.

“There’s no place for someone who can’t decide between being one or the other. If you want to be human so badly… try starving yourself to the limit once.”

She apparently stopped and started walking away from him, towards the place where Lucien was standing and listening to their conversation.

“I’ll tell you right now, a ghoul’s hunger… true hell.”

After that, she exited the back and dark alley when she heard someone walking behind her.

“Don’t you think, you are being harsh on him a little?”

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Said Lucien with a chuckle.

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