Chapter 14: Executor

“God-Devil System?”

Asked Lucien in confusion. He knew about it from the novel he read. It was a supreme treasure in possession of Red Crystal King and later the protagonist of that novel. It had the power of creation and control over space and time. It was supreme treasure across the entire God-Devil universe.

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“Yes. In reality, God-Devil System is nothing more than just a fragment of Akashic Records itself. Power of creation and those other super abilities are only just a small part of Akashic Records’ true power, but still, this thing can’t be left who know where. So I have a proposition for you. I will grant you your wish and you with your family will obtain some items for me which shouldn’t be left freely roaming multiverse. Are you interested?”

Lucien knew that this was his only chance to achieve his goal. He reluctantly agreed to the proposal of the administrator.

“Good. Now we would begin the test by fire and blood. I hope you didn’t think that I would agree without any insurance that you could reach the required cultivation to comply with my tasks.”

Now Lucien was utterly shocked. He initially thought that this thing was already done and he could only obtain God-Devil System in the distant future when he got strong enough. But that had even a right side. He liked to fight like any other ghoul, Lucien was obsessed with fighting, cultivating, and training.

“Fight will commence here. You will fight against random monsters with exact strength as your own.”

Suddenly from the void, some creatures started appearing. There were three of them. Lucien recognized them with only one glance. Ogres. They were all around two and a half meters with ugly faces. From their forehead, one small horn was popping out.

Their physique was by a one-word giant. They were very fat in their belly parts, but their arms and legs were big as a trunk of the tree and muscular. A couplet with their fierce gaze but somewhat blank, they looked strong but dumb at the same time.

“These ogres had no cultivation and only body strength. Even innately ogres had a body that of Baron Rank. Of course, they are nothing compared to the Baron Rank reached by some supreme techniques like your RC Body Refining Technique, but still frightening enough to wreak havoc around many places. So now let the fight begin.”

Lucien firstly scanned all ogres for weapons and armors. Luckily they didn’t wear any armor and a weapon they had one giant wooden club. Ogres weren’t smartest creatures out there and were considered as dumb ones.

Lucien took a battle stance as he turned on his kakugan and congealed for tails of his kagune. He wasn’t attacking but waiting for ogres to attack first. Then he could counterattack and kill one ogre at one hit. As he stood there, it seemed at provocation to ogres, and the first one already rushed at him.

‘Really dumb ones.’ Thought Lucien.

Lucien too rushed at him, and ogre gripped his sizeable wooden club and slashed at Lucien with full force. Lucien didn’t dodge and just used three of his tails to block the blow. Wooden club collided with three black-red kagune tail and successfully blocked the blow. Attacking ogre was surprised that his strike was defended so easily but suddenly felt some sharp pain from his spinal cord.

There was a dagger made out of kagune stabbed. Lucien used three tails to black the attack and congealed one longer dagger, which he controlled through telekinesis to attack ogre.

Ogre’s body without any signs of life fell to the ground as the other two ogres were stupified from what has just happened. Lucien used this opportunity and rushed at ogre to his right, which was still dreaming about something.

He combined two of his tail into and with full force slashed at the hand of ogre which was holding the wooden club. The hand was severed in an instant as ogre started screaming at the entire place. Lucien then jumped into the air and with dagger slashed its neck.

Then he just looked at the last remaining ogre who was looking at him with full attention. The ogre already knew that Lucien was enemy number one, but it was aware of the fact that Lucien is much stronger than it.

As nobody was making a move, Lucien transformed his entire kagune to around ten daggers, and all of them flew with full speed at the ogre. The poor monster tried to defend with the wooden club, but without any success. It was sliced to dead after two minutes of a constant bombardment of flying daggers.

The administrator was touching his head with facepalm and cursing at stupid ogres and Lucien’s luck.

“How could you get those stupid ogres as your enemies. I shouldn’t take random choice during choosing monsters. If I had chosen some Void Monster, I could have harvested higher benefits. Aaaaah so is it.”

Lucien only smiled back at the older man, which in turn angered him more. But after some time he calmed down, and they continued their talk.

“You will become Executor of Akashic Records. Your permission will be increased as time goes and you will obtain reward after the completion of every task by me. Your wish will be granted, and soon all Sacred Devourer Ghouls will undergo record overwriting. After reaching Viscount-Rank, they would gain the second kagune, and after reaching Count-Rank, they would unlock psionic energy and some psionic power.”

Lucien nodded his head happily that his wish was realized and now his race would be again much stronger. But in the future, his race would become executives of the will of Akashic Records.

“Look at your record. There will be a minor update.”

Lucien opened his record, to see that he received the message from Akashic Records.

Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records

You are someone who is executing the will of Akashic Records. This gives you the privilege of using more authority of Akashic Records. You could view records of people without massive disparity in cultivation or some protective treasure. You can receive missions from Akashic Records and rewards from completing them.

Current Access Level: Executive (only basic informations)

Lucien stared blankly at the message in his record. This kind of occupation had many benefits for him and his race. Firstly he could visit many worlds and obtain precious bloodlines for refinement, treasures and many other valuable things from those worlds. Secondly being able to view records of other people was a huge plus. Even though he could only see basic information, it was still enough. Thirdly he was now stronger tied to Administrator of Akashic Records which was a rather good thing.

As Lucien was still spacing out and thinking about all the advantages of being Executor, the old Administrator was already losing his patience for the ignorance of his person.

“Now that you had become Executive of Akashic Records, there are a few responsibilities you must know. Firstly, when you ascend to the higher grade dimensions or world, you are forbidden to meddle too much with a lower one. Secondly, you can’t break any rules of Akashic Records. Thirdly you need to complete every mission given to you by me, if you can’t finish the mission you must immediately report it to me.”

Lucien listened to the older man as he was talking to him about his new responsibilities as Executive of Akashic Records.

“And now, privileges. As Executive, you have the right to choose dimensional ship or something which could be used to travel through void and universe. You have the right to claim a territory, and it could be dimension, galaxy, planet or plane as your ownership in records of Akashic Records. Most supreme rules of the multiverse aren’t rulers only because of cultivation but because they had ownership in records. More privileges would be given with the increase in your rank. Now quickly chose your dimensional ship and went back to your world. You need to get stronger as fast as possible. And one more thing, my name is Kelemvor, Administrator of Akashic Records.”

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Finished explaining Kelemvor. Now Lucien knew his name, and it was a pretty cool and powerfully sounding name. Befitting of omnipotent and omniscient person.

But Lucien was now choosing his vessel. He wanted something which would be useful, could be used as living space and means of attack. After some time he found a perfect vessel for him. It was floating fortress Noble Phantasm of Charlemagne, Charles Patricius. It was practically a giant luxurious gothic-style fortress.

“As my vessel, I chose Noble Phantasm Charles Patricius. Flying fortress. It would serve as a living space for my kind and family, and it could serve as a very powerful weapon. I hope you could modify it in some ways and improve its capabilities and make it more powerful and faster.”

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