Chapter 23: Leaving

From the time Lucien finished his Hell Trials successfully another two years went by. But these two years weren’t so peaceful as one might think. One of the most notable ones was that his younger sister was finally born and her name was very surprisingly Artemia. Even though his father was still a little disappointed with this but soon he got over it.

Now his little sister was two years old, and she was a lovely little baby girl. Her mother was very doting on her and was with her every second she could. What was very fascinating that his younger sibling was very quiet and didn’t even cry much.

Bad thing for Lucien was that now his mother was taking care of his younger sister Artemia she didn’t have any time to train with him in Kenjutsu and he was forced to train either with Royal Guards or his father who knew very little about swordsmanship. His mother only trained with him once for two weeks or so.

Lucien was now already nineteen years old and was preparing to go to Tokyo. It was already time to kill some Washuu’s for revenge. And from what Lucien knew that original story should also begin in some time. Now it was August. Steel Beem Incident happened sometime in early October. So Lucien would have around three months to scout terrain there. He wanted to visit one place to meet with certain hot red-haired information broker.

Lucien was now in the garden waiting for his host to arrive. It was Dante who had finished his Hell Trails now because he was postponed because only several months after Lucien exited that place massive flood of demons happened. Fortunately only several Baron-ranked demons came and one viscount ranked. The viscount ranked demon was swiftly killed by his grandfather Azrael who was viscount ranked Sacred Devourer Ghoul. Now that he was on viscount rank, he gained additional kagune to his original rinkaku. He now had ukaku, so he was capable of flight.

In short demon, the flood was solved, but many demons escaped to the island, so even Lucien and Dante had to join the hunt form escaped demons. Lucien even managed to kill two Baron-ranked demons with the usage of his Kakuja V4. Now that he crossed the level of 8,000 RC Level, he obtained the final form of his kakuja, and those were wings. He was only disappointed that when he reaches Baron-Rank, he would need to start from zero. Kakuja included.

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As Lucien was sitting in the garden, suddenly, Dante came clothed in his traditional red-suit and with a gloomy look on his face.

“Why are you so disheartened?”

Asked Lucien his friend who sat beside him. Today the weather was rather good, and it wasn’t raining was wind was weak. Lucien then waved to the nearest maid to bring them some blood.

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“I just came from that dammed place several days ago. You were so lucky that your trails were before that demon flood. Now even the whole valley is totally overcrowded with Red Demonised Orcs and Claw Demons. If my blood manipulation wasn’t specialized in combat against multiple enemies, I would have long died there.”

Complained Dante to Lucien. It was the truth that now the entire place was overcrowded with too many demons. Happily, Dante had excellent combat skills when it came to combat against multiple enemies thanks to his blood manipulation innate ability.

“Fortunately you have survived my friend. Listen here. Tomorrow I would be leaving for Tokyo. You know that our family and race has some unresolved issues with Washuu Clan, so my family is sending me there to resolve them and pay them back with blood. If those bastards didn’t detonate so many explosives there, the spatial rift wouldn’t expand so drastically.”

Told Lucien to him. He was preparing to leave tomorrow or the day after. It was already time to leave for Tokyo as he wanted to be there before canon happened. Truth to be told he urged there only because he wanted to meet two women who would become his wives in the future. Everybody has selfish motives for doing things.

“Hmm. Sounds hard, but the Washuu’s has been plotting something these years so be careful, brother.”

Said Dante. He wished for success for his only friend.

“Don’t worry. Even though I am gonna be alone there, I have made proper preparations. If you have any free time and your family would let you, you could come to visit me, brother.”

They both shook hands as they exchanged farewell and Dante left.


Lucien was in his room, controlling everything that he would be taking with himself to Tokyo. Money wasn’t much problem cause his family was extremely rich in terms of money. Because they annihilated almost all dangerous ghouls in America, which were above S Rate they made tremendous money just from killing those ghouls and not talking about some huge corporations whose shares were owned by their family.

Most things he was taking with him were stored in Cross-Crest dimensional space in the exclusive area in Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory. He was only taking with him some random stuff bottles of good demonic blood and similar commodities. Lucien then proceeded to check his record because he didn’t see it for a while.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul
RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 8,739

Unique States:
Kakuja V1: Left hand – body armor, right hand – kagune katana
Kakuja V2: Entire body armor without a mask, kagune katana
Kakuja V3: Entire body armor with the mask, another armor layer (extra thin), kagune katana

Kakuja V4: Entire body armor with the mask, another armor layer (extra thin), one pair of wings, kagune katana

Rating: S (this is a rating of Blood Island Ghouls)
Cultivation: N/A
Energy Type: Psionic Energy
Energy Level: 1,000


Sacred Devourer
– Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis
– 10 Psionic Energy per minute.

Enhanced Reflexes

Kenjutsu: Samurai

Cultivation Techniques:
Sacred Rinkaku Scripture: N/A
RC Body Refining Technique: NA

Cross Crest:
Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory
Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace

Lucien was already nearing the RC Level of 10,000. It was an exhilarating feeling that he would be able soon to achieve baron rank. With it, he would be able to control his vessel Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory fully.

He laid to his bed and went to sleep. He knew that he would be able to return only after several years at best cause this mission was a rather hard one. He knew that if he was at Viscount-Rank, he could just go straight to Washuu Clan and kill everybody there. But that was pure nonsense. Firstly Washuu’s were much more powerful compared to what he knew from mange. Secondly if he really by some miracle reached viscount rank he would be stationed as a guard within the entrance to the underground because of demon threat.

Lucien closed his eyes slowly, enjoying the feeling of being with his family and being home.

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