Chapter 1: Prologue

In an unknown place, in Void, countless stars were shining, and the universe was looking so beautiful.

“If you had one chance to chose a world to reincarnate, what would your choice be, my dear friend?”

Asked, the older man in the golden luxurious looking robe. He was sitting on the throne and before him was a young man with handsome looks. He had white hair and light blue eyes.

After seeing that young man was still confused, he continued to talk.

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“You were supposed to be born in another world, but by mistake of Akashic Records, you were born on Earth. Sometimes fate could be a cruel thing. I, as Administrator of Akashic Records, will reward you for your achievement for connecting to your record.”

The young man was called Lucien. He spent most of his time doing two things. Either he was watching anime and reading novels, or he was meditating. Due to his mysterious illness, the only thing which helped him calm down and relax was meditation.

He was practicing meditation for nearly twenty years. His family was wealthy, but even with money, nobody could identify his illness. He visited many famous doctors and institutes, but nothing worked. Only by meditating, following the technique of one old monk whose his father encountered and helped him, he could release his pain.

“You weren’t ill, my dear friend. Only your soul was constantly being rejected by the will of your world. That was a reason behind your bad physical and mental condition. So now I will give you the question again. Which world would you chose?”

Lucien was shocked to hear that but is a knowledgeable person he understood it very quickly. Now he was thinking about the proposal of that elderly man. He was choosing a world to live in. He could reincarnate everywhere he wanted.

First, he was thinking about cultivation worlds and then about a fantasy world filled with magic. After a few seconds of pondering about this, one dimension came to his mind. It was a slightly darker world filled with blood and danger, but it was in modern times. Lucien hypothesizes that every dimension is connected, so he wanted to start in some weaker world.

“I wish to enter the world of Tokyo Ghoul.”

Said Lucien to the older man. The administrator didn’t say anything only looked at him once and then started to look for something on the transparent window. Lucien knew what that window was. It was [Akashic Records].

“Interesting. So per the rules of Akashic Records, I must give you rewards. One is compensation, another is the reward, and the last one is a gift. Choose now.”

Lucien had three wishes. He even knew what approximately would he pick, but before that, he wanted to ask one fundamental question at least for him.

“What will be my family and background after reincarnation be?”

The administrator was a little surprised at his sudden question. He thought that Lucien would already choose some abilities or something and not ask about his situation after rebirth.

” You seem quite intelligent young man so that I will give you a little gift. You will be born to the Etras di Aeon House which is an aristocratic house of ghouls with a special bloodline, Sacred Devourer. Thanks to this I have changed some things in the world so it will be different from what you know. I can guarantee that your background will be excellent and won’t be anything tragic. And the last thing to say that with this bloodline and race you won’t encounter something like the majority of ghouls. The bottleneck of evolution.”

Lucien was satisfied after hearing this. He wanted to have some background in the new world. He knew that the world of Tokyo Ghoul was a rather cruel place, and many of ghoul families were slaughtered. Especially part when he heard he could evolve infinitely.

Now he was choosing his three wishes.

“For my first wish, I chose the power of Divine Telekinesis. My second wish is that my Kagune and is detachable and could be formed to weapons and other objects with enough RC Cells and my last request is that I could save one wish for next opportunities. I don’t know what to wish now, so I want to keep it. “

Lucien really didn’t know what to chose, so he just wanted to keep it. The administrator was amazed at his choices and was somewhat happy.

“Very well. You will have your wishes, and the last wish will be saved for later. You can redeem it anytime through your Record in Akashic Records. Now please look at your Record. It would be already updated with new information and rankings.”

Pointed Administrator at the transparent window.

Lucien looked at his record too. He was curious about changes.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

RC Type: Rinkaku

RC Level: N/A
Unique States: N/A

Rating: N/A
Offense: N/A
Body: N/A

Psionic Energy: 1,000

Divine Telekinesis

Sacred Devourer – Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines, or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Divine Telekinesis – Divine Telekinesis is a scarce variant of telekinesis ability. It has much more power and requires lower Psionic Energy to activate only if a person has inborn Divine Telekinesis. If someone wants to learn this type of ability requirements will be tremendous.
10 PP per minute

Psionic Energy-Special form of energy, stored in the brain. It can be cultivated and is power needed to perform Divine Telekinesis.

Lucien was extremely pleased as he was looking at his record. He was very confident to have a very successful life and reach a high level of power.

“Are you satisfied young man?”

Asked Administrator after looking at Lucien’s smiling face. He knew the answer and still asked a question.

“Very good. With this road to power will be somewhat easier. Thank you very much, Administrator, of Akashic Records.”

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Lucien bowed elegantly to the Administrator as he thanked for everything he has done.

“One more thing. When you reach a certain level of power and gain a stable foothold in that world, you would be able to travel to another world. It is something you have already noticed. It’s because of the world you have chosen in some ways considered as Low-Level one, and after some time you won’t have opportunities to evolve there. “

This was already something that Lucien knew. World of Tokyo Ghoul was really lower-leveled compared to other dimensions as cultivation worlds or some anime worlds. He knew that after some time, he wouldn’t be able to evolve any further so he will be forced to leave to another world to seek power.

“Don’t be afraid. You will always be able to return to the world if you are considered as owned of that world by Akashic Records. You only need to do a few things for ownership, but as that world is a low-level one, it will be easy. So good luck to you.”

Said Administrator to Lucien as he was disappearing from the void.

“I forgot to say that you will be born a few years before Ken Kaneki was born. Maybe five years and maybe even ten hard to say.”

Lucien only hardly heard what an older man screaming as he was already disappearing from the space was.

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