Chapter 17: Entering Underground

After several weeks the day has come. The day when Lucien will undergo his Hell Trials. One could think that there would be many people and the entire ceremony to celebrate the start of trials. That would be a mistake.

He only changed his hairstyle to that of shortening one. He cut his hair so now they were only to the length to his hips. He had bangs and lock of hair over either ear. He kept his hair back into a ponytail with a red ribbon.

Lucien was only one who had gone to the entrance to Hell, where the actual spatial rift was located. He was escorted there by one of Royal Guards who dropped him right before the entrance. The entrance was an ordinary cave entrance.

The only difference was that here there were countless traps, pits and a strong smell of blood. Lucien looked around to see only two guards who were both of Baron Rank as they saluted him in a moment when they saw him and continued play chess and drinking blood.

Lucien then again looked at the gloomy entrance to the cave, which gave him a weird feeling. It was feeling that nothing good was waiting inside, and there is only danger and death awaiting. But still, he took a step forward and entered the cave.


Lucien spent around half an hour only to find a right tunnel which led to a giant valley inside the cave. Actually, this wasn’t caving but rather some smaller underground world. Even when it was a smaller one, it was still significant. Bigger than some human cities.

Suddenly as Lucien was going through one tunnel, he saw a demon. It was a little weird looking creature around one meter tall with red scales and long claws. The claws looked very sharp and somewhat dangerous. Lucien took the opportunity to scan the weir creature as he was still hidden.

This was another kind of scan. He could scan friendly targets with a more precise scan like done with his family, but it won’t give him much information because the disparity in cultivation was huge. This time Lucien chose a description type scan which provided a primary record of the scanned target.

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Name: Claw Demon (inferior)
Cultivation: Knight-Rank / B-Rate Sacred Devourer Ghoul
Uniquess: None

Most inferior of Claw Demon race. They are just scavengers which are treated as food for ordinary demons in Hell. Strength of scanned Claw Demon if below Baron Rank, with use of Sacred Devourer Ghoul reace rating it would be rated as B Rated.

The so-called Knight-Rank was everything that didn’t reach the standard of the Baron-Rank. It was something like an unofficial cultivations stage.

Lucien was delighted to find the most important information in one scan, and that enemy was far weaker. But what scared him was the fact that this most inferior demon was rated as B Rated based on the rating of Sacred Devourer Ghoul race and it was one of the sources of food for ordinary demons in Hell.

He now knew that place called Hell was terrifying very very much if the only most degraded demon was as strong as B Rated Sacred Devourer Ghoul.

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Lucien just looked at the demon and rushed at it at full speed. One good aimed kick at its head killed it immediately and then Lucien proceeded with his journey. He ambushed this poor demon when it wasn’t paying attention to its surroundings and killed it with a surprise attack.


After one hour of walking without any rest, Lucien finally found the pre-mentioned valley. It was a vast mini world inside this underground complex. Lucien could feel thousands of demons only by relying on his instincts. There were too many of them, and this was what was the problem.

Too many of them together at one place was a problem, cause if Lucien started fighting with one some smaller group of ten or five then it would lure too many demons and he would be overwhelmed with numbers.

Lucien was walking through these tunnels in endeavors to find some tunnel that would lead directly to the valley, but everything was in vain. He already walked for several hours, and the only thing which he found were many Claw Demons, which were killed in an instant. Lucien kills count was already nearing one hundred.

Lucien always when he killed some demons, took out a little furnace. It was called Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace. It had a simple purpose of refining blood, bodies, flesh, bones and said practically everything which contains some life and energy to blood essences. He got it as a gift from his grandpa. It was noted that Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace was an ancient relic that one of the ancestors of Sacred Devourer Race who was also a member of Aeon House found in some mysterious ruins. They had only a minimal amount of them, and only the most talented or strongest ghouls of race are given one.

The furnace had a weird design as it was divided into two parts. They weren’t connected, but the top part was levitating above the bottom part. The odd azure inscription was overlapped through the entire furnace. On top of it were two little azure crystal levitating above the furnace and it gave a mysterious magical feeling. Truth to be told this furnace was a little bit magical, cause one furnace could be used only by one person. Only after the master’s death, it could find another master. Lucien was master of this furnace after he dropped a few drops of his blood to recognize him as owner.

Lucien started around five bodies of Claw Demons into Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and started refining process. This process was speedy. The entire furnace started glowing intense red light. The inscription that was in azure color changed to the bloody red color as refining was already going on. After ten minutes, everything was finished, and Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace has returned to its azure color.

Lucien opened the furnace and took out one blood essence which he stored inside his pocket. Now it wasn’t time to refine it, and it won’t even give him any considerable increase in his RC Level. So he decided to eat it when he found some suitable place for sleep.

Then he stored furnace in same dimensional storage as was stored Charles Patricius: Out Transient Glory. He found that he could store their items, and as it was bound to his soul, he didn’t need to fear losing it.

After he moved on, Lucien found a new type of demon standing before little cave where he was refining Claw Demons. More specifically, this wasn’t a demon but rather a demonized monster. The demonized monster was a monster that was subjected to a large amount of demonic energy for a very long time and thus mutated.

This monster was an Orc. Typical orc around two and a half meters in long and fierce gaze in eyes. But unlike regular orcs with green skins, this one had skin in a more reddish color. This was the result of a demonification process. On top of that, one the forehead of orc was small demon horn growing and both eyes of orcs were crimson red.

He wore some primitive leather clothes mixed with the fur of some wild animals. Probably wolf fur. In his right hand, there was a large one-sided short axe, and the second hand was empty. Aside from leather-fur clothes, it didn’t have any other armor or at least armour parts.

Name: Demonised Orc
Cultivation: Knight-Rank / SS-Rate Sacred Devourer Ghoul
Uniquess: Infused with Demon Qi

Normal Orc which was subjected to the demonification process since its birth. It has greatly enhanced strength even though in this dimension is lacking any kind of energy. Its physical strength is close to SS Rated Sacred Devourer Ghoul. But as this orc was attacked with Demon Qi since its birth, its intelligence and wisdom is almost zero and only primitive battle instincts remained.

Lucien looked at this nervously. Honestly, he didn’t want to fight this orc. It was much stronger than him, but at the same time, it was far dumber than even average orc. Its state was similar to an ordinary ghoul who used his kakuja, totally without any rational thinking and sanity.

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