Chapter 2: Rebirth

Ghouls. Carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on humans and other ghouls. They are just like humans. They look the same, but they are a hunter. They are around the entire world. Hidden from the eyes of ordinary people and lurking in shadows.

Even though they look like humans, their essential biology and physical abilities are vastly different. Average ghoul is roughly four to seven times stronger than an ordinary human. Like any other hunter, they too have their weapons.

Deep inside the Bermuda Triangle was one Island. It was called Blood Island and was considered Sacred Land by all ghouls. Even though practically none of the ghouls knew about this place only a few very powerful ghouls and noble ghoul houses knew about this island.

This place was not very big but not very small. It had around 500,000 to 600,000 square meters and have was surrounded by many other smaller islands. For the outside world was Bermuda Triangle always a mystery, but it was not so mysterious.

This entire place was covered in some weird formation which prevented anybody from entering. Only people with something like keys were allowed in. This place was ruled by Etras di Aeon House which came here from very very far away.

Members of this house were also ghouls but were much stronger than ordinary ghouls and fewer in numbers. In the middle ages when Inquisition was still active, there was a massive war between Holy Knight of the Church and everything which was related to the dark as Ghouls, worshippers of Satan or Vampires.

After long years of War Holy Knight were annihilated and their organization was destroyed, leaving no survivor behind. But this came with costs. Almost all of the noble houses of Ghouls and Vampires were exterminated, only leaving a few of them. They have decided to retread to the mysterious island which was found in Bermuda Triangle to recuperate.

Some ghouls remained on the continent, and they quickly reproduced to now known ghouls. Even though they were somewhat weaker compared to the past, they were still much stronger compared to normal humans. Ghouls could reproduce here faster because there were humans here and on Blood Island, there was nothing only on thing on what could ghouls feast.

Legendary Entrance to the Abyss was located here. Because of that Ghouls from Blood Island were stronger, but they numbered only in tens.

Compared to that, Vampires became the only legend because all survivors of Vampire Race retreated together with the last surviving Noble Ghoul House together to the Blood Island.


Blood Island, Mansion of Etras di Aeon House

The mansion of this old house could be described by only one word. Magnificent. It was a mansion in style of those British mansions. The entire mansion was filled with ancient artifacts like swords, armors, or paintings.

The entire mansion now was great chaos. Many maids and servants were running here and there and Lord House, Asmodeus Etras di Aeon was pacing in the living room. He looked very handsome, around the thirties and had long white hair and light blue eyes.

The reason for his nervosity was rather simple. His wife Selena was giving birth to a baby.

Danger during the birth of these ghouls was far greater than declaring war to entire CCG despite being A-Rank Ghoul. He was very nervous. It was their first child and maybe even last. Most couples living here on Blood Island could be glad for one child to be born.

Asmodeus started to read some books to calm himself down. After some time old butler came to the living room with a wide smile.

“Congratulations, my lord. Lady Selene has given birth to the boy, and both the young master and lady are in perfect condition. You could visit them.”

When Asmodeus heard him, he was very, very happy. His son was born, and his wife was healthy.

He immediately went to see his wife. She was a gorgeous woman with long black hair and somewhat pale. She was holding the baby boy in her hands and was smiling brightly.

“Dear please name our baby.”

Said Selene to her husband with love. She was now delighted. Finally, she gave birth to the baby and had a family.

“He shall be named as Lucien! Lucien Etras di Aeon, heir of the Aeon House.”

Said Asmodeus with pride.


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Six years already passed since Lucien was reborn. He started talking in his three years, surprising everyone around him. Every day he would spend with his mother, who was guarding him as a most precious treasure.

What shocked him most was the fact that this gentlewoman was, in reality, SSS Rated Ghoul and was extremely powerful. She had detachable kagune which could be shaped into weapons and other objects.

He heard that from the talk between maids. They feared the mistress of the mansion very much. Lucien loved her mom most because she was best for him. Only when it came to question when will he start learning how to fight she was strictly against it. Saying that he was too young for that.

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His father had a different opinion but couldn’t say a word. Even though his wife was far weaker than him, she had other weapons in her arsenal.

But he started to cultivate RC Cells. His father was always saying to him.

“RC Cells are like a form of material energy. We could cultivate them in our bodies, and that makes us powerful. You could increase your RC Cells rating by eating other ghouls or by eating demons or other powerful creatures. Of course, this only applies only to us because we have Sacred Devourer Bloodline. Ordinary ghouls can’t do the same as us. For now, you could only eat some powerful ghouls who are sent here or demons and cultivate RC Cells.”

Right. Aeon House had excellent relationships with America. Ghouls weren’t anything hidden from society, and even the existence of Blood Island wasn’t hidden from most powerful political circles. So when America attempted to infiltrate Blood Island and fought with Aeon House, the ending was a loss of American Ghoul Exterminating Forces and pact.

Dangerous ghouls above S Rank will be captured by Aeon House and sent to Blood Island as the source of food and Aeon House. In exchange, America offered some technologies as compensation for Aeon House killing dangerous ghouls.

Lucien was eating S Rated Ghouls almost every day. Cannibalism could lead to loss of sanity, but thanks to his Sacred Devourer Bloodline Lucien was saved from that. His father said that day when his RC Cells would reach over 1,000, and he will teach him how to fight.

But his bloodline had some wrong sides too. The growth of his RC Cells was prolonged. He ate the best of the best for the six years and only had RC Level around 500. But his RC Cells were much more stable and stronger compared to other ghouls.

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