Chapter 18: Red Demonized Orc

Now Lucien was thinking about strategy against the Red Demonised Orc. This orc was similar to Oni, which is Japanese demon ogres. But they are much stronger than this one.

‘Its strength is far higher than mine, so close confrontation is nearly impossible. Even with my high regeneration factor, I won’t be able to heal all injuries caused by that orc in a short time. So it only choice it long-distance attack. At least that creature is similar to an ordinary ghoul with kakuja, and it didn’t have any sanity. It only has some primitive battle instincts, and that’s all. So the best course of a fight would be created as many kagune weapons as I can and kill it with the usage of Divine Telekinesis without any close confrontation.’

Lucien was calculating the battle strategy in his head. This was probably the best plan which he could design in such a short time. He quickly congealed ten daggers with his kagune as he turned his kakugan on. All daggers started to surround Red Demonised Orc silently. This was the first step in the plan.

After several tense seconds, Red Demonised Orc was surrounded with all kagune daggers. The dumb monster was still standing there and looking at the ceiling of the cave as he was searching for something.

When preparations were done, Lucien attacked with all ten daggers at the same time. All daggers shot the Red Demonised Orc, like a clap of thunder and had different targets. Around four daggers aimed at its head, two aimed at legs and two aimed at arms. The last two were waiting in reserve if something went wrong.

And it went. Sensed of this Red Demonised Orc were very good and as soon as the attack started, orc swung his huge short axe and repelled all four daggers aiming at its head. Then he took defensive stances as the other two daggers which aimed at its arms were too successfully guarded. But at the same time, he didn’t manage to reflect the last two daggers aimed at its legs. Two kagune daggers pierced deeply into legs of Red Demonised Orc as orc started screaming at the entire cave.

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Lucien now knew that this was a problem. This could lure more demons, and he wasn’t powerful enough to fight against so many numbers. As orc fell onto the ground because his legs were crippled, two kagune daggers waiting in reserve suddenly shot towards the orc with speed of light.

Poor creature didn’t have any time to react as two daggers pierced its eyes. But still, the orc was kicking alive and didn’t die. The average orc would have died when its eyes were pierced through, but this demonized one was still alive. Probably the demonification process greatly enhanced its vitality.

But Lucien knew that this creature was already without any means of defense. With another round of attacks from flying kagune daggers orc was finally killed and Lucien quickly stored its corpse in Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace as he heard some Claw Demons nearing this location. Then he started to running away cause he didn’t wish to fight against hundreds of Claw Demons. Even if they were dumb and weak, their numbers were high.

For example, similar was Bug Race. Lucien read about Bug Race. They were one of the hegemons in the universe with many sub-species. A common characteristic of the bug race was that almost every member of this race was dumber than an animal, but their numbers were too great to oppose them. And on top of that, they had extremely intelligent Queens and Empresses with the intelligence of super-advanced artificial intelligence. But when you kill Queen or Empress of the swarm, they will become less than animals attacking everything in sight.


After Lucien escaped from a smaller swarm of Claw Demons, he found a little empty cave where he wanted to rest. With the use of his telekinesis ability, he barricaded the entrance. He could easily open it and again close with little use of telekinesis.

Then he took out Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace and started refinement of Red Demonised Orc. This process was a little longer because the material came from a more powerful creature, but it only took around half an hour.

The blood essence created from the body of Red Demonised Orc was more significant more than twice compared to blood essence refined from Claw Demons. Lucien ate this blood essence together with blood essences from Claw Demon. Cause all of these blood essences weren’t from Baron ranked demons he won’t be able to obtain an enormous RC Level increase.

He felt very comfortable feeling in his body as his RC Cells were manifolded at a fast speed as they madly devoured blood essences that Lucien had eaten. He thought that his RC Level has roughly increased around two hundred or so. Even though it was a little increase, it was still better than nothing.

Then Lucien took out a small bed from his Cross Crest and went to sleep. Cross Crest is dimensional storage where Charles Patricius: Out Transient Glory is stored.


Deep inside the void, in the same place where Administrator of Akashic Records was residing. Two old men were sitting at a simple wooden table and playing chess.

One of them was the Administrator of Akashic Records, Kelemvor himself, in golden robes. He looked at the party of chess and then scratched his beard and frowned.

“Hmm, As I could ever win in some game against you, Kaleidoscope.”

Said Kelmvor to another old man. He was around 180cm tall clothed entirely in the pitch-black suit with golden ornaments and with a waistcoat over his shoulders. He wore white gloves on his hands and his clothes gave a feeling of noble. His eyes were bright red and shining in the dark, and his beard and hair were ash grey. In his right hand, he gripped wooden ordinary looking walking stick.

“Hahaha Kelemvor, this time you will lose too. I can’t wait what treasure will I obtain this time.”

Laughed an old man out loud. Kelemvor’s expression only darkened as his friend was already talking about treasures.

“You have transcended everything in this multiverse and became Administrator of Akashic Records so many years ago, and you are still like a mischievous little kid.”

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Frowned Kelemvor at the childish behavior of his colleague.

“Kelemvor you are Administrator of Akashic Records and Records of Life and Death and the only thing you know is to do your work and responsibilities and nothing more. But I was astonished when did you reincarnate that poor young one. If I could ask, why did you do that?”

Kelemvor only looked at shining starts and many dimensions and galaxies as he admired their beauty.

“I saw the potential. Even though it would take a long time, he could become another powerful existence in this multiverse and help us all.”

Sighed old man Kelemvor.

“Kelemvor, I must tell you something. I used my Kaleidoscope to look at that youngling and saw that I couldn’t see his face. It means only one thing. He is irregular, the one who won’t succumb to fate and one who fights against havens. You have made the right choice.”

Paused Administrator of Kaleidoscope before he looked too at countless worlds around them.

“But the balance has been broken. You know that too. When you reincarnated him, you have destroyed the balance of that dimension, and now spatial rift has opened there. In ten years, his entire homeland would be destroyed, and that Island would sink deep into the ocean. Maybe if he and his kind are strong enough, they may be able to defend it, but I wouldn’t put my bet on it. Their only choice is to leave that dimension or to live with other people of that dimension, but that would be a rather stupid choice.”

Explained Administrator of Kaleidoscope to Kelemvor.

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