Chapter 12: Grandfather woke up!

In Asmodeus’s study, there were currently only two people present. One was Asmodeus himself, and another was his father who woke up from his sever years-long hibernation. He looked exactly the same as he looked like when he went to the hibernation.

“Father, congratulation on your healing. It took seven years to heal from that injury completely.”

Said Asmodeus with strong enthusiasm in his voice. Now that his father was finally healed he Aeon House obtained another mighty warrior. If he were to cultivate that RC Body Refining Technique, he could reach Viscount Rank, and they could have an excellent chance to reach deep parts of an entrance to hell.

Azreal was happy and sad at the same time. He spent in hibernation over seven years to heal from his injury. His grandson didn’t appear to remember him and only knew him from paintings, photos, and talk of others. In old age, many people would want to spend their time with their families. Some would realize that kinship and familial love are the most crucial thing in life. But without power to protect it, it’s impossible to have peace. Azrael realized the fact. The fact that demons are coming to the Blood Island through that spatial rift which was located in the place they called entrance to the hell was a mortal danger to the entire island, both races are living here and Aeon House.

“I am healed and feeling good. I have seen my grandson training in the training field. He has grown up a lot. Now that I am finally awake, I must spend some time with him, and he looks so cute when he is still little. Now tell me what happened past these years. Only the most important events would do. Especially those concerning those dammed creatures, vampires and Washuu.”

Said Azrael as a little tear, escaped from his left eye. Asmodeus saw that but pretended not seeing anything.

“Father, the situation in that place is now rather stable. But compared to seven years ago, there are more demons. Some of them could be stronger, but their numbers are increasing. Around five or so years ago a large number of them escaped from there and is currently living freely on an island. We don’t have enough workforce to deal with them all. The same applies to vampires as well. But now our situation got much better. Lucien that kind invented something fascinating. It’s called RC Body Refining Technique, which actually fuses our RC Cells with our bodies permanently and makes us extremely powerful. Here look at this father.”

Explained Asmodeus everything to Azrael and then he took out the scroll with RC Body Refining Technique and gave it to Azrael. He looked at it carefully and almost got a heart attack.

“Perfect, perfect!! With this could our race be more powerful, and if some more powerful of those dammed demons will come, we could deal with them with ease.”

Screamed Azrael in his happiness at the entire room. Because there were only two of them, it was okay, but still, it looked a little weir. Before the older man stopped laughing, Asmodeus continues to talk about the previous topic.

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“That’s not the same. The reason why we couldn’t reach the first rank in our Sacred Scriptures, was lack of this. Lack of stronger bodies. Now that many of our kin reached Baron Rank in this body refinement technique some of them reached first layers in Sacred Scriptures. I, too, have advanced in Sacred Rinkaku Scripture.”

When the older man heard that he felt like he was receiving double heart-attack. But this was excellent information for sure. For hundreds of years, none of Aeon House could reach even first layers in Sacred Scriptures, but now that’s to Lucien everything was possible.

“Good. I must give him some reward. Probably the entire blood essence of that demon which almost killed me would go to him. He deserves it rightfully.”

Said Azrael. He was injured in a fight with the mighty demon, but he still managed to beat it and subsequently to kill it. He refined its entire body to one vial of pure blood essence, which he saved for himself. Now he decided to grant it to his grandson for contribution to the house.

“What about Washuu’s Asmodeus?”

Topic names Washuu was always a thorn in the eyes of people from Aeon House. Many of them were regretting of not exterminating them hundreds of years before when was the perfect chance. Now they were deeply rooted and causing trouble.

“Nothing changed compared to before. They are still amassing power. They sub-organizations V and CCG are growing at a fast pace, but we have already thought about countermeasures. When Lucien will pass hell trials and attain a strength of S Rated Ghoul, he will be sent to Tokyo with one of Royal Guards to hunt in secret for Washuu clan members.”

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Azrael didn’t say anything and just nodded his head and continued to listen.

“Lastly, about Vampires. They are just hidden in their castles and researching their blood magic or whatever it’s called. But they still helped us a lot when we hunted for stronger demons.”

Vampires were always like that. The numbers were even smaller than Sacred Devourer Ghouls whose were more than a hundred. But Vampires were only about fifty or so. They spent most of their time locked in their towers and castles and were researching some weird ocular things and blood magic or blood manipulation.

“Let them be. Now we must prepare for Hell Trials of our young one.”


The next day Lucien was sitting with his grandfather Azrael at gardens within areal of the mansion. To be told it wasn’t a garden but rather only giant zen garden. It was tranquil and peaceful. Very good for meditating and relaxing.

Lucien was asking his grandfather about demons in hell and how strong they were. He knew that in six years he will attend Hell Trails and must survive there for at least a half year.

“This is the blood essence of the demon, which severely injured me and forced me to enter hibernation. It was the most powerful demon that I have encountered for my whole life. Take it and refine it. It would increase your RC Level by a lot. I must tell you that your invention of the RC Body Refining Technique has impressed me very much and I am proud of you.”

Said Azreal as he patted Lucien’s little head. Lucien looked at the blood-red liquid in the vial with sparks in his eyes. He knew that finding suitable nutrition for the growth of his RC Level was somewhat hard in Low-Grade Dimension. Very hard as most of these dimensions didn’t even have something like monsters.

“Thank you very much, grandpa. With this, I would be able to achieve my kakuja V1. It would enhance my strength strongly.”

Thanked Lucien and Azrael smiled and nodded. Lucien was now very close to the activation of his kakuja. He only lacked a little more of the RC Level. His RC Level now was around 1,800, and only 200 points were missing. But he felt that with the help of this vial he would be able to reach probably RC Level 3,000 if he had a stroke of luck.

Then Lucien accompanied his grandfather until it was evening and then went to his room.

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