Chapter 21: Last Slaughter

As soon as Lucien saw that Imp was ominously glaring at him, he knew that he was in deep trouble. But he didn’t panic and chose to kill the imp. He knew that the imp was the weakest demon with the strength of Baron. He only needed to shot it down, and it would be killed in an instant.

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Lucien was now at a disadvantage cause he couldn’t fly in the air as he didn’t have ukaku kagune. But he had a powerful weapon which was perfect against the flying-type enemy. Telekinesis. He immediately canceled his kakuja state and congealed two huge spears with his kagune.

Both of them were based on the design of legendary weapon Gae Bolg. More precisely, it was based on its Noble Phantasm version. It had ominous red color, and it looked even scarier when it was created from kagune. Lucien then used his telekinesis to control both spears to attack imp, which was flying in the air simultaneously.

Both crimson spears shot with speed of light at their new target, which was imp. More precisely, their target wasn’t the imp as they won’t be able to kill it in a short time but rather its wings. Lucien needed to destroy its advantage of flight.

Imp wasn’t as dumb as Claw Demons, or Red Demonised Orcs and quickly dodged the first spear but the second one managed to tear through its wing, leaving a massive hole in the wing. But this still didn’t manage to bring imp down. Lucien wasn’t sad about that as both spears started quickly spin as they attacked imp with their fast speed. Now both of them attacked another wing of the imp, which was completely undamaged.

As Imp saw that spears are spinning at high speed and flying directly at him, he chanted some weird chant in his language and created some barrier around him. Lucien saw that barrier and ordered the first spear to attack it with full power. As soon as spear collided with the barrier, the kagune spear was reflected several meters away. But barrier had now some smaller cracks.

Lucien saw that his attack failed, but managed to leave a few cracks in the barrier. He knew that this barrier wasn’t especially strong and continued the attack with a continuous attack from kagune spears. After five minutes of constant attacking barrier broke and Imp was left without defense.

In a moment when barrier broke, second kagune spear in an instant shot towards Imp, who still stunned from what has happened. His other wing was severed by kagune spear and demon fell onto the ground. Lucien then activated his Kakuja V3 and was clothed in armor in an instant.

He rushed at falling Imp with speed of thunder and jumped towards the falling demon. He gripped his katana strongly and slashed at the head of Imp with his full strength, promptly severing it. Head of the demon soared out, and both his body and head fell onto the ground. Lucien stored them in his Cross Crest and then ran away.

He feared that other Baron-Ranked demons might appear and he considered himself lucky to kill at least one Baron Ranked demon. Even if it was only one most inferior imp demon, even though with his kakuja V3, he can kill inferior imps, but if some stronger demon in baron rank came, Lucien is lost.


Currently was Lucien resting in the cave, which had served as his hideout for the past month. He was preparing to refine that corpse of baron ranked Imp, which he killed earlier. He put the corpse of the demon into his Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and started the process of refinement.

As he was looking at he Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace, he realized that he had never actually examined it with his authority of Executor of Akashic Records. He wanted to do in now, but it wasn’t the time. He waited when the refining process was finished before taking out the blood essence of baron ranked imp and putting away the furnace.

Lucien already decided that he would leave this dammed place cause his kill count already crossed the line a while ago. Now he decided to kill most of Claws Demon, and Red Demonised Orcs insight to collect their bodies, for later refinement.

As his first target fell Claw Demons cause they were most numerous and weakest. As many battles tempered Lucien, he fought them with his rinkaku and wasn’t using kakuja. His rinkaku tails sliced through all Claw Demons as knife over butter. He spent one whole day just slaughtering every Claw Demon he saw to become his nourishment. Previously he didn’t dare to do this cause he was afraid of luring over baron ranked demons but as one already came and was killed, it would take some time for the other one to arrive.

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How that he was trained and used to fight against larger groups of Claw Demons it was a rather easy fight. He killed over three thousand Claw Demons. It could be seen as a huge number, but Claw Demons always moved in groups of twenty and more. And one swing of his rinkaku killed around five of them. Now that he was leaving he chose to wreak havoc here to the maximum.

On another day Lucien activated his Kakuja V3 and went hunting for Red Demonised Orcs. As he was running through the valley, he saw a group of ten Red Demonised Orcs that were walking before him. Lucien looked at them with delight and chose to kill them all. But he is different compared to before. Through his Divine Telekinesis, he controlled weapons of those orcs and orcs stupid as they were just watched everything in awe. All weapons soared high above them, and as demonized orcs were admiring levitating weapons, suddenly all weapons shot towards poor creatures killing most of them in an instant. Those who survived this attack were killed by Lucien by his kagune, cause they were severely injured even to move.

Lucien spent another five hours to kill all Red Demonised Orcs he saw and killed around forty of them. It was a rather nice number. Truth to be told he could have finished his Hell Trials far sooner but he spent most of his time by training Kenjutsu.

Lucien even managed to reach another realm in it. He officially became Samurai in the way of katana. Samurai Disciple viewed his sword as just a killing tool and nothing more. There wasn’t any bond or something. It served to its purpose of killing an enemy.

Compared to that, Samurai is viewing his sword as part of his body and closest companion. Sword is part of the body like arm or leg. Sword is your partner, friend, and comrade. People at this level generally can use the sword more effectively, and they are using it as it was part of themselves.

After killing all Red Demonised Orcs in a close surrounding, Lucien chose to return from this place. He wanted to go deeper into this place, but his father strictly forbade it. He said that there were even Viscount-Ranked demons.

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