Chapter 10: Spar and result

Lucien gripped his katana firmly and rushed at his mother at full speed. When he was already near her and ready to slash at her with his sword, he just felt a dull pain in his stomach only to realize that he was kicked several meters away.

‘Fast! Even with my strengthened reflexes, I couldn’t even see her!’. Screamed Lucien in his head. It was undoubtedly true that his mother was far stronger than him. He was just mere ant now. So counterattack has begun.

This time his mother was lowering her strength and speed to his level. They just focused on pure kenjutsu contest in this fight. Because Selene was going rather easy on her son, Lucien started to parry attacks and even tried to attack a few times.

All his efforts in attacking came in vain but still it was good to just parry attacks of his mother, thought Lucien. The disparity was too huge. Even though his mother was using the same speed and strength in her attack, her attacks were more accurate and sharper than his. This was a disparity between swordsman.

His mother could be rated as an exceptional genius in the way of the sword. Her talent in this was high enough to make even some immortal jealous. After ten minutes or so, Lucien couldn’t also stand properly. So he made a last gamble to do something.

Divine Telekinesis. His katana started to first disintegrate into four smaller daggers in red-black color. All four of them were levitating around Lucien. They were guarding him.

‘So my little boy is using his new power. Even ten minutes could be considered a success, but he still chose to continue to fight. More impressive than he chose the usage of telekinesis and created four kagune daggers to it.’

His mother was rather impressed by this feat. He was mentally and physically exhausted, but Lucien still chose to fight. He had the heart of the true warrior. But at the same time, she was worried about him. She knew that as Sacred Devourer Ghoul, he had powerful regeneration abilities. Even more, he had rinkaku type kagune to his regeneration rate was far more powerful compared to the other three types, but still, she couldn’t help to worry. Another thing was fact until he stopped match or he can’t fight anymore, spar can’t be finished, or it would be insulting to the warrior.

Suddenly as she was spacing out, Selene found herself surrounded by four flying daggers as they were circling her. They were eyeing her as a wolf was eyeing sheep. She gripped her katana firmly and took a battle stance.

In a second all four dagger attacked. At the same time, they flew towards her at incredible speed, but they were repelled with one swing of her sword. Daggers were flying in the direction they came from, but in a moment all of them started rotating and continued attacking.

Two flying daggers started fiercely attacking Selene, and the other two were waiting for their opportunity to attacks. Lucien was waiting for the right moment to strike as he was waiting for some opening.

As two dagger were more and wilder and unrestrained in their attacks, Selene had to more and more her mind concentrated at two daggers before her and seemed forgotten at two that were hidden, waiting.

Like a rumble of thunder from a clear sky, another two daggers shot like lightning at her. Lucien was very confident that he could now at least injure her, but the reality was far more pathetic. As the other two daggers were approaching her, she materialized her rinkaku, and with the help of her, rinkaku jumped several meters away.

She was now before Lucien, and all daggers fell to the ground. Only dust was left on the place where Selene was standing before.

“Did you think that I would only use my sword even though I said we could only use the sword? Never believe even in one word they say. You can’t believe anybody and always be on alert.”

Then she came to him and started to clean him from the dust. Lucien didn’t have even one bruise or injury because his fascinatingly strong regeneration factor healed all. Especially those with rinkaku type had much stronger regeneration abilities compared to other kinds of kagune.

“On your first time of fighting using detachable kagune we could say you were rather good for a newbie. Your creating of weapon out of kagune was pretty good but a little slow. It wasn’t created an instant. You must practice your weapon creation more often to achieve much lower time required for the creation of the weapon.”

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Said his mother. She was somewhat satisfied with his performance. It was his first try at his kind of thing, and usage of detachable kagune in creating weapons was hard. It entirely depended on the imagination of the user and didn’t have anything with anything else. Only another thing which mattered was high enough RC Level.

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“I must praise you for your usage of telekinesis ability when you already saw that you would lose. It was nice the last try of desperation. But remember one thing. Always take care of yourself and don’t overly depend on your high regeneration factor. Mother would be sorrowful if something serious happened to you.”

Continued his mother as she hugged him and patted his head. Her son was her pride and happiness in this world.

“I will, and I know the mother. Even though our regeneration abilities are potent and with new RC Body Refining Technique, we could become even more terrifying but what if exist something in this world that is the nemesis of our regenerating abilities. Like some flame that could burn out the body to ashes until nothing is left. So I know that I can’t depend on this too much or it would become my great weakness.”

Selene looked at Lucien and was in a perfect mood. She always thought that her son was a genius, and it was proved as accurate again and again.

“Good, my little darling is so smart. Now go, for today it is all. Tomorrow you will train with your dad and then again with me. Each of us will be training with you one all the whole day.”

Smiled Selene and Lucien only nodded his head. Then he went to change from his suit to another pair of clothes.


Lucien was currently sitting with crossed legs in his room as he was meditating. He was presently digesting one bottle of blood from some stronger demon which his grandfather captured in hell several years ago. His grandfather was a powerful ghoul, and by Lucien’s intuition he could match up to Baron even without the body refining technique he invented.

But sadly he was heavily injured when he was fighting the extremely dangerous demon in an entrance to the hell around seven years ago. He killed the demon, but the price was high. He went into a deep hibernation to heal his injuries and was in it for the whole seven years.

When Lucien stopped thinking about that and focused more on the activity of his RC Cell and refining of that vial of demon blood. His RC Cells were reproducing as they were mad. He could feel the tremendous increase in his RC Level.

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