Chapter 6: Sacred Rinkaku Scripture

Asmodeus was sitting in his study room and reading a book about something as he noticed that his dear wife decided to visit him at this time which was somewhat unnatural because it was morning only a few hours after they had breakfast together. But someone smart as he, he naturally knew what the reason was.

“So how is it? How is his kagune?”

Asked Lucien’s father, Asmodeus with an exciting voice. His son has finally awakened kagune and now the time has come to chose suitable martial arts for him. Asmodeus secretly hoped it would be rinkaku or bikaku.

Selene knew what her husband is thinking about, so she decided to wait a little bit before telling him to tease him a little was. Compared to her husband’s serious personality, she was more relaxed. But when she was angry, she was far more ominous then Asmodeus.

“Genius. He has rinkaku and already concealed four tails, and his kagune is also detachable able to shapeshift into different weapons and objects as mine. Overall his potential is great, and his RC Level already crossed over 1,000. I think that he is prepared to learn some of family martial arts and I will teach him Kenjutsu far more serious than before.”

Said Selene with a pleasant voice which contained a hint of seriousness. Knowing that her son had such great talents made her happy but worried too. As one old proverb says, ” With great power came great responsibility.”

So Lucien will shoulder entire Aeon House in the future and all ghouls on Blood Island. It was not easy tasks to be such a leading figure, and one needed tremendous personal strength.

“Good, very good I will go to the treasury to pick up suitable martial arts manual for him. We can’t let him become like other ghouls outside who only smashed everything around them but still were killed by humans who were better combatants.”

Said Asmodeus as he stood up and already walked to the family treasury to find a suitable martial arts manual for Lucien. As Lucien had Rinkaku the same as him, he already had an idea what will he gave him.

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Lucien was still sitting in the training field with both of his eyes closed as he tried meditating. He knew it wouldn’t increase his RC Level or anything, but it became the habit for him. At least it was still good for calming himself down.

“Lucien come here.”

He immediately opened his eyes as he saw his father calling to him. He was clothed differently. It wasn’t those luxurious robes but a training suit. Similar to his own, which he was wearing now. Time to training came to his mind. So he rushed to his father as fast as thunder.

“Mother told me about your kagune, and your RC Level crossed over 1,000, so it is time to learn how to fight and practice martial arts of Aeon House. I was in the treasury and picked up special martial arts suitable for you. Its inheritance from our ancestors from a long time ago, but nobody was able even to start practicing it properly. Most of them just abandoned because they couldn’t even reach the first level of martial art Rinkaku Baron.”

Said Asmodeus with a little pitty in his eyes as nobody was able to master an entire ancient martial art. Lucien looked at the book titled “Sacred Rinkaku Scripture.” He took this somewhat thicker paper from his father’s hands and started list and read.

But then when he wanted to read this Sacred Rinaku Scripture to stages above Rinkaku Baron, he saw that he couldn’t see anything other than blank pages.

‘Baron cultivation rank is a form of universal cultivation in the entire universe. The first stage of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture is called Rinkaku Baron. The probability of something like this happening is zero, so the only rational answer is that this Scripture is on the level of some Heavenly Martial Arts.’

As he was thinking about the origin of Sacred Rinkaku Scripture, he heard a familiar sound from Akashic Records. It was the same sound when he invented the RC Body Refining Technique.


Sacred Rinkaku Scripture

Ancient Martial Arts of Sacred Devourer Ghouls of the universe. It contains wisdom about using your Rinkaku most powerful and destructive way. But this technique must be dual-cultivated with RC Body Refining Technique as it has harsh requirements on the body of the ghoul.

Baron Rank – Baron Rank body, mastered First Stance (punch combinated with rinkaku attack)

Lucien knew that now he had picked another treasure but again something for the long term. The reason why nobody from Aeon House could reach Baron rank was that they didn’t have RC Body Refining Technique so they couldn’t reach full-fledged Baron Rank. Most what they could do was the mastering of First Stance Punch x Rinaku Attack, but that’s all.

Lucien started carefully studying the First Stance Punch x Rinkaku Attack, which seemed rather simple but wasn’t. It required to dividing your mind to perform punch at your opponent and at the same time attack with your rinkaku at the same spot.

Your coordination must be perfect. In a second you took back your hand as you have punched your enemy all your rinkaku attacks must fall immediately to achieve the most destructive result.

His father was waiting for Lucien to finish reading before they started basic training. They didn’t use their kagune and just fought barehanded. He was teaching the basics of basics to his son.

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Lucien thought it would be easy and he could dodge punches from his father with ease cause he won’t go all out on him. But that was a terrible mistake. Like a flash attack from Asmodeus appeared before Lucien and shot him like a bullet to the walls of the training field.

Some bones in his body cracked, and Lucien started coughing blood.

“You think I will go easy on you? Don’t be naive. Your enemies on the battlefield too won’t be going easy on you so you must learn how to fight. And your regeneration will heal these minor injuries in minutes.”

Said his father with a smile. It could sound cruel, but Lucien knew that it was pure truth. Nobody from his future enemies be it humans, demons, ghouls or other races will go easy on him.

Lucien stood up as his injuries were already healed and rushed at his father at top speed. Asmodeus saw it but didn’t dodge or anything. He took a defensive stance and prepared to take this attack head-on. He wanted to knew what strength his son had achieved.

Lucien’s full strength punch fallen at crossed arms of his father and pushed him back around one meter. Asmodeus was full of joy now because the power of his son could be said very well even though Asmodeus didn’t defend at all. He didn’t use even RC Cells in defense.

“Good, very good. From now we will train together everyday combat if I can’t attend due to some circumstances someone from Royal Guards will take my place to train you. Your mother will teach you then how to you detachable kagune and Kenjutsu more frequently than now.”

Said Asmodeus with a smile. He was delighted because of Lucien’s progress. And he was an obedient child who didn’t cause problems and focused more on getting stronger.

“Father, I must talk to you about something essential. I think that I have invented body refining techniques for Sacred Devourer Ghouls using RC Cells.”

Said Lucien’s words which left his father stunned. Completely. Like he was struck by thunder and lightning. But then this changed to immense happiness.

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