Chapter 7: Discussion and Psionic

Asmodeus took Lucien to his study after both of them changed to their ordinary clothing. Cough ordinary. One maid brought them two cups of tea. One more thing to be said about Sacred Devourer Ghoul was about their taste. They could drink more items compared to ordinary ghouls.

Ordinary ghouls could only eat human flesh or flesh of fellow ghouls and drink coffee. That’s all. What was rather interesting was the fact that ghouls could smoke and have allergies to metals or some materials. But this was only among ordinary ghouls. Sacred Devourer Ghouls were an exception of all this.

“So what is that miraculous technique which you have invented Lucien. Could it strengthen our kin to the new heights?”

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Asked Asmodeus with eager. He was extremely interested in a way that could help them cultivate to a whole new level. Asmodeus saw fact it. When he was in Hell, though it was only entry even though he was still almost killed when he went to the deeper parts of the layer.

Lucien’s thoughts were similar but still different. He wanted to strengthen his kin because of another reason. He wanted to expand the power of his family to cultivate them and help him in the future when he leaves this Low-Grade Dimension.

“Yes, father. I have experimented with my RC Cells for a long time. Like you have said they are like a form of energy that makes us strong. But they are only flowing in our blood circulation system and nothing more. But I have questioned myself what would happen if I were to fuse them with my body together. The result of that I would make our bodies extremely strong. Far stronger than anybody in this world. If you read those Chinese cultivation novels, we would be already considered formidable body cultivators.”

Explained Lucien to Asmodeus, who was listening with his all attention. Then he took out his notebook, which contained a method of how to practice the RC Body Refining Technique. Asmodeus started urgently read it. After reading it all, he was in ecstasy. The first level Baron Rank required RC Level to reach 10,000. Asmodeus had RC Level over 60,000. Compared to his ancestors, it was a small number, but he was still rather young.

“My RC Level allows me to reach Baron Rank and be half-way to Viscount Rank. I will immediately go to seclusion to try it. With this, we could explore more from that dammed place and clear the entire Island from those demons who escaped to the world.”

Lucien was horrified to hear that his father’s RC Level was over 60,000. He already knew that this world was vastly different from what he knew of. Mostly it was because of him when Akashic Records changed some things in this world.

“Father, how many people we had which can reach Baron-Rank and more?”

Lucien too was rather curious how active was Aeon House in reality. He had a theory that if his father was already this strong and has such a high RC Level, there must be more powerful people who serve as guardians and protectors of the Aeon House.

“We have around 20 people capable of reaching Baron Rank, and maybe some will be able to reach Viscount Rank. Only then the situation will be stabilized. I haven’t told you that recently more and more powerful demons started appearing in the entrance to the Hell and some of them even escaped to the Island.”

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This surprised Lucien too much but at the same time made him worried. He knew that activity from demons was a terrible thing. In blood Island, there was rift to hell. Now only some of weaker demons were able to cross it but if Baron Ranked demons will come troubles will follow. Not to speak about Viscount Ranked demons which could be said to be a calamity. Even one of them could easily wreak havoc around entire Low-Grade Dimension and turn everything upside dow.,

Asmodeus hugged his son and patted his head.

“I am very, very proud of you, my son. You have done a great deed for our Aeon House in time of crisis.”

This was undoubtedly true that he made a significant contribution to the family. He was too happy about it because if his family gets stronger, it will benefit him also. Not in this world until the threat of an entrance to the hell was resolved.


Lucien returned to his room and lay on the bed and started thinking about other serious problem which was already here for a longer time. Psionic Energy and his Divine Telekinesis. He already knew the reason why he can’t awaken it. His body was not strong enough to support such intense power.

The problem was increasing his psionic energy. It was located and stored in his brain, but he couldn’t do anything with it. He didn’t know what to do, so he tried to do it by force. He started forcefully using his psionic energy to awaken his Divine Telekinesis.

From the start, it looked good until terrible pain was running through his entire body and especially the brain. He felt like his mind was going to explode every second. He was rolling in his luxurious bed, but he didn’t scream. He didn’t want to worry about his parents about this. But sadly he couldn’t bear it, and his screams very quickly spread to an entire wing of the mansion. This promptly attracted guards and maids standing before his door.

They immediately called his mother who already had tears in corners of her eyes, and his father had somewhat worried expression. They called a doctor who examined Lucien with some unique methods.

“Congratulations Lords. Young master has awakened psionic ability telekinesis.”

When his parents heard that they were shocked. Because it was told that it was impossible for Sacred Devourer Ghouls to have something like psionic abilities because their bloodline devoured any time of energy, they heard about the concept of psionic abilities as telekinesis or telepathy.

But then they sighed relief. It was the very joyful thing that their son had now telekinesis ability because combined with his detachable kagune shaped into weapons like sword or daggers it could create very formidable long-distance combat style.

“How long will be sleeping?”

Asked Selene. She was still slightly worried about the condition of her son. As a mother, it was natural that she was concerned about her son.

“About a few days at most. His body and brain need to adapt to a new situation so that it will take some time. After that, it will be better if for the following days his training won’t be too harsh because his body and brain still may be adapting.”

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