Chapter 4: Washuu

Butler’s name was Sebastian. He was the butler of Aeon House fore a very very long time because Sacred Devourer Ghoul’s lifespan was far much longer compared to ordinary ghoul’s. But then he started thinking about something before he looked at Asmodeus.

“What is Sebastian?”

Asked Asmodeus. He always considered Sebastian as part of a family because he took care of him when he was a child, and Asmodeus treated him with enormous respect. He ever listened to his pieces of advice or ideas.

“Young Asmodeus I don’t think that alliance with Washuu Clan is a wise choice. Even though they are ancient clan and are powerful, from what I heard from spies inside CCG, Washuu Clan or V, their clan is just rotten to the core.”

Sebastian called Asmodeus by his name when they were alone because nobody was listening to them. In public by rules, he was required to call him by standards of nobility.

Old Sebastian deeply hated entity called Washuu Clan. This clan originated from the Middle East. It was true that they were powerful because of their long history of cannibalism they developed hereditary Kakuja and potent RC Cells even from birth.

But they were just a bunch of hypocrites. They created an organization called Commission of Counter Ghoul or shortly said CCG to hunt their kind and central family leading them. On top of that, they treated every one of their ghoul investigators as disposable pawns that could be replenished. Same could be said about their branch families as Arima or Ihei Families.

After seeing that Asmodeus wasn’t replying, Sebastian continued to talk.

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“Most troubling and alarming is the fact that they started a program called Sunlight Garden to provide education to ‘talented’ children. They are creating half-humans, more specifically human-ghoul hybrids to become members of CCG or V. they are expanding their military power at an alarming rate.”

Officially was Sunlit Garden facility under the management of CCG. But Washuu Clan and V were mostly involved there. They are training human-ghoul hybrids to became members of V or CCG. For example, White Reaper, Strongest Investigator Arima Kishou, was from this project. Of course, he wasn’t alone. Many of Squad 0 or some of stronger investigators were from this facility too.

Another purpose of this Sunlit Garden was breeding of ghouls with tremendous potential as Kamishiro Rize to preserve the pure-blooded Washuu bloodline.

Sunlight Garden, coupled with many branches of Washuu Clan, gave it its power. They were much more in numbers compared to the Aeon House.

“I know Sebastian. But something tells me that Washuu Clan won’t have a good ending. But still, we can’t ignore them. Even though they might be in terms of power and powerful individuals lacking compared to us, they have the advantage of numbers which we don’t have. Washuu Clan has deeply infiltrated human society and the Japanese government. Plus they too have some individuals to compete with our Royal Guards as Tsuneyoshi Washuu, known in his youth as Oni Tsune and that one called Arima Kishou has outstanding potential. Only that his lifespan won’t be much.”

Human-Ghoul hybrids have much shorter lifespans than ghouls or human. They gained a stronger physique than ordinary people, but it shortened their own lives.

“That is certainly true Asmodeus, but still we must be careful. I think the best course of thing would be secretly to support some ghoul organization opposing them. We need to lower their strength by any means. The only sad thing is that because of Gate to Hell we can’t leave this place in larger numbers. Always only a few of us could leave, and Royal Guards must always remain here.”

Sebastian was searching for some way to decrease the power of CCG, Washuu Clan and V. So the perfect thing was to support some ghoul faction to oppose them. They could assist them with their A-Rated Ghouls and a minority of S Rated ones.

“Old man now let’s stop talking about Washuu Clan. We will deal with them when the time comes. With a course of things, it won’t take a long time. Now we have even more serious problems like Washuu.”

Closed Asmodeus this topic. He too was very inclined to supporting some faction to oppose CCG and Washuu to decrease their power. Now they must just found some and prepare some of the weaker ghouls of Aeon House to help them. But don’t think that weaker ghoul of Aeon House is a weaker ghoul. Every A-Rated ghoul of Aeon House could fight ordinary S Rated ghoul in outside and had high chances in the victory.

“When will young one undergo Hell Trials?”

Asked old Sebastian. Hell Trials were something that every member of Aeon House must undergo. It consists of only one thing. You must enter Hell, survive there for the required time, and kill some number of ordinary demons and one higher demon.

“When he will be 16, he will attempt trials. Firstly he must learn everything he could and must strengthen himself as far as he can. Hell is a ruthless place full of dangers and enemies. But it’s full of treasures and demon bodies could be used for evolution, so opportunities are huge as danger there.”


Lucien was currently standing in the training field with his mother as he was showing her proudly his Kagune. Four beautiful black-red tails were growing from his waist. His Kakugan was already on.

Kakugan denotes a ghoul’s eye where the iris turns red, and the sclera black with red veins across the eye and into the skin around the eye. The ghoul can enter this state by their own will, but this state is also entered when the ghoul becomes excited, gets extremely hungry or when they use their kagune. It influences of activated RC Cells.

“Good, good, my lovely little boy is soooo talented.”

Clapped his mother in happiness. Her son has now Kagune, and it was Rinkaku Type. She was interested if her son had dual-kagune.

“Mother, I have another surprise for you.”

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Grinned Lucien as his Kagune transformed to the lovely pith black katana with red patterns on it. When his mother saw this, she was shocked and overjoyed at the same time. Lucien had detachable kagune that was able to transform into weapons and had even powerful Rinkaku. Then Lucien turned of his Kakugan, and his Kagune vanished into thin air. His mother Selene immediately came to him and hugged him and kissed his forehead.

“Now that you have your Kagune you will start training with your father how to fight with Kagune and learn Martial Arts of Aeon House and your lesson with Kensjutsu and using kagune to transform into a weapon will be now much stricter than before as I know that you have the same type as me.”

Lucien was pleased to hear that. In his previous life even though he had a family, he saw his father only a few times in all twenty years, and his mother died during birth. So the term motherly love was new to him, and he felt feeling like never before — mother’s love.

“You could continue to train here. I will go find your father to tell him the news.”

Than Selene turned around and left, Lucien was left alone in the training field. He sat down and looked at his record within Akashic Records. He didn’t look at it for a longer time, and now he awakened his Kagune, and RC Cells increased vastly.

Name: Lucien Etras di Aeon
Bloodline: Sacred Devourer
Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

RC Type: Rinkaku
RC Level: 1,065
Unique States: N/A

Rating: C (this is a rating of Blood Island Ghouls, not outside. So just based on he has just awakened his kagune and all he could fight again some weaker B-Rated Ghoul and kill him)

Body: N/A ( cultivation rank of the universe, cause Lucien can’t cultivate any energy because of his bloodline he could only cultivate his body. Psionic Energy is exception cause he was already born with it)

Psionic Energy: 1,000 ( Energy required to perform psionic powers. Only type of energy Lucien can cultivate, cause its inborn. )

Sacred Devourer – Ability to devour any kind of energy, bloodlines, or bodies. It strengthens host by some amount

Divine Telekinesis – 10 Psionic Energy per minute


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