Chapter 3: Progress

Lucien was very eager to study his RC Cells. They were the foundation of ghoul’s power. RC Cells were flowing like blood inside his blood circulation system. They were not merged with his body so Lucien was wondering what would happen if he tried to fuse them with his body. He theorized that it would make his body much stronger.

This process was similar to body refining techniques like in those cultivation worlds. He just needed to fuse his RC Cells with his flesh and bones to make them much stronger. But the sad thing was the fact that he couldn’t do that. The first reason was that he found a requirement on RC Level to fuse it. It must be at 10,000. Only then he could merge them with his body.

When his RC Cells would fuse with his body, he won’t be able to use his Kagune until he increased his RC Level. Lucien was already thinking in his mind how his new ‘cultivation technique’ would look like. He only designed the first stage of this method, and in a second, he heard sound in his head.

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To be exact, it wasn’t random sound. It was something like notification from Akashic Records like he heard in his first life when he connected to his Records. He knew that this sound or so-called notification would only appear when something severe or significant happened, so he was interested in what it was.

Then he promptly opened his record and looked at the new column that was written there. He was already very familiar with the transparent window before his eyes.

RC Body Refining Technique

Body Refining Technique based on the fusion of RC Cells with the body, making it extremely strong. It can be used only by Sacred Devourer Ghoul.

Baron Rank – 10,000 RC Cells required


As Lucien looked at this, he knew he created something fascinating. Not only for him but for his family too. He knew one thing for sure, that time when he reached so-called Baron Rank, and he will be omnipotent in this Low-Grade World.

He knew this from one fact. That RC Level of 10,000 was tremendously high. Only one person in the original story achieved this feat, and his name was Kotarou Amon after being experimented on by Dr. Kanou. He reached the RC Level of 10,181.

He was an extremely talented Ghoul Investigator and fighter, and after his capture by Aoigiri Tree, he was given to Dr. Kanou. One of sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process he was considered as a failed specimen cause of his high RC Level.

But from an ordinary human with a trained body, he gained physique and abilities much stronger and potent compared to other natural-born ghouls. He was literary superhuman even among ghouls.

For now, Lucien had only one goal, and that was an increase of his RC Level. He knew that he must eat stronger ghouls or demons. Now he only got some weaker ghouls because his body might not be able to handle devouring of ghouls above S Rank.


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Lucien was currently with his mother as she was teaching him some basics of their history and political situation in the world. His mother was giving massive weight on his education in the history of the world and history of races like ghouls, vampires, and others.

Another lesson was training in Kenjutsu. His mother has agreed to teach him basic of Kenjutsu because of Lucien’s non-ending pleading. She couldn’t say no to her beloved son, and he couldn’t learn how to fight with his Kagune as he still hasn’t awakened his Kagune.

She was very talented in the way of the sword and was probably one of the best in the world if you cast aside those old monsters who trained in Kenjutsu their entire life. He already knew that his Kagune was of Rinkaku Type, so he wanted to create Kagune like Kamishiro Rize. Her Kagune was extremely powerful and beautiful too.

“Mother, when will I awaken my Kagune?”

Asked Lucien his mother, who was holding a book in her hands as she was reading something about history to Lucien. His mother Selene stopped reading and looked at her son with a sigh.

“When you reach RC Level around 800 to 1,000 you will certainly awaken. So be a good boy and eat a lot of demons and ghouls to increase your RC Level. Then you could learn how to fight with your Kagune.”

Said his mother with a smile and then she kissed his forehead. Lucien was very eager to learn how to fight using his Kagune.

The reason why most ghouls were killed despite being much stronger physically was that they only used brutal force during the fight. They had no fighting style or something similar. They just smashed everything around them with Kagune or their body and called it a day.

Compared to them, investigators of CCG were much more trained and were better combatants despite their lower physical strength.

“Mother when could I leave our mansion and go tour Island?”

Currently, Lucien was forbidden from leaving the mansion of Aeon House. The reason was that he was too weak and danger was lurking everywhere on Blood Island. Demons that escaped hell or some mutated beasts were everywhere.

“As your father said. When will you have Kagune you could go tour surrounding parts of Island but only with guards that you father will arrange.”

Lucien only nodded his head obediently in approval. He knew that his parents wouldn’t let him go out of guarded territory because of danger. So he must get stronger faster, and he will be able to explore the island.

Another four years went as water, and many changed. Lucien already awakened his Kagune and had exactly the same Kagune as Kamishiro Rize. He had four beautiful tails from his waist in black and red color.

He even almost reached the threshold of 1,000 RC Level, so only a little time needed to reach criterium set by his father and he could already start learning how to fight using Kagune.


In the study room

Asmodeus was sitting behind the giant wooden table, and the old butler was reporting to him.

“My lord, there is an invitation of Washuu Clan to visit their residence. I believe they wish to consult something rather important.”

Washuu Clan was the ancient clan of ghouls in Japan. Ironically they created CCG to fight against other ghouls. They were ruling force in Japan, and even though they were weaker than Aeon House, they still had a rich history and were ruling authority.

“I will visit them at a later date. I will take Lucien with me as I probably know what they want.”

Said Asmodeus to the old butler who nodded in agreement.

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