Chapter 19: Hunt them

“I know my dear friend, but I didn’t have other choices. You know we can’t interfere with those issues. Our only chance to solve all problems is to find someone suitable to be our Executor, and per rules, there can always be only one person. When the previous one died, I needed to choose someone new. And you know very much how dangerous could be fragments of Akashic Records when they are used to create some artifacts like Goldfinger or some system artifacts like God-Devil System with powers like the creation of life. The only thing we can do is to lure some person to be our Executor and give him some benefits. Even we can’t force him to comply with our tasks without question. This position is protected by Akashic Records itself. This all is just our selfishness that we are trying to keep balance what’s more about this current Executor he has only one mission to complete as payment for overwriting record of his race. Other ones would all depend on him, and if I didn’t provide him with the suitable reward I would lose Executor, and the only thing that would remain me to do is to wait till his death cause per rules I can’t even do anything against him.”

This was a very serious problem for Administrators. They always used various means to collect these treasures and return fragments of Akashic Records to the place where they belong. Executors were something like double-axe for Administrators. They served as a tool that works for their selfishness, but at the same time, they can’t punish Executor for failing in his mission or force him. Because this position was created by Akashic Records for Administrators, it has its own pros and cons.

Kelemvor seeing that his friend seemed thinking about something started to talk again. He needed help from the Administrator of Kaleidoscope. His power of seeing every dimension, planet, galaxy, realm and predicting future was something that Kelemvor wasn’t able to do. He was the Administrator of Life and Death responsible for the Reincarnation Circle of Samsara and some other things.

“You know how dangerous would it be if some of these artifacts happened to fall to hands of some dangerous races as Bug Race for example. They could perfect their evolution and devour everything around.”

The Administrator of Kaleidoscope looked at him and then nodded his head.

“I would help, Kelemvor. I believe he could provide me with the thing I desire the most.”

Chuckled Administrator of Kaleidoscope.

“What you desire most?”

Wondered Kelemvor. They had known each other for a very very long time, but he couldn’t find an answer to this question. What did Old Man of the Jewels desire the most? It was rather a mystery to him.

“Entertainment! Entertainment! Do you know how boring is it to predict everything in the multiverse? You know the fate of every person, of every warrior, empire and creature. Only irregulars are an exception, but they are so a few. No one has appeared, he would provide me with good entertainment. Hahaha. I would help you to guide him, that I swear on the name of mine, Dead Apostle Ancestor, Wizard Marshall, Kaleidoscope Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg.”


Lucien already spent in this place for more than one month. When he came, it was rather hard to adapt to the surrounding, where nothing else existed besides demons and blood. But as time went on, he already started to be familiar with the entire valley and net of tunnels and caves.

His kill count was only more than a hundred. The reason was that the stupid badge started to count every ten Claw Demons as one kill. They were too weak to be counted separately. Lucien was firstly mad, but soon he chose to not think about it. But the good news was the fact he already achieved Kakuja V3.

It was basically the same as version 2 only that now he had a mask and his body armor has another protective layer around it. Now he had two-layered armor. The second layer was extremely thin, so one couldn’t even say that it is another armor layer. His mask covered the entire face and had two horn popping out of his forehead. He looked like a demon.

His RC Level was now something over six thousand. But sadly blood essences made from Claw Demons already started to lose effect on him. Now one blood essence from several Claw Demons only increased his RC Level by ten or twenty points. So Lucien was forced to hunt for some stronger demons or hunt Claw Demons in hundreds.

The second option was out of the question, so only the first one remained. Lucien chose as his target Red Demonised Orcs. In this valley, there were a lot of them, and now that Lucien had Kakuja V3 he could probably kill it in close combat. The reason, why he didn’t use kakuja V2 in a fight against first Red, Demonised Orcs he fought was he knew it would take a long time to kill it cause in kakuja version two he was similarly matched with the orc. But in version three he was somewhat stronger than it.

Lucien exited the cave, he was sleeping in and went hunting in the valley. The valley was an extremely desolated place with only dead trees there, and the ground was cracked, revealing huge craters everywhere. It gave a vibe of the dead place where nothing life was present.

Lucien was searching for his targets for ten minutes before he found one. Alone. One Red Demonised Orc was walking in the opposite way to him. Lucien immediately turned on his kakugan as his iris turned bright red and sclera black. Then he activated his kakuja and third version of it.

Armor materialized around his body and covered every part. Nothing was left out. Mask covered his handsome face and katana materialized in his right hand. Then another extra thin layer of armor covered entire armor. The armor looked very similar to that of Corpse Collector, Kirishima Arata.

Lucien felt a huge boost in his physical abilities as he was now clothed in kakuja armor. He felt like he could kill even the army of Claw Demons and Red Demonised Orcs. He looked at Red Demonised Orc that was walking in his direction and gripped his katana strongly in his hand as he rushed to the orc.

He was so fast that he matched the speed of the weakest Baron ranked cultivator. The boost provided by kakuja armor was really huge. The poor orc didn’t have any time to react as Lucien was already before him, slashing viciously at his hand which was holding the weapon — severed in a mere second. As the hand of orc was sent flying Lucien performed kick aimed at orc’s belly, blasting him several tens meters away.

When Lucien came to the orc, it was already dead. Lucien was very surprised at how his kakuja armor was strong. He guessed that his current strength was that of Baron ranked cultivator who just broke through using some weaker body refinement technique.

He knew that he himself was already nearing a point where he would enter Baron Rank, and it would take a long time again before he would be able to use Kakuja V3.

Lucien then inspected Red Demonized Orc, and he killed to see how much damage he has done. Then he put orc away to his Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and continued to hunt.

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Lucien already killed another four Red Demonized Orcs. He searched for those who were alone, before killing them in surprise attacks in one hit. This was a very good strategy. Blood essences refined from these creatures were a little better than those from Claw Demon. One blood essence from one Red Demonized Orc could increase his RC Level by twenty points at least.

Now Lucien was already ready to go sleep as he was tired from the usage of his kakuja armor for several hours in a row. It was still very hard to use continuously for a long time as it depletes a lot of stamina. But as he was already leaving to his cave, temporary home, he suddenly saw something interesting.

Two Red Demonized Orcs were fighting against each other. Both of them were heavily injured, and we’re going from the last as soon as Lucien has seen that, his eyes sparkled and he immediately activated his kakuja version three.

He waited for a moment when the last clash between two Red Demonized Orcs would clash before he would attack them and killing in one hit.

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