Chapter 48: Hunger

Touka immediately turned around to see Lucien standing behind her and smiling at her. It was apparent that he was hiding here and listening to the conversation they had.

“Not really. That half-ass in delusional about how things go in this world. He is already one of us, even when he isn’t accepting that fact.”

Explained Touka in a calm voice. She knew that Lucien wasn’t a threat and he seemed to be a kind person, at least from a third-person view.

“Hmm, you are right. But his mind is still like a human and he lived in human society unlike us. We are raised in a strength-based hierarchy, where strong rule and weak die. That something completely different from those idiotic ideas that humans have these days.”

One thing must be said and that Lucien despised current society. Talks about everyone is equal and everyone had the same rights are pure nonsense. He could see that young boy that had been turned to one-eyed ghouls is still leaning over his previous morals and ideals.

Touka hearing this smiled and nodded her head in approval. Ghoul society and human society were completely different. Current human society was based on the principles of democracy and tolerance. In contrast to that, ghoul society was a strength-based hierarchy. Lucien knew that ghouls had society extremely close to that in the multiverse. Strong rule, the weak die.

If you want to have peace, then you must be strong enough to create it and protect it.

“Sooo what are you going to do now? Wanna go on coffee?”

Hearing this Touka, knew that she was tasked to watch over him a little but she thought that he won’t need her some time so she accepted Lucien’s offer. After a while, they both went to some coffee that Lucien chose.

As he wanted always the best he chose the most expensive cafe in the surroundings. Touka was speechless from this, cause prices here were like from another world. She was still only a student so paying several thousand yens from coffee was too much.

“Don’t worry, I am paying as it was me who invited you.”

Smiled Lucien at her. Lucien ordered the most expensive coffee here for both of them. It was coffee made from Viverrinae, which those small animals that were eating coffee beans and… you know what. Touka was surprised by his choice that he chose this type of coffee.

After some time they were talking about various things, Lucien asked her about the school she was visiting cause she was still a student, judging by attire. In this life, he never attended schools, cause Blood Island weren’t anything like that.

Children on Blood Island were taught by their parents mostly, so there wasn’t any need for something like schools.

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“It looks like a bother, going every day to schools, with countless humans.”

Stated Lucien as he sipped his coffee. One must say that this coffee was a very good one.

“It sounds like you have never attended it.”

Said Touka to Lucien, to which he only smiled.

“Nope, I was taught at home, but in my home, there is more combat teaching than a theory like in modern schools. I started my training at a very early age and was trained by experts in martial arts and in the usage of kagune.”

Touka was hearing this with rather an enthusiasm. She always longed to be strong, strong enough to overcome all her enemies and get her vengeance. As she was listening to Lucien she had a strong urge to ask him if he can’t teach her something.

She wasn’t some strong ghoul, even though she had some foundation, as she knew how to kick and punch. But she never trained in some martial arts or something similar. In eyes of really strong ghoul investigators and ghouls, she was just kid. Even her brother can beat her, and he also wasn’t someone especially strong.

“Could you teach me, when you are free?”

After some time of thinking, she decided to risk, if he could teach her. Lucien was surprised at this but he nodded his head in approval. Even though he didn’t have any interest in her as a woman, he admired her will and courage to ask him for teaching, when they barely knew each other.

“We must go. I think something bad would happen to that half-ass.”

Said Touka to Lucien as he nodded his head. They were here already for more than an hour before Lucien paid for the coffee and they left. They were searching for Kaneki, cause Touka lost him when they were at the cafe.

After some time of searching for him, they finally found him in a confrontation with Nishio Nishiki, who would be later known as S-rated Serpent, thanks to his deadly bikaku kagune tail. Touka then stopped Lucien as they were both watching the fight. Of course, if you could call it the fight. Nishiki was just beating the boy around here and there.

Suddenly they saw that Kanki managed to congeal his rinkaku kagune and strike Nishiki. Then he turned around to his friend who was laying on the ground and looked at him like he was a most delicious meal.

Then both Lucien and Touka acted. Lucien appeared behind Nishiki and with one strike he knocked him out, he was unconscious. This happened so fast, that Kaneki didn’t even notice that Nishiki was already unconscious.

Touka appeared before him and looked at him with disgust and hate. It was apparent that this wasn’t the best way, how to spent free time for her.

“You’re starting to become more like one of us. Half-ass.”

Said Touka as she walked towards him. Kaneki was already in the mindless state, without any sign of rationality and clear consciousness.

“The pain and hunger have stripped away from your reason. It hurts so much almost want to die, don’t you?”

He was like a wild beast, as he took some kind of primitive battle stance. It was apparent that he wanted to attack her. Lucien was also in high alert as he was observing both of them, ready to intervene if something went bad.

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“If it means you can be free of that pain.. you don’t give a damm about your friend’s life, do you?”

It was like she was talking with herself. The only sound he was saying was something like “grrr…grrr”. Like a wolf who went berserk. His tails were already swinging around, waiting for a moment to attack. He desperately wanted to eat something.

This was the result of hunger, the hunger of ghoul is true hell, in every meaning.

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