Chapter 20: Imp

Lucien watched two Red Demonized Orc glaring at each other for some time. Suddenly both of them gripped their weapons, one had some short one-handed axe, and another had a wooden club with iron spikes. Both orcs slashed at the same time as their weapon created sparks in the air.

This was Lucien’s opportunity. He rushed at one Red Demonized Orc from his back and slashed at his spinal cord, swiftly severing his head. Another orc was stunned and angered by a sudden attack by the third party and roared in anger.

Lucien then jumped into the air and performed a strong kick from the air at the arm of an orc which was still roaring. Just one kick was enough for orc’s arm to broke and orc fell on the ground, where Lucien quickly slashed his throat. Then he stored both corpses in his Cross Crest and ran away from the place.

Now he had seven corpses of Red Demonized Orcs in his dimensional storage Cross Crest, waiting for refining by Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace.


Lucien returned to his cave, where he immediately shut down the entrance with the usage of his telekinesis ability, before taking out Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace. He put there every one corpse of Red Demonised Orc and started the process.

Now the process was more violent than ever before. This was because Lucien was refining all seven corpses together and not separately. His Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace, not even Baron-Ranked artifact. It still needed time for its growth cause this was the so-called growth type artifact. Lucien, of course, didn’t know this cause he never examined this furnace with Akashic Records.

The Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace was shining in bright red as azure inscriptions were glowing intense, bloody light an entire furnace was shaking. Lucien was watching this process with a scared expression, that his beloved furnace might explode or something similar.

Fortunately, after twenty minutes Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace stopped shaking, and everything went smoothly. Lucien then opened the furnace and took out blood essence, which was freshly refined by the furnace. It was rather big and still warm.

He gulped it in one go and let his RC Cells to devour it. His RC Level increased by another 200 points or so. Lucien hoped that he would be able to reach Baron Rank before he would leave for Tokyo. If he reached Baron Rank, then in Tokyo he would have a much easier time fighting against Washuu Clan. Another thing was that if he reached Baron Rank, Royal Guard wouldn’t probably come with him so he will have more freedom.


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For more than a month, Lucien has wandered through an entire valley full of demons. He killed too many of them and devoured refined blood essences, which already lost their meaning. Now he only ate them as a source of food. They could satisfy hunger at least, but his RC Level would increase only by a few points. Nowadays he needed blood essences from creatures at least strong as Red Demonised Orc.

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Lucien already reached the required kill quota but remained in this place. He wanted to look at the rumored spatial rift, which was leading to Hell and obtain more blood essences. Even though they may not be able to help him, but to some weaker Sacred Devourer Ghouls, they were priceless. Because their race was once driven to the edge of extinction by wars in the past, they were extremely coherent as someone big family.

The constant threat of demons on Blood Island and fights against demon made all members of this race very overprotective over each other. Aeon House was something akin to a royal house and was responsible for the protection of the entire race and was a wall against all enemies threating the race. Because their population was always so low, they live close all the time since coming to the Blood Island. Even now, when childbirth wasn’t a big problem and rate increased, this still hasn’t changed.

In regards to overwriting record, Lucien knew it couldn’t be done entirely and only partly. If not their race could get even higher childbirth rates. He knew that it would take many many years to reach the population in thousands. Another minus in this records overwriting was that after the birth of the first child it was much harder to have another. This was a result of part overwritten record. But based on his knowledge of Akashic Records, something couldn’t be fully overwritten.

Lucien now wandered through the valley as usual when he all at once saw something weird. He saw a new demon, which he had never seen before. It was flying in the air. It was a small demon, around one meter in a high with one pair of wings bigger than himself. It had dark red skin, shining blue-green eyes and two large horns on its head. It was Imp. Lucien quickly scanned it through Akashic Records manually to see its records.

‘Dammed thing. If I had A.I, I wouldn’t need to waste my time like this.’ He curses in his mind before viewing a record of the Imp.

Name: Imp
Cultivation: Early-Phase Baron-Rank

Uniquess: None

One of inferior demon species in Hell. It has very low combat strength, but its capable of flight and has high intelligence. It very cunning and cowardly. When it found out that it can’t beat enemy it woudl ran away or ran away and return with reinforcements.

Lucien looked at the record and started if he should engage or not. It was common knowledge that imps were one of the weakest races among demon races, but they were highly intelligent and very cunning. If he didn’t manage to kill it at one hit, there could be troubles. It could bring an entire horde of other imps.

Lucien now knew what imp doing here as he was observing it for a while was. He killed too many Claw Demons, and Red Demonised Orcs in this valley, and it lured here stronger demons to inspect this place. Fortunately, this was only one baron ranked demon, and there weren’t anymore.

His dream of seeing that spatial rift now disappeared to void as he knew that it was impossible. He wasn’t even on the deepest part of an entire underground complex, and there was already baron ranked demon. Now he understood the danger of demons and was afraid. What would happen if suddenly many of these creatures would want the venture to the Blood Island. Hopefully, none of them would be of Viscount rank, or they would be in deep trouble.

Lucien decided it would be better not to attack the imp and escaped at his highest speed. But as he was running away, he didn’t notice that imp was already glaring at him.

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