Chapter 22: Success

Lucien only spent around one month in his Hell Trials which was a rather short time compared to his predecessors. When he walked from the usual entrance to the underground system of tunnels, caves and the entire world he was greeted by two guards there.

Both of them saluted him with respect as they knew that he was living there for a past month, which was a rather hard thing to do. He saluted them too as a symbol of good work in guarding this place. Then he started running in the way where his home was.

As he was running through the island, he noticed that there were many more kids playing outside because his mansion wasn’t so far from the place where the spatial rift was located Lucien didn’t need to run for a long time. As he had excellent stamina this rather short one hour run wasn’t too hard for him.


When he came home, he was greeted by several guards and maids which all congratulated him on his success in Hell Trials. He smiled at all of them and proceeded to the mansion itself. What awaited him was his family of three. His father had a proud expression on his face, and his mother had an expression of relief. She was happy that her son was safe and returned home. His grandfather was looking at him and smile.

Lucien came before his father and took out the badge and gave it to him. It numbered how many demons he has killed, species and all. That badge was the invention of the Vampire race and was a fascinating gadget. Asmodeus examined that badge as he looked at how many demons had his son killed. Suddenly he came to a stop when there was mentioned Baron Ranked Demon.

“You met Baron-Ranked Demon in the valley?”

Asked Asmodeus with suspicion. He knew that valley was full of Claw Demons which were extremely weak and only Red Demonised Orcs were a little strong. But for baron ranked demon to appear so close to entrance it was weird even if it was only weakest imp.

“Yes, father. It was the only imp, and I killed him with the combination of my telekinesis and kakuja, and it was rather weak. But still, it was baron ranked demon. From what have you told me beforehand, baron ranked demons are only deeper parts of the underground.”

Explained Lucien. It was bizarre for Baron-Ranked demon to appear even if it came to inspect that place after Lucien slaughtered many Claw Demons.

“This could mean only one thing. There would be a wave of demons flooding out of that place soon. Maybe two or three years.”

Said his father with a serious expression. Flood of demons was happening from time to time. It wasn’t anything serious as long as not many Baron-ranked demons appeared or viscount ranked demons appeared in flood.

Then his mother Selene hugged his son, and all four of them went to dine. After that, Lucien talked about his experiences in Hell Trials and fights. His family was proud of him to kill so many demons and even kill on baron ranked imp.

Lucien saw that his mother was already showing some signals of being pregnant. She ate more than before and even drank more blood than before. She still didn’t have a belly cause she was still in her first month of pregnancy.

“Mother, did you already chosen name for my little sister?”

Asked Lucien with a curious tone of voice. He was wondering if his parents already chosen a name for his little sister. Already a month has passed since so it was time for thinking about the name.

To this question, his mother stopped eating and looked at Asmodeus with piercing glare.

“We can’t decide on a name yet. Somebody must have it his way, even though his way is very bad sounding.”

Frowned Selene as she was still glaring at Asmodeus who was looking away, afraid of meeting the gaze of his wife. When she was angry, she looked rather scary.

Ultimately dinner ended very well, only for the moment when his parents almost argued about a name for their child. His father wanted to name be Akasha, and his mother wanted it to be Artemia. He knew that his sister’s name would be Artemia for sure, cause women are especially terrifying when they want something.


Lucien was sitting in his room and was examining his Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace with the usage of Akashic Records. He wanted to do it during his Hell Trials but he always just postponed it at a later date.

Now finally the time has come. Lucien took out his furnace from Cross-Crest dimensional space and started to scan it with his ability to read records. It only took a few seconds to finish, and now the transparent window appeared before his eyes.

Name: Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace
Grade: Noble
Tier: 3rd
Uniquess: Growth – 0% (require special metals to increase tier and grade)

Mysterious growth type refining artifact with ability of refinement of bodies, flesh, blood and more to blood essences. As long as grade is high enough its able to refine almost everything.

Lucien watched this information with tremendous excitement. This weird little furnace was a growth type artifact. When he became Executor of Akashic Records, he obtained some most common knowledge of the universe. One of these information described grades of artifacts.

From lowest to highest, they were: Noble, Royal, Imperial, Sacred, Divine, Origin, and Akashic. For example, Noble-Grade artifacts were quite common across the universe. Quinques of this world could be classified as Noble-Grade Artifacts.

The Akashic-Grade artifact was that like God-Devil System, Goldfingers and other systems with a power of creation, control of time-space and other god-like omniscient and omnipotent powers. They were most precious across the entire universe and found harder than obtaining phoenix’s feather or qilin’s horn.

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And lastly, tiers served to determine the quality of artifact. Lowest one being 3rd tier, with the highest one being the 1st tier. This was the basic grading of artifacts in the universe. For example, Lucien’s kagune was comparable to 3rd-Tier Noble-Grade Artifact now. Most of the quinques weren’t of Noble-Grade, and only the best of them could reach Noble-Grade Artifact standard.

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Lucien was glad that this little darling here was of growth type. Growth type artifact was hardest to obtain and was rarest among all treasures across the universe.

Seeing that he needed some metals to upgrade this thing, he would have to ask either his parents or to find something by himself. But sadly this Low-Grade Dimension didn’t have many of such things. This was because this dimension was lacking any energy in the air, so the natural formation of rare magical metals was impossible.

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